Should You Use An Online Incorporation Service?


Incorporate online and save money. Small businesses can incorporate by themselves using online services - if they know what they are doing.

If you are starting a small business or you are thinking of incorporating your existing business or forming an LLC, you may have seen banners and advertising for online incorporation services. And if you have, you've probably wondered how good these services are.  Can incorporating online save you attorney fees? If you set up a corporation through an online service, will it be legal in your state?  Could you save even more by buying a book about how to form a corporation or LLC and doing everything yourself instead of using an online incorporation service?


The question of when to hire an attorney or tax professional to set up your corporation, and when to do it yourself is complex. But as a general rule of thumb, it's wise to get advice from tax and legal professionals unless you've spent considerable time studying which is the best form of business (sole proprietor, corporation, partnership or LLC), and learning what your rights and responsibilities may be under each form of business.


If you do choose to incorporate your own business, using one of the online incorporation services will save you time and ensure that the forms get filled out properly and all the paperwork submitted in the proper way.

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