Business Profile: Table Top Trends

by Tracey Hamm

Read how one person turned her love of crafts and panache for centerpieces into a home business of her own.

It's easy to say how I became inspired to make centerpieces and rent them out. I love details and I love it when everything fits together. I have had enough baby showers and bridal showers in my life to know that there is absolutely nothing available in quality centerpieces to be found without spending a fortune. Recently, we had a shower for a family member and I was responsible for the centerpieces. After scouring the stores and finding nothing, I decided to try my hand at making some myself. Much to my surprise, everyone commented on how unusual and cute they were. That's when it hit me! I could combine my love of crafts with a part time job right at home!


I wanted to fill a niche that has had a void in it long enough. I appeal to the average shower giver, no more than about 6 tables. She wants to make her table look fabulous, but she also has a budget to adhere to and that's where I come in. I rent my designs for $5 each.  All she has to do is pick them out and put them on the table!


My designs to date consist of large pastel painted wooden blocks, paper maché rocking horses with flowers cascading down their backs, stiffened doll party dresses that can hold a votive candle or a cup of mints in the open neck, wooden rocking horses that hold candies in a dish glued to the seat, large rattles, and paper maché block groupings with a pearlized finish. Some have eye hooks in the top for attaching balloons. I am also starting to craft some wedding shower centerpieces and I have a fabulous birdcage decorated for a card box. It has been fun making all of them. Sometimes my original ideas need a little tweaking before they're done, but so far everything has turned out great! I have gotten a lot of encouragement and many nice compliments from friends.

On March 31, 2001 I "launched" my little business at our yacht club with a party. I had all the centerpieces set up on tables so people could see what they would look like. The response was wonderful! I am looking forward to making many new centerpieces to come!

I did it!

Tracey Hamm, 

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