Are You Missing Business?


Are you missing new business because you don't have a website?

Customers today  pretty much expect businesses to have websites. Businesses and consumers alike turn to the web to locate products or services to buy as well as to find hours of operation, locations, and phone numbers. If you aren’t on the web, customers that might be yours may go to your competitor.

See for yourself. Go to or and search for what you do. Type in a word or two that describes your business. If you only do business locally, type in the city, town or county that you live in. Then look at the search results. Would someone who just moved into town be able to find your business if they searched online?

To avoid losing business, make sure your business can be found on the web. If you aren’t ready for your own full-blown website, put an ad in on-line yellow pages or consider buying  pay per call ads through Ingenio or other sites that offer them. 

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