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Pricing Strategies
How to Price Products and Services

What should you charge for your products and services? Finding the right price for what you sell can be challenging. Charge too much, and customers won't buy. Surprisingly, though, charging too little may also keep customers from buying. The articles in this section provide you with a variety of pricing strategies and insights that will help you determine the best price for what you sell.

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Additional Articles About How To Set Prices 


Six Strategies for Getting Paid What You're Worth 
Clients and consultants alike usually dread fee discussions. Here are six strategies to help you preserve your profit margins and your client relationships as you work through pricing discussions. 

Just Say No to Hourly Rates
The majority of people in service businesses charge by the hour. But you may not make what you're worth that way. Here are some reasons to stop charging by the hour for your services.

How Much Should You Charge?
Are you leaving money on the table when you give clients price quotes? Here's a way to answer the "What Do You Charge" question that could result in a better rate for you.

10 Rules to Achieve Pricing Confidence
Setting prices is complicated. Do you dare price yourself above your competition? What about offering extras to increase your offer's value? And what about discounting?Here are 10 rules that will give you and all your employees confidence in your prices.

Why Higher Prices Won't Cost You Customers
Price increases are a fact of life. But your customers won't be happy about paying more. Here's how to raise prices by getting your customers to focus on value rather than cost.

How To Raise Your Fees
You can't absorb rising business costs forever; eventually you'll need to increase your prices to stay profitable. Here are some tips for raising your billing rates.

End the Discounting Habit
Do you believe you have to discount your product or service to get sales, especially from big customers? Before you slash your prices, consider the real reason your customer may be asking for a discount. 


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