Introducing CopyStarters (sm)

Syndicated, Ready-To-Use Content 

Do you need content for a newsletter or social media posts, but hate to write or just can't think of anything to write about? Or, perhaps you don't mind writing, but just don't have the time to research and write anything yourself?  

Solve the problem with CopyStarters (SM)

CopyStarters are syndicated, ready to use content for newsletters, social media and blog posts. Each CopyStarter (SM)  is a professionally written collection of 5 or more short, useful tips and hints about a single topic. The length of each tip in a CopyStarter collection averages 100 to 200 words, with the total word length of each CopyStarter collection being at least 500 words.

How To Use CopyStarters

CopyStarters are content collections that are already written. So all you have to do is copy and paste whichever tips you want to use. You can use each tip in a purchased collection as is, or change the wording, adapt it, or combine one or more tips with other content of your own.

Available CopyStarters

#1701  Getting organized

#1702  Email Marketing Tips

You can use all the tips in a CopyStarter in a single newsletter or blog or you can break them up, using one tip a week. Or, you could post a tip or two to your social media page each day. 

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You can also use them to spur your own creativity and to promote what you sell. For instance, if you use a CopyStarter tip about saving time in your newsletter, you might want to include an ad (and call to action) at the bottom of the tip that reads something like this:

Having trouble getting everything done?  Save time by turning your cleaning chores over to ABC Maid Service. Call us today at 123-456-7890 for a free estimate.

No attribution required

CopyStarters are NOT public domain content. They are copyrighted by Attard Communications, Inc. However, you can use CopyStarters without attribution.  The only restriction is that you may not resell CopyStarter tips or collections for reuse or include them in for-sale books or ebooks or similar material.

How much do CopyStarters Cost?

Each Copystarter Collection will cost just $9.95. That's a bargain when you consider the time you'll waste on your own trying to come up with ideas and write them!  But we know low price isn't enough to make you want to buy Copystarters. You want to be sure the writing is good. To find out,

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Here's an example of one tip that's part of one of our  CopyStarter collections:

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Why Use Syndicated Content?

The simple answer is convenience and cost-savings. Each CopyStarter collection is only $9.95.Compare that cost to the cost of your time.  If you're a consultant, for instance, and you bill clients $75 an hour.  your billable time is worth $1.25 per minute. If you spend 45 minutes twice a week trying to think of one or two helpful tips to post on social media, you'll have wasted 1 1/2 hours of billable time - that's $112.50!

More importantly, you'll be building credibility and customer loyalty by giving your readers information they'll find helpful.   

What about client work?

If you  produce newsletters and social media posts for clients, you need to get their approval before using syndicated content in work you do for them.  While some may not want you to use syndicated content for their work, other's will be happy to allow it - especially when you point out that by mixing some syndicated content into their newsletters and social media posts, you'll be able to keep their costs down.

What Topics Will Be Covered In CopyStarters

Most CopyStarters collections will include tips and hints on subjects that are popular with either consumer or business audiences.  For the time being they will be mostly aimed at saving time, saving money, being more productive and managing more effectively.  If you would like to suggest topics for CopyStarters please contact at

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Available CopyStarters

#1701  Getting organized

#1702  Email Marketing Tips