Windows Can’t Find Keyboard

By | May 4, 2016

Windows can't find my keyboard! What do I do?

What can you do when your desktop wireless keyboard and mouse both stop working suddenly and Windows tells you it can't find the keyboard and mouse?

That's what happened to my husband one day when he turned on his computer in the morning. He first tried changing the batteries in both the mouse and keyboard because he couldn't remember when he had last replaced them.

That didn't work.

The computer is an all-in-one computer and he could operate the computer using the computer's touch screen. We checked to see if perhaps a Windows 10 update had somehow caused a problem. But there had been no updates since the last time he used the computer. He hadn't installed any new software on his computer either. So doing a “restore” to a previous date wouldn't have helped.

I was thinking he'd need to call in someone to fix the computer or lug it over to Best Buy to it repaired. And then I remembered something. The way a wireless mouse and keyboard communicate with the computer is through a small wireless transmitter that plugs into a USB port. It was possible there was a problem with either the USB port or the wireless transmitter.

To find out, I moved the wireless transmitter to a different USB port on the computer. And voila! Problem solved. Mouse and keyboard started working again.

Will this solution work for everyone? I doubt it. But if you are ever greeted with the “can't find the keyboard” error message, try moving the wireless transmitter to a different USB port. The transmitter is usually  a small,  black device about the size of a thumbnail plugged into one of the computer's USB ports.

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    Enter this site looking for the solution to the same problem and I found it. Apparently it’s quite recurrent. Thank you very much for sharing the solution!


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