Monthly Archives: May 2016

New Overtime Rule Effect on Small Business

New overtime rule may help workers, but will also hurt many small businesses. How will the change in the exempt worker rules affect your small business?

Good Customer Support from Kors

Customer support matters. Small businesses who pay as much attention to customer service as Michael Kors does will win their customers’ loyalty. Here’s how they work with their customers to solve problems.

Don’t Lose Your Domain Name

When was the last time your checked your domain name(s) registration? If you don’t check your domain registration details regularly, you could be in for a very unpleasant surprise — your site could disappear, or worse, you could lose your domain name. Here’s why:

Marketing Your Book

Once you’ve finished writing a book, you have to market it. And marketing your book can be challenging and time consuming. Now there’s a book to help busy authors learn how to marketing their work.

Windows Can’t Find Keyboard

What can you do when your desktop wireless keyboard and mouse both stop working suddenly and Windows tells you it can’t find the keyboard and mouse?