SBAExpress Simplifies Small Business Loans

SBAExpress Simplifies Small Business Loans, expanding access to capital for small businesses and startups.

The Small Business Administration has just announced changes in the SBAExpress pilot loan program that will significantly expand the number of lenders participating in the program and increase access to capital for small businesses.   The modifications will allow an estimated 2,400 lenders already delivering other SBA loan products to participate in the SBAExpress program.  Many of these are small and rural lenders that serve small businesses in remote areas.  As an additional measure, the SBA will open up the program to other lenders across the country experienced in small business lending but that have not participated with SBA.


To meet the needs of new and startup small businesses requiring smaller loan products, SBA will offer certain incentives to lenders to increase the availability of smaller loans, especially loans of $50,000 or less.  At the same time, SBA will raise the maximum limit of an SBAExpress loan to $250,000, from $150,000, to allow more small business borrowers to take advantage of the program's expedited loan process.

The program, which is aimed at simplifying access to SBA loan products, allows lenders to use their own forms and processes to approve loans guaranteed by SBA.  Minimal paperwork is required for the SBA, and the agency generally provides an immediate response on most SBAExpress applications.  SBA encourages the use of technology to expedite the loan process.


"The program is innovative in its approach to providing delivery mechanisms for SBA-guaranteed loans to suit the specific needs of a diverse array of small businesses," SBA Administrator Hector V. Barreto said.  "The agency has looked at new ways to work with its lending partners in order to expand service to small business borrowers and provide greater capital access opportunities.  

"These enhancements will expand the program's reach to more small businesses and represent a major step in the agency's continuing efforts to increase efficiency and better meet the needs of both its lending partners and small business owners."  

For additional information about SBA lending programs visit the SBA web site at, or contact local SBA, SCORE, or SBDC offices.
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