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Money & Business Finance Archived Articles

The articles below were written several years ago. Although some of the information in the articles is dated, they still contain valuable suggestions and concepts.  

Rich Dad's Prophecy
Rich Dad thinks the biggest stock market crash ever is still to come. Read an excerpt from the book that tells why - and what to do about it. Click here >>

The Art of Profitability
Learn which business model can help your company succeed today and grow tomorrow. Click here to read an excerpt from The Art of Profitability. 

What to Do When the Money Stops Flowing
Right now, buyers are looking for your product or service. Are you making it easy for them to find you? To understand what you're selling? To buy from you? Or, are you fighting their buying process with your selling process? Read more in this excerpt from Rivers of Revenue 

Book Excerpt: Nice Girls Don't Get Rich
Without your awareness, behaviors learned as a girl are preventing you from becoming a woman who is financially independent and free to follow her dreams. Click here to read "Women and Wealth," from chapter one of Nice Girls Don't Get Rich.

50 Overlooked Deductions 
It's that dreaded time of year again... Tax Time! Before you make out your check to Uncle Sam, read this excerpt from the Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2000 to make sure you aren't missing out on these easily overlooked deductions! 

How to Avoid 25 Common Errors 
No one wants to make mistakes on their tax returns. Mistakes can be costly and frustrating. Be sure to read these common errors.

Legal Reach 
The long arm of the law got a little longer this spring for people who participate in Internet discussion groups. Find out why speaking your mind on the Internet could be very costly.

Are Rising Gas Prices Hurting Your Business?
Fuel prices affect both individual consumers and businesses, but small businesses often get hit hardest. Read about how some small businesses are reacting to rising gas prices and get tips for dealing with the problem in your own business.

Rising Prices at the Pump
Small business owners have been struggling with record high gas prices in recent years. Find out how small businesses can cope with the added expense that seems to be here to stay. Details >>

7 Tax Tips for the Self-Employed
Don't overlook these business deductions for 2008.

Transaction Handling
No matter how attractive the price or persuasive the advertising, if people are not comfortable with the way you handle their transactions, or the payment options you offer, they'll go elsewhere. Read more >>

The Lazy Person's Guide to Investing
In this straightforward and easy-to-follow guide, nationally known columnist and stock market commentator Dr. Paul Farrell shows you exactly how to build wealth with your personal portfolio or 401(k)-even if you hate numbers and finance. Read an excerpt here >>

Avoiding a Retirement Crisis
Are you worried about your retirement nest egg? Here are ways to achieve retirement security.

Countdown to Crisis
The beginning of the greatest depression in American history is now just a few short years away according to Dan Arnold, author of The Great Bust Ahead. Read an excerpt from his book and discuss it here.

Why IBM Profits Rose 20% While World Markets Fell 20%
What can be learned from those that survive and thrive during a time of economic crises? Find out here >>

Finding The Right VC For Your Company

Where do do you find the right venture capital to invest in your company? Here's what a VC from Oregon has to say.

Profile of a Venture Capitalist
If there is a prototypical background designed for a venture capitalist, Win Churchill of SCP Private Equity possesses an idealistic one. From Fordham to Oxford as a Rhoades Scholar and back to Yale for law school, Churchill's initial path landed him a 16 year career with a Philadelphia law firm. 

New E-Service Revolutionizes Transcript Delivery
Tax practitioners can now request transcripts of their client’s tax records and receive them within minutes instead of days or weeks using a new online tool delivered through the IRS Business Systems Modernization program. 

Read about the 2006 hybrid tax credit.

Tax Credits Offer Incentives to Go Green
More on 2006 Hybrid tax credits

Beware of SBA Loan Scams
The SBA has issued a warning to small business owners that they should use caution if they are contacted by private firms claiming they can help them get money through SBA programs. Find out what you need to know here.

Lower Marginal Tax Rates Increase Entrepreneurship
Reducing marginal income tax rates on entrepreneurs increases entrepreneurial entry, decreases exit from entrepreneurship, and lengthens the duration of entrepreneurial ventures, according to a new study. 

Book Excerpt: The Faber Report
David Faber's book explains not just how to pick the stocks you want to invest in but how to avoid joining the "penguins" lining up for big losses. The Faber Report combines practical, down-to-earth investment advice with wild accounts of investor fraud, company misdeeds, corruption, and greed. Read an excerpt here >>

Internet Sales Tax
States across the nation are seeking ways to reclaim sales tax revenues lost to Internet sales. Unfortunately, laws requiring businesses to collect sales tax on all internet sales could put undue strains on many small businesses. So what's the answer? Here's what you had to say >>

Excerpt: Rich Dad's Success Stories
Thousands of readers have gone on to greater wealth by applying the Rich Dad philosophy. Read an excerpt from the latest in the series, Rich Dad's Success Stories.

Financial Intelligence: A New Way of Learning
"We all learn differently. The trick is to find the way you learn best. When you do that, you’ll discover your own personal genius." So says Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad for TeensRead more in this excerpt from Chapter 1 >>

Get Ready for "Son of Stimulus" Plan
From John Wasik, author of the new book, The Audacity of Help: Obama's Economic Plan and the Remaking of America, read an excerpt about how the stimulus plan patches up the economy and deals with the long-term problems created by falling property values.

IRS May Owe Small Corporations
If you are a small corporation and have paid alternative minimum taxes in recent years, you may have paid the government many thousands of dollars more in taxes than was necessary. 
Here's why.


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