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Branding Your Business
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How much does it cost to create and promote a brand image for your business? The answer depends partly on who you are and what you sell. Big corporations introducing new products can spend millions of dollars a month. Clever small businesses, however, have learned to create and promote their brands effectively for next to nothing. Here's one of my all-time favorite examples.


This simple sign probably cost the farmer about $10 (if he had to buy the chalk board and paint). But it sums up one of the joys of summer (farm-fresh corn on the cob) in 2 words that make fresh vegetable lovers drool. I photographed that sign a couple of years ago when my husband and I took a drive out East on Long Island. Out of all the farm stands we passed on our ride, this one, with it's simple, hand-drawn sign was the one we chose to stop at. Why? Because it symbolized what we wanted - corn that really was grown locally and was fresh-picked. The other farm stands we passed probably had local corn, but because their signs were professionally designed and the "stands" seemed to be more permanent buildings, their brands just didn't reach out and grab us the way that simple Local Corn sign did.

Sticking a hand-painted sign out by the road isn't something that most small businesses can do. (In fact, many towns and villages have sign ordinances that forbid doing things like that.) But you don't have to spend a lot to brand your business, either. What you need to do is to is consider what customers really want to buy, and then use words, pictures and deliverables (ie, the quality of the product or service you deliver) to make customers think of you when they need what you sell.

For additional tips on branding, see:

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Am happy with your lessons on brandying

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