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How To Use Social Media In Your Business

Social media is one of the leading ways to get word out about your business. It's also the way your customers spread the word about products they like, or don't like. The articles below present a variety of suggestions for putting social media to work for your business.

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facebook visibilityHow to Get Your Content Seen on Facebook
Wondering why more people don't see your business's Facebook posts? Facebook only displays what you post to a small percentage of your page's fans. Here's how you can increase the number of people that see your content in their news feeds.

twitter influencers 3½ Ways to Kiss-up Influencers on Twitter
Getting the attention of influencers on Twitter can help your own Twitter profile gain recognition and followers. Here are 3 (and a half) tips for getting noticed by Twitter's influencers.

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Managing your social media pages can quickly take up a significant portion of your day. Think you've got it under control? Here's how to know if you're spending too much time on social media.

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Wondering what kind of picture should you use for your Facebook cover photo? Here are eight ideas that will help your business stand out on Facebook.


What is Social SEO and Why Should You Care?
You are probably already doing SEO for your web site, but what about social SEO? And for that matter, just what is social SEO? Get the answers to those questions plus some easy to use social SEO tips here.

5 Ways to Market Your Business with Pinterest
There's another social medial outlet for you to consider adding to your marketing mix, and that's Pinterest. Pinterest won't be appropriate for every business out there, but it could be just right for yours. Here are five ways you can use Pinterest to market your business.

Avoid Social Media Overload
There are many social media outlets for promoting a business - so many that small business owners might find it all difficult to keep up with. Here are some tips formanaging your social media presence efficiently.

Using Social Media For Customer Service
Social media isn't just for sales. Your customer service department needs to be active in social media, too. Social media puts your reputation online. Be there to manage it.

Tools to Actively Control Your Online Reputation
The first step to controlling your online business reputation is to be able to monitor what is being said about you, by whom and how often. Here are three ways to take the online temperature about your company.

Help Your Business Grow by Using Social Media
Still trying to figure out how to make social media part of your marketing mix? This article explains how you can use social media to manage your brand and grow your business.

How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business
What exactly is LinkedIn? How does it work and how can you use it to promote your business? Find out the answers to your questions about using LinkedIn for business here.

How to Build An Online Presence with Social Media
Getting the word out about your business can easily be a full-time job. Here's how you can build a solid online presence via social media without spending every waking moment at your computer - and without spending a lot of money.

3 Ways Social Media Improves Your Web Presence
Social media outlets are more than just additional ways for a company to communicate with the world. They can have a dramatic impact on your overall web presence. Here are three of the main ways you can use social media to your advantage.

Can Social Media Benefit Your Business?
Are Twitter, Facebook and blogging a waste of your time? Or are you missing out if you don't take full advantage of them? Here are some hard facts to help you cut through the hype to determine if social media can help your business grow.

13 Ways to Use Twitter in Your Business
Twitter isn't just a passing fad in the social media world. When used properly, Twitter can help you connect with your customers and build your business effectively and inexpensively. Here are 13 different ways you can put Twitter to work for your business.

How to Respond to Your Critics
Even companies with the best products and customer service have critics - and the Internet and social media amplify those critics’ voices, giving them a large and receptive audience. It could hurt your business if you don’t have a good response. Here's how you can respond positively to online complaints and criticism of your business.

How to Write Tweets That Get Attention
Want to get results out of Twitter? See these tips to help you write tweets that get people to take action.

Turn Your Social Networking Friends into Customers
Create a strategy for social networking so you can take advantage of its business building potential.

3 Things to Never Do With Your Social Networking Profile
Social networking can help you grow your business, but you have to do it right.

7 Steps for Managing Your Online Reputation
How you can ensure that your reputation isn't damaged by what's being said about you online.

Trust is in the Network
Consumers now have instant access to a network of public opinion. So who do they trust now?

How to Measure Your Social Media Advertising
Find out how to balance metrics and insight for social media advertising success.

8 Hallmarks of a Good Podcast
Podcasting is a great way to show off what you know about your industry and build credibility and loyalty among your customers. If you want your podcast to make a good impression with your listeners, check out these eight hallmarks of a good podcast.

5 Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make
Think it's time for your business to start using Facebook or Twitter? Before you jump in with both feet, make sure you're not about to make one of these five social media mistakes.

Fans and Followers More Likely to Buy
The things we choose to do online are a pretty clear reflection of how we are living our real lives out here in real life. When we become a fan of something on Facebook or follow a business on Twitter, we actually do more business with those favored companies.

Damage Control for Social Media
The Internet brings numerous marketing opportunities but also poses threats to small business sales. Sometimes, a corporate blog or a comment in a social Web site is followed by derogatory remarks or belittling statements. Here's advice on when and how you should respond to negative comments.

5 Crucial Tips for Using Social Networking to Build Your Business
Those same networks that you use to share pictures and reminisce about old times can be great sources of income for your business. In addition, there are plenty of social networks out there that are made specifically for doing just that. Here are five tips to help you effectively use social networking for your business.

Top 12 Rules of Social Media Etiquette
Social networking through sites like Facebook and Twitter is changing the way customers and businesses interact. And the way you conduct yourself through your social media accounts is a direct reflection on your business. Here are 12 rules of social media etiquette that you should never break.

10 Basics for a Successful Business Blog
You already know that having a business blog is an excellent marketing opportunity. Blogs allow you to establish yourself as an expert, increase your business’s visibility on search engines and give your business a marketing boost. But to make your blog as effective as possible, be sure to include these essential elements.

Building and Managing Your Reputation on Facebook
Having a Facebook page for your business can help you connect with customers and others in your industry. Here are some ways you can make the most of your Facebook reputation.

How to Write Tweets That Get Attention
Trying to figure out how to get results out of Twitter? Saying something relevant and interesting in 140 characters is challenging. Here are three tips to help you write tweets that get people to take action.

The Pros and Cons of Business Blogging
It seems like every company has a blog nowadays. But the truth is, only 12 percent of Fortune 500 companies have an external blog, and even fewer smaller businesses have one. If you're thinking of starting a blog for your business, here are the pros and cons you'll want to consider.

Turn Your Social Networking Friends into Customers
Social networking's appeal to the masses is exactly what can turn it into a big distraction for your business. Here's an idea that can help you be more strategic about your social networking efforts so you can take advantage of its business building potential.

5 Rules of Twitter Etiquette
Twitter might be new, but just like Facebook and Myspace, it has its own rules of the road. Before you jump in, or even if you already have, read this article from Joel Comm, author of the new book Twitter Power.

3 Things to Never Do With Your Social Networking Profile
Do you do social networking? If so, is it helping you build business, or does it seem like a waste of time? Social networking can help you grow your business, but you have to do it right. Here are three social networking mistakes you should avoid.

How to Measure Your Social Media Advertising
The benefits of advertising in social media (like MySpace or Facebook) are many, but measuring its impact on your business is difficult. In this excerpt from Advertising 2.0, find out how to balance metrics and insight for social media advertising success.

7 Steps for Managing Your Online Reputation
What's your reputation on the web? Do you even know what other people are posting about you and your business? Here are 7 basic steps you can take to ensure that your reputation doesn't become negatively impacted by what's being said about you online.

Why Facebook and LinkedIn are Good for Your Business
Have you been hearing all of the buzz about social networking? Feeling confused? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The great news is that it isn’t as complicated or time consuming as it may seem. Plus, it’s more than just social; it’s good for your business to get involved.

Trust is in the Network
With the power of social networking, infinite online searching and mobile connectedness, consumers now have access to a boisterous bazaar of public opinion. How much is this easy access to the opinions and insights of individuals altering consumers' perceptions of authority? 

Top 10 Tips for Using Web 2.0 to Promote Your Business
We hear a lot about Web 2.0 these days. It sounds neat and it's trendy to talk about blogging and social media. But does it really affect our businesses? Here are 10 ways you can investigate Web 2.0 to see if it's something you should be using to promote your business.

7 Best Practices for Corporate Blogging
What started out as an outlet for teenage expression and grassroots journalism has turned into a lucrative communications tool for small and large businesses alike. But before you and your business jump on the blogging bandwagon, consider these seven guidelines for business blog success.

10 Tips for Bloggers
Want to get more people reading your blog? Here are 10 simple guidelines that will increase your exposure. 


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