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Business Startup Cost Calculator


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How much money do you need to start your small business or home business?

Calculate your business startup costs  using the calculator below to find out how much cash you'll need to launch your business and run until it becomes profitable.

To get the best results from the Business Know-How Start-Up Cost Calculator, use realistic estimates for each expense item. A little bit of research should make it possible for you to predict most of your expenses.

To use the form, fill in the appropriate numbers on the expense items that apply to you. Then click the Calculate button at the bottom of the form. 

One-Time Start-Up Costs
1.   Purchase price or downpayment if buying a business    
2.   Office furniture    
3.   Computer hardware and software    
4.   Setup, installation and consulting fees    
5.   Business cards and stationery    
6.   Decorating and remodeling    
7.   Fixtures, counters, equipment & Installation    
8.   Starting inventory, raw materials, tools, etc.    
9.   Deposits with public utilities    
10.   Legal and other professional fees    
11.   Business licenses and permits    
12.   Advertising and promotion for opening    
13.   Signage    
14.   Rent & security deposit (often equals 3 months rent)    
15.   Operating Cash    
16.   Other    
    Ongoing Monthly Expenses    
17.   Salary of owner-manager (amount you need to pay yourself)    
18.   All other salaries, wages, & commissions    
19.   Payroll taxes or self-employment tax    
20.   Rent    
21.   Equipment lease payments    
22.   Advertising (print, broadcast and Internet)    
23.   Postage & shipping costs    
24.   Supplies (inks, toners, labels, paper goods, etc.)    
25.   Telephone    
26.   Utilities    
27.   Internet connection    
28.   Website hosting and maintenance    
29.   General business insurance    
30.   Business vehicle insurance    
31.   Health insurance    
32.   Interest & principal on loans & credit cards    
33.   Inventory, raw materials, parts    
34.   Legal and other professional fees    
35.   Franchise fee    
36.   Miscellaneous    
    Calculate Total Start-up Funds    
37.   Estimate the number of months needed to find customers and get established    




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