Business Cards that Will Make Your Business Pop

by Brad Egeland

Your business cards say more about your company than just your name and contact information. They also convey a message about your professionalism, creativity, and even how serious you are about your business. Click here to learn about a company that excels at business cards that make a lasting impression.

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How critical are business cards? What happens to them after we hand them out? Until I became an independent consultant, the best use I usually got out of mine were to fill up the fish bowls at restaurants and other businesses offering free things in weekly drawings. Now that I’m independent - not unlike the small business owner - I realize that they are a networking tool and a connection with past, current, and potential clients.


I recently attended portions of a convention for photographers where, as you might guess, creativity and artistic display are at a premium. One business card company was well represented there because they are big in the photography industry. Their cards are very creative and photographers can get a set of business cards with different portraits on the back of each card. Talk about a marketing tool! Imagine handing out business cards that show your most value assets you can offer your customers in full color high resolution on each card. How big of a selling point would that be for you?

Cards with a Wow Factor

The company is called Moo (see While they aren’t exactly cheap, they also aren’t overly expensive for the ‘wow’ factor they provide. Consider this, if you’re a small business with products to market, you can put a product picture on the back of each card and the cards are so colorful and professional that they’re nearly impossible to throw away.


Moo offers high quality business cards printed in full color on both sides of the card. As I mentioned, you can use your own photos on the back of your cards, or choose from designs and color schemes that they already have built-in to their many templates. Using their flexible templates is extremely easy – I had my first order ready with uploaded pictures in a matter of minutes. And every order comes with a free business card holder as well.

Remember, creativity is what they are all about. So as you can guess, standard business cards are not their only offerings. They also offer minicards (small, undersized eye-catching business cards), greeting cards, and postcards as well as accessories for holding and displaying your cards.

Where I think they truly shine, however, is with their business card products. Look at how one company – Arena Flowers – uses Moo cards to showcase their product offerings here. The cards are all printed on heavy stock and the paper they use certainly makes for stunning photo displays on the reverse side of your business cards. You even have the option – at a higher price – to go green with recycled paper for your cards giving them a different texture and look.


How you choose to advertise yourself and your business through your choice of business cards is up to you. Remember, to some potential customers your business card does tell them things about your business: how professional you are, how serious you are, how creative you are, and they may even form their own opinions up front about the quality of your services from the quality of your business cards. Maybe that’s unfair, but you can’t help what happens on first impressions. I know that the minute I laid my eyes on the samples from Moo, I was hooked.

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Brad Egeland is a Business Solution Designer and IT/PM consultant and author with over 25 years of software development, management, and project management experience leading initiatives in Manufacturing, Government Contracting, Creative Design, Gaming and Hospitality, Retail Operations, Aviation and Airline, Pharmaceutical, Start-ups, Healthcare, Higher Education, Non-profit, High-Tech, Engineering and general IT. Brad is married, a father of 11, and living in sunny Las Vegas, NV. Visit Brad's site at
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