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The Stress of Reaching for the Mouse

If you work at a computer all day, you've probably experienced pain of one sort or another from sitting at your desk and using your computer. In this article by licensed chiropractor Steven Jones, find out what you can do to prevent injuring your arms and hands while using a mouse.

The Great Computer Crash

What would you do if your computer crashed? You've got a backup, right? And you just made it last week, so those contacts you just entered are safe... right? Read the story of what happened when this entrepreneur's computer greeted him with a blank screen.

Are Your Employee Records in Compliance?

If the Department of Labor called and gave you three days' notice of an inspection, would you be ready? Would you even know what documents you were supposed to show them? Get prepared by finding out what the federal government requires in the way of employee recordkeeping.

Executive Coaching in Talent Management

Research indicates that as many as 70 percent of U.S. firms still do not have successful talent management or succession planning programs. And yet many authorities continue to warn that, despite the current economic downturn, a war for talent is looming. What should companies do? Find out why executive coaching may be the answer.

What Clients Love

Tired of learning from your own mistakes? Learn from this author's, and the companies he studied. Read about it in this excerpt from What Clients Love: A Field Guide to Growing Your Business.

In Memory of Circuit City Stores

Many things contribute to the success or failure of any organization. But usually there is one event or decision that marks the turning point, for good or bad. Find out what it was in Circuit City's case and why the results were so disastrous.

Business in China: A Wakeup Call

It doesn't matter what kind of business you are in -- whether you are a multi-national corporation, or a "mom and pop" business -- you will be affected by what is happening in China. China is like this huge vortex consuming both human and natural resources at an amazing rate. Read more about the booming Chinese economy and its effects on business in the US.

8 Steps to Selling Your Business and Cashing In

This year, some 700,000 American businesses will be sold. Most will be small and mid-sized businesses like yours. If you, too, are thinking of selling, consider these practical steps for making the process go smoothly.

Motivating a Workforce That Can't Be Motivated

You can't motivate someone who doesn't want to be motivated. BUT... you can create the right environment that will set the stage for motivation. Give employees the tools to feel competent in their jobs. First, you must find out what will motivate, and what won't! 

Flexing Your Buying Muscles

Having the skills to be a great investor in your business inventory is what is needed to create "Buying Power." This knowledge of buying is what keeps retail business leaders in front of the competition.

Avoid Business Disasters by Breaking the Chain of Mistakes

Most business disasters are preceded by not just one but many mistakes. In this excerpt from Will Your Next Mistake be Fatal?, learn how to recognize warning signs and break the chain of mistakes.

The 10 Biggest Business Blunders (and How You Can Avoid Them)

Why do businesses fail? Is it a lack of money, poor planning, or a failure to market? It can be any of those things and others. In this excerpt from the new book by David Finkel and Diane Kennedy, learn about the 10 biggest blunders businesses make and get tips for avoiding them.

Motivating Staff in Times of Change

Keeping staff motivated in today's turbulent work environment is quite a challenge. Use this checklist from the new book Business: The Ultimate Resource to help your employees weather the storm. Click here.

Downsizing with Dignity

No one likes layoffs - not employees and not employers, but sometimes they're inevitable. Here's advice on the right way to handle a layoff so that the damage is minimized to both the company and its workers.

Is Outsourcing the Right Move?

Use this checklist to look at the pros and cons of outsourcing and decide if it's right for your organization.

Break it to Them Gently

When you need to give bad news to a customer, it's normal to brace yourself for the worst. These ten techniques can make it less painful for both parties.

Principles of War

Even in war there are principles. Fighting a war involves careful planning and consideration -- much like running a business.

Share Your Business Plan for Success

Articulate and share the mission, purpose and goals of your organization with the people who work with you. This will give them a sense of belonging and connection to the big picture--and will empower and inspire them to give you their best. Learn the seven key areas that should be defined and shared with every employee.

Preventing Employees from Failing

Have you ever noticed what happens when you become unsatisfied with an employee's performance? Whether you realize it or not, you begin to create a "failure mindset" for them. Stop it before it starts.

Create a Positive Workforce to Dazzle Your Customers

Given the choice of dealing with a positive, upbeat employee with a "can-do" attitude or dealing with a disgruntled, distracted, uninterested one, which would you choose? Your employees' attitude can make or break the relationship your business has with customers.

Yes, It's Personal

Chances are your employees are taking care of personal business on your time. Read the report findings. 

The Perfect Store: Inside eBay

In this brisk, engaging chronicle of one of the most stunning success stories in American business history, Adam Cohen takes us inside eBay the corporation as well as into the community of eBay's passionate users. Read an excerpt here.

People First

How do you reduce turnover in a fast food restaurant? Here's one chain that's found a solution.

Booby Traps

What can happen to your business if you bring in investors? Here's one person's tale.

Outsource - Don't Employ

Outsourcing has a bad rap because it has been associated with jobs going overseas. Yet much outsourcing is a major improvement over employment for both the employer and the employed, and a good portion of the outsourcing now used by companies big and small is going to local contractors. Read more about the positive side of outsourcing from small business columnist Rob Spiegel.

Flag Protocol

Since the events of September 11, Americans have come out in droves to display the U.S. Flag. We need to be mindful of flag protocol, and remember to display our national banner in a way that shows reverence and respect.

Hosting Ideas For Office Parties

If the thought of organizing another ho-hum holiday event for your office, plant or store staff is making you wish the Grinch really would steal Christmas, here are some expert tips for turning your party from blah to blowout! 

Coping with Negative Emotions at Work

What can you do when a situation at work causes your temper to flare? How do you blow off steam without alienating  customers, employees, partners or a boss?

Myths About Teamwork

Don't let these common myths about teamwork hold your company back. Debunk them and get your team on the right track.

Employee Training on a Zero Budget

There's a way you can train your employees without paying for training sessions or taking them away from their jobs. It's called "teachable moments" and it's a great way to utilize everyday on the job experiences to create a top-notch team. Here are six ways you can put it to work right away.

Mistrust: A Bigger Problem Than Ever

The Enron disaster will have a greater impact than most people realize. Because of Enron, now anyone in a management position will have to work that much harder proving their trustworthiness. Here are some ways you can maintain trust in your organization. 

4 Keys for Minimizing Employee Turnover

Workforce experts estimate that the cost of replacing a worker is 1.5 times the annual salary of the worker. To minimize your turnover costs and maintain a productive workplace, employers need to look beyond the salary and benefits. Here are four key areas to consider.

Book Excerpt: The Man Behind the Microchip

Hailed as the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford of Silicon Valley, Robert Noyce was a brilliant inventor, a leading entrepreneur, and a daring risk taker who piloted his own jets and skied mountains accessible only by helicopter. Read an excerpt from his biography, The Man Behind the Microchip, here.

Mentoring and Baby Boomers

Young workers possess skills and savvy with technology that is hard to beat. As important as that may be in today's workplace, they lack the business experience and networks that baby boomers possess. Here's how businesses can make use of their baby boomer employees to help the next generation.

Use Mentoring to Attract and Retain the Best Employees

Is your company merely a stepping stone in the careers of its employees, or is it the place that the best and brightest want to be? Mentoring can help you create an environment that attracts and keeps the best the workforce has to offer.

The Importance of Having a Good Mentor

New employees may not feel comfortable asking their supervisor questions pertaining to their job, but a mentor can often bridge that gap. A mentor can guide a new employee by answering questions about basic routines, do's and don'ts, and various job responsibilities.

Mentoring Benefits

Does your office have problems with employee turnover? Providing new workers with a mentor can help keep them happy and in one place!  

People Need to Feel Appreciated

Money may attract people to the front door, but something else keeps them from going out the back. That "something," more often than not, is feeling appreciated by their employer.

Strategic Planning

One of the most common difficulties companies face in strategic planning is turning their vision into a reality. To transform your organization into the one you envision takes more than great strategy and implementation.

10 Moves Guaranteed to Alienate HR

In climbing the corporate ladder, one of the most powerful allies to have on your side is your Human Resources department. To keep the alliance strong and working to your benefit, here are ten things you should NOT do.

Building a Winning Team

Creating teamwork is a challenging process, and not all groups work as a team. Here are 12 tips you can follow to build a winning team in your company.

Building a Winning Team

Great champions have one thing in common: They know how to work as a team. The ABCs of Building a Business Team That Wins offers a set of simple, powerful rules to govern the internal behaviors of businesses and other groups. Read an excerpt from Chapter One here.

Four Steps to a More Successful Team

Successful management depends on working as a team. To attain that goal and keep the team strong, you must employ motivation, affirmation, inspiration and action. Read these four steps to keeping your management effective. 

Boost Your Memory

Is your memory not what it used to be? Having a sharp recall can be as simple as finding ways to help jog your memory throughout the day. Here are 10 quick ideas.

33 Myths about Employees

Here are 33 traditional and voguish beliefs that, on the basis of their research, the authors of The Enthusiastic Employee say have little or no basis in reality. These beliefs, covering a variety of areas, are widespread and, when applied to the typical employee and work situation, are wrong. 

Just Cause vs. Employment-At-Will

Learn the difference between Just Cause and Employment-At-Will

Innovation: Bringing Good Ideas To Market

Where will innovative new ideas come from? How will they get to market? How must corporate America change to create and profit from technology? That's the subject of Open Innovation.

Part 2 -Excerpt from Innovation: Bringing Good Ideas To Market

What is open innovation? How should we be taking advantage of it? Read more in this excerpt from the book, Innovation, Bringing Good Ideas to Market.

A Pirate Looks at the Internet

Businesses that have a distinctive name, mark, slogan or logo beware: you may already be a victim of a cyberpirate or cybersquatter and not know it.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

OSHA provides standards for personal protective equipment needed for hazardous jobs. Do you know what you are required to provide for your employees?

Be Careful When Seeking Contractors For Repairs

Returning to a storm-damaged home is bad enough, but don’t be a victim twice when seeking contractor services to rebuild. Get tips here for choosing a contractor.

Vacation Days

Paid time off, such as Labor Day holiday, is a benefit nearly all employees in America receive. Here, in results from a survey conducted last month, are the average number of paid days off based on length of employment.

Veterans Have Entrepreneurial Spirit, Study Shows

American veterans have a strong entrepreneurial sprit, according to a study released by the SBA Office of Advocacy. The study shows that 22 percent of veterans are either purchasing or starting a new business, or considering it.

How E-Verify Affects Businesses with Federal Contracts

Starting May 21, 2009, most Federal contractors and subcontractors will be required to start using the E-Verify system to verify that their employees are legally allowed to work in the US. Find out how this new requirement will affect your business.

Increase Productivity and Retention of Entry-Level Employees

Nearly all businesses struggle with turnover and productivity, especially with their entry-level employees. Now, three new studies from the Families and Work Institute reveal the keys to retaining that group of workers and helping them be more productive on the job.

More Employees Struggling with Elder Care

Research indicates that more people are caring for aging relatives, and that this often affects employee productivity. Employee expectations regarding elder care benefits have increased, and, as a result, most organizations expect costs for these benefits to increase in the next five years.

New Perils in 401(k) Administration for Employers

Can your employee sue you because he doesn't like the way his 401(k) retirement account is performing? Because of a recent Supreme Court ruling, exactly that may happen to some employers. Find out what the implications of this case are and get tips for protecting yourself.

9-11 One-Year Anniversary

The one year anniversary of the tragic events on September 11, 2001 will generate a roller coaster of emotions most of us are unprepared to deal with. Here are some suggestions for coping in your own workplace.

Creating Safe Workplaces

The Society for Human Resources reports that over half of HR professionals are at least somewhat concerned about workplace violence, according to a recent survey. And increasingly, employers are using background checks to help ensure workplace safety.

Time To Consider Cafeteria Benefits Plans?

The cost of providing healthcare to employees is becoming an ever bigger burden for small employers, and many are asking employees to foot bigger and bigger portions of the bill. One option some companies have found for reducing the bite is the use of flexible benefit plans, known as cafeteria plans. Here's why.

Why Business Plans Fail

The recent highs and lows of Internet business has created a whole new set of challenges for investors who want to select ventures that are moneymakers. What specifics are venture capitalists, corporate investors and angel investors looking for?  

Lifetime Value of a Client

The concept of client value requires a bit of guessing and new thinking. Find out why it should be important to your business and how you can go about calculating it.

Small Business Hard Hit By Federal Regulatory Compliance Burden

America’s smallest firms bear the largest per employee burden of federal regulatory compliance costs, according to a recent study released by the Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Attracting, Retaining & Motivating Employees

There is an alarming crisis in America that could affect your corporation, agency or association -- a diminishing ability to survive. Downsizing and reengineering have not only cut out the fat, but also the employees that were once the lifeblood of your organization. Take the opportunity to flourish by paying your employees more than money!

Coping with Traumatic Stress

This "how to" guide from the Stress Doc highlights key questions and concepts as well as intervention strategies for understanding and responding supportively to individuals grappling with post-traumatic effects after Tuesday's "Day of Terror." 

Debunking a Few Business Myths

Without a score card, we experience the current economic news as an onslaught of sky-is-falling doom and impending catastrophe. Yet much of the disturbing news may actually represent positive trends, and some of the encouraging developments may hold dark linings.

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