Shorten Your Sales Cycle


Get new business sooner and get paid faster by using your website for demos and selling.

Sales -- and payments -- happen faster for many companies who do business on the Internet. The Internet -- specifically your own company website -- allows you to give demonstrations and provide fact sheets, brochures and other information on demand and at low relatively low cost. If you accept credit cards online, the Internet can take the lag out of payments, too. Instead of waiting 30, 60 or maybe 90 days to get paid, you will usually see payments from credit card sales rolling into your bank account in one to three days.


While the Internet doesn't eliminate the need for sales people and selling, a good website does let targeted prospects self-identify themselves. The graphic images, text, slide presentations, videos and/or audio you make available on your web site lets customers read about your products or services at their convenience. Or, they can be used to present your products to prospects during live teleconferences or webinars.


You save on the cost of travel, on the cost of your staff's travel time, and the cost of color printing. The only costs are the costs for creating the web site and materials; costs that can be small over the course of a year compared to the traditional ways of accomplishing these goals. An added bonus: with a bit of search engine optimization, your website can help you attract new customers -- customers your sales staff might never have found.

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