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By | January 30, 2017

2017 - Creative Trends Report from ShuttersockWhat creative trends do you need to be aware of for 2017? What kind of graphics, video, and music are likely to be in demand?

Shutterstock's 2017 Creative Trends Report identifies the styles and trends it expects to dominate designs, video, social media and music this year. Based on extensive research gathered from millions of searches and downloads as well as input from experts in the field, the 2017 Creative Trends Report shows that this year will be one of contrast –the past vs the future, nature's beauty vs technology.

Some of the global trends analyzed in the report include:

  • White Texture- Adding a 3D feel, this trend can be sharp, intricate, or reflect the patterns found in nature.
  • Halftone- Evoking newsprint, analog TV, and pop art, the beauty of halftone lies in the imperfection.
  • Head-Up Display– A sleek dashboard style, with at-a-glance measurements and numbers.
  • Emojis– A truly global form of communication, emojis transcend language.


Check out the report to see how much more interest is expected this year in topics related to cybersecurity, calm meditation, nostalgia and mobile computing, among others.  You can review the full report here.

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