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Starting a Web Design Business

Can you still start a profitable web design business with so many low cost web design companies in the market? That what one of our readers wants to know. The answer to this question is an answer that also  can be applied in many other businesses that think they have to compete on price.


Travel Wage Question

Should you be paid for your time traveling to and from a work site? And what happens if your employer pays you at a different rate for different jobs?Find out here >>

Establishing Value

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a business.Use these tips to figure out what a business is really worth.


Estimated Taxes

You have taxes withheld from your paycheck, but you also earn additional income as a freelancer. Do you have to pay estimated quarterly taxes? Get the answer from Ask Business Know-How.

Selling to Department Stores

You've got a product or two that everyone raves about. And  now you want to get it into big department stores.  How should you proceed? What are your chances? Here's an industry insider's view on the subject.

Estimating Start-up Costs

What is the best way to find out how much start-up costs for your new business will be? Here are several things to consider.

Growing a Service Business

Experience counts for a lot in the landscaping business, but sometimes you need a little extra help to get it to flourish and grow. Ask Business Know-How offers this advice.

Computer and Internet business opportunities 

You've seen the ads and infomercials. They tell you that you can work at home and make thousands of dollars of income in your spare time running a computer or Internet business. Should you bite?

Need money?

Business Know-How tells you where to find startup capital!

Bleeding cash

How do you get out when your business is bleeding cash? Here's one solution.

Risky Business

What would happen to your home business if there were a fire, or your were robbed?

When Cash Doesn't Flow

Sometimes business is all work and no (or slow) pay. Here's one reader's plight and suggested ways to solve it.

Paying For Travel Time

Does your employer have to pay you for travel time?

All In The Family

What's the best form of business for family members starting a home remodeling business?Click to read.

Don't Get Taken

A timid reader wants to know how to get good deals.

Are You A Slave To Your Home Office?

Don't let home office isolation get you down. Here are easy ways to combat the problem.

Newsletters On The Net

Will putting your newsletter on the internet kill profits or build profits?


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