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By | May 14, 2016

korsbag-1If you're looking for an example of good customer support, take a look at how Michael Kors works with their customers.

About 11 months ago I got a Michael Kors Jet Set handbag as a gift. It was sent to me from someone out of state. After I started using it, I discovered why the purses are so popular. They're sturdy, stylish, and hold a lot without getting out of shape. This particular style, true to its name, is also great for travel. (On one trip last fall, I had a mini tablet, thin Pashmina shawl, and a small water bottle in it in addition to my eye glasses and other things I normally carry.)

The handbag is so practical that I wound up using it almost exclusively, and after 11 months it still looked like new.

But then one day recently, I noticed that a narrow piece of piping had broken on the pocketbook's two handles. The handles were removable – they buckle in place – so I was hoping I'd be able to buy new handles to replace the ones on the bag. I found a customer support number easily on the Michael Kors site, called them and explained what I wanted.

They asked if I had a receipt. I didn't. So, they had me take everything out of the bag to locate a tiny label sewn into the lining. Then they asked me to read a code that was on the label.

The code told them that the bag was manufactured. Based on that information the representative told me the handbag was still under warranty and I could send it back to them and they'd repair or replace it free of charge. He told me how to download a return authorization form, and how long it would take to get the bag back once they received the bag and the form.

I shipped the purse out to them a couple of days later, and a week after they received it, my handbag was returned with new handles that match the bag perfectly.

That smoothly handled repair would have been enough for me to be wowed by their customer support. But they had one more “touch” that's worth mention: Not only did they quickly return my repaired handbag, they included a note in the box thanking me for the opportunity to solve the problem I had with their product.

What can your business learn from this example of Michael Kors customer service? Here are several points to remember:

  • They have a clearly stated warranty policy on their website and it's easy to find under their customer service menu.
  • The customer support person who took my call was polite and helpful. He even apologized for making me empty the handbag to find the label inside he needed to verify the manufacturing date.
  • The repair was made and the handbag returned to me quickly.
  • They included that little form letter thanking me for giving them a chance to solve my problem.

Bottom line: They did everything they could do to show they valued me as a customer. As a result, they've won my admiration and loyalty.

Author: Janet Attard

Janet Attard is a small business expert and the founder and CEO of She is the author of several books and has written for magazines and websites as well as

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  1. Josh

    That’s really cool! Customer service is super important. I’m glad they made it easy for you to get your bag fixed…now if only they did this for men’s dress shoes!! lol


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