Tonight's Special: Leftovers
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The old adage that "The proof is in the pudding" means you have to taste or try something to know if it's any good. The unfortunate typo in this ad makes one wonder whether this restaurant's Wednesday night pasta night offerings were less than tasty.

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Think "Small Business"
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Small Business Saturday is this weekend. We hope you'll shop at your local small businesses not only now, but all year long. We also would like to remember the volunteers who provide mentoring and training to help small businesses succeed.

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Sage State of the Start-Up Survey: American Small Business Owners Report Quick Sales and Self-Pay Upon Business Start-Up; Nearly Half Added Employees in the First Two Years
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Top reported challenges during start-up include marketing, taxes, work/life balance, and management of time, money and stress IRVINE, Calif. (October 14, 2013) - Sage North America announced today the results of the a survey looking into successes and challenges of new and established entrepreneurs in the United States while identifying differing trends between these two small business owner populations. Sage, a leading provider of business management software and services to more than 6 million small and midsized businesses worldwide, found that the top reasons reported for starting a business were to be one's own boss, to do what they love,...

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WomenCon- Conference
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Are you a woman who's thinking about starting a business or looking to connect with entrepreneurial women? Want to learn more about growth and financing options, from women who have grown successful businesses? If so, you won't want to miss WomanCon 2013 on September 25th in New York City.

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How To Procrastinate
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Procrastination is a bad thing, right? Well not always. No matter how efficient and dependable you are, there are some circumstances in life that are better handled by putting them off.

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Small Businesses Like Mobile Banking
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How pervasive has mobile computing become among small businesses? Are small businesses using mobile devices for anything other than texting and reading email? If you have any doubts about the importance of mobile devices and websites, consider this: The Bank of America says that it now has more than 1 million small business owners who are using the bank's mobile app to manage their accounts.

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Don't Make This Advertising Mistake
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Attention to detail and proofreading matters when you have ads, flyers or great big window displays made up. This sign in the window of a local Dunkin Donuts shop shows why.

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Tax Guide Recommendation
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It's almost tax time again. Whether you do your own taxes or pay an accountant to do them for you, this comprehensive tax guide can help you be sure you get all the deductions available to your small business.

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New Year, New Labor Law Posters?
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Several states have made changes in the labor laws employers are required to display in their workplace. Here's a list of which states have new posting requirements so far in 2013.

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Labor Law Poster Changes - 2013
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Here's a list of the states that have updated their required labor law posters for the coming year.

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How long do people save email?
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How long do people keep email? Do people save ads sent in email? Here's a little story that may surprise you.

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Baby-proof your iPhone
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Here's another gift idea - a way to let baby play with your iPhones and iPod Touch devices without worry about what the baby may spill on it.

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