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Finding Investors For Your Small Business

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Looking for investors for your small business? Although most small businesses are fundend through loans, personal savings and other means, if your business is innovative and has the promise of big returns, you may be able to find angel investors or venture capital. The articles below are good sources of information about raising outside capital for your business

Raising Startup Money from Friends and Family

Hoping to get friends or family members to invest in your new business? Follow these four steps to be sure you protect your relationship and treat them fairly.

Finding Investors for Your Business

Here are good tips for businesses on how to find investors and business valuation. The comments focus on women-owned business, but are applicable to men-owned businesses, too.

Raising Capital for Your Business

Are you planning to seek investors or bank loans to finance your new business? Look here to find out what to expect from the capital-raising process. 

Writing the Executive Summary of Your Business Plan

The executive summary is the first thing a potential investor will look at, and if it doesn't catch their interest, it will also be the only thing they see. Here's how to write your business plan executive summary.

Funding and Women-Owned Business Growth 

Stephanie Newby, founder and Managing Director of Golden Seeds® network of angel investors, discusses what women need to know about  funding and growing their businesses in this first of a two-part series.

8 Tips for Finding Angel Investors

One of the most daunting aspects of starting a business is finding others who believe in your dream---and can provide the capital and know-how to help you achieve it. Learn insider tips on how to find angel investors from one of America's legendary start-up successes, the cofounder of Earth's Best Baby Foods.

Raising Capital with Private Placements

With the stock market and economy in their current condition, it's not likely you'll be seeing many IPOs in the near future. If your company is looking for capital, there are still ways you can raise money to grow without waiting for the economy to turn around or depending on venture capital. Details >>

Business Plan Mistakes

Looking for investment money? Don't undermine yourself right from the start! Watch out for these common business plan mistakes to increase your chances of success! 



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