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Small Business Marketing Ideas 

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using inbound to attract customersInbound Marketing – Attract, Convert and Close Your Way to Bigger, Better Business

What is inbound marketing? How can it help a small business like yours? Simply put, inbound marketing is a tactic that focuses on making customers identify themselves to you. Here's how to use it in your business.

create a small business press kitHow to Create a Press Kit

How do you put together a press kit? What should go in your press kit? Whether you make it available online or have your press kit printed - or both - these are the basic elements you should include in it.


small business management errorsTop Small Business Management Mistakes to Avoid

Are you making management mistakes that could damage your business? Whether it's unhappy employees, lack of customers, or poor cash flow, there are many things that can threaten your business' success. Here are the top critical small business management errors you should watch out for.

get past fear of failureDon't Let Fear of Failure Slow Your Business Growth

Is your fear of failure causing you to turn down opportunities that could help your business grow? Of course you want to be smart about your business, but for it to grow, sometimes you have to take risks. Get past your fear of failure so you don't hold your business back.


start a second businessWhen to Know It’s Time to Start a Second Business

Should you start a second business? Is opportunity a good reason to risk starting another business? Here's how to figure out if the time is right.


how to be your own boss5 Ways to Cut Ties with the Big Boss to Become Your Own Boss

How do you start your own business when you can't afford to quit your job? It takes some planning and determination, but transitioning from being an employee to being your own boss is possible. These are the steps to follow.


marketing basicsMarketing Strategies Every Small Business Should Use

The thing about marketing successfully is you have to work at it consistently, even when business is slow and you don't want to spend the money. If you master these five fundamental marketing strategies, your business will prosper.


time managementSmart Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Time management is critical for small business owners. You will get more done in less time when you implement these 5 time-saving strategies.


price quoteHow to Prepare a Price Quote

When a customer asks for a price quote, you might be tempted to just give them the total cost for their service or product. But a lot more should go into preparing a good price quote. Here's what you need to know.


Facebook Lead AdsGrow Your Mailing List with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are ads designed to help marketers capture customer information by automatically filling in the Facebook user's contact info when they click on an ad with an opt-in offer. Here are the pros and cons of this Facebook ad type.


2016 busineses to startBest Businesses to Start in 2016

Want to become a business owner this year but not sure what kind of business will be most successful? Consider starting a business in one of these six industries that are expected to grow during 2016.


etsy profitsIncrease Your Etsy Profits with These 5 Tips

Selling on Etsy? Wish you could sell more and make more money from your shop? These 5 tips will help you increase your Etsy profits.


increase small business profits8 Ways to Increase Your Small Business Profits This Year

Increasing your small business' profits doesn't require drastic measures like upping your prices or laying off employees. Even small changes in just a few areas of your business can give your income a big boost. Check out these eight tips for improving profits in your small business.

save on postage14 Ways to Save on Postage and Shipping

The USPS just increased postage rates - again. Here are 14 good ways to cut your mailing and shipping costs and get more mileage out of the money you spend on postage.


part time business ideas15 Businesses You Can Start in Your Spare Time

You don't have to quit your full time job to start a business. Many businesses can be started as small, part-time or weekend only ventures. Here are 15 ideas for generating income on the side while doing something you love.


Google hangoutsHow to Use Google Hangouts

Want to use Google Hangouts in your business? Use this guide to getting the technology configured on your computer and creating your first Hangout.


home business balanceHow to Keep Your Home Business and Life Separate

Keeping your work life separate from your home life when you run a home business is difficult to do. However, for the sake of your own sanity, and for the good of your family, it's necessary. These tips take you through each area of your business and show you how to set boundaries that will help.

service business ideas10 Low-Cost Service Businesses to Start from Home

Service businesses can be very inexpensive to start, and often can be run right out of your home. If you're looking for a low-cost business to start, try one of these ten service business ideas.


sell on etsyHow to Get Started Selling on Etsy

Want to start selling on Etsy? Whether you're selling handmade items, craft supplies, vintage yard sale finds, or something else, this guide will help you get started with your Etsy shop.


home business challenges5 Common Home Business Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Working from home has many benefits, but it's not without challenges, too. Here are five of the most common challenges home business owners face and advice for overcoming them.


more time10 Ways to Create More Time in Your Day

Not enough hours in the day to get it all done? Make sure you're using your time wisely. Follow these ten time management techniques to find extra hours you didn't even know you had.


2016 social media trendsSocial Media Trends for 2016

What's hot in social media now? Where should you be focusing your social media efforts? How can you use social media to market your business in 2016? Here are the top social media trends you should pay attention to.


print advertisingPrint Advertising for Local Businesses

Should you advertise your business in the newspaper or a local magazine? Print advertising is still a good way to market. Use these 6 tips to be sure you get the most for your money.


home business cash flow tipsHow to Manage Cash Flow in a Home Business

For a home business, properly managing cash flow is vitally important to keeping your business up and running. Here are ways you can keep your cash flow positive.


time management for business ownersTime Management Tips for the Self-Employed

Having to wear all the hats in your business can be overwhelming. From apps that can help you get organized and work more efficiently to time-saving hacks, these tips can help you manage your time better.


youtube marketing6 Ways to Use YouTube to Market a Small Business

Want to promote your business with YouTube videos? Your customers are already watching YouTube, and they're probably already looking for you there. Here are six ways you can use YouTube for small business marketing.


business resolutions3 Things You Should Resolve to Do In 2016

Nearly everyone makes at least a couple of resolutions for themselves at the beginning of the year, and your business can benefit from them too. Here are three resolutions that can help your business be more successful in 2016.


business owner success10 Characteristics Successful Business Owners Share

Why do some people succeed, while others fail to reach their goals? Here's what successful business owners do that others don't.


forms of paymentWhat Payment Types Should Your Business Accept?

Wondering what type of payments your business should accept? Should you accept credit cards? Take checks? Only take cash? What about ACH transfers, mobile payments, money orders, or even Bitcoin? Here are some factors to help you determine what's best for your business.


reducing holiday stressHow Small Business Owners Can Reduce Holiday Stress

Small business owners often find that family commitments, holiday shopping and the demands of their business combine to make the holiday season very stressful. You can relieve some of that stress by putting these tips to work.


Facebook paid advertisingUsing Facebook Advertising for Your Local Business

How do you use Facebook paid advertising to market your business? Use this guide for understanding the many options Facebook has for helping you increase your visibility and attract customers.


new crowdfunding rulesNeed Investors? Check Out the New Crowd Funding Rules

Want to use crowdfunding to get people to invest in your business? The rules are about to change, making it easier for smaller investors to purchase equity in your business. Get the details here.


create loyal customers from holiday shoppersTurn Holiday Shoppers Into Year-Round Customers

Right now your store or website is probably flooded with customers ready to buy. In just a few short weeks, though, it'll all be over - but it doesn't have to be. These tips can help you cultivate those one-time holiday shoppers and turn them into loyal, year-round customers.


sell more to your customersHow to Get Customers to Buy More

How can you get customers to spend more money with you? Use these six tips to increase your average sale, encourage repeat business, and get more from your existing customers.


build text message list3 Ways to Build a Text Message List

Want to build a list for text message marketing? Getting customers to sign up to receive offers from you via text message is almost as simple as letting them know that they can.


holiday marketing20 Ways to Creatively Market This Holiday Season

Want to stay ahead of the competition this holiday season? Make sure potential customers think of you first by applying these 20 creative holiday marketing strategies.


EDDMHow to Do Affordable Direct Mail Using Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM)

Direct mail is more affordable than ever with Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) from the US Postal Service. And, EDDM makes it easy to target the exact neighborhood your business needs to reach. Here's a step-by-step guide for using EDDM to market your business.

holiday partyHave a Holiday Party that Won't Break the Bank

Hosting a holiday party for employees is traditional for most businesses at this time of year. But hosting one that shows your appreciation for a year of hard work without breaking the bank isn't easy. Here are a few hints that can help.


how to recognize counterfeit moneyHow to Spot Fake Bills

How can you tell if that stack of $20 bills your customer just handed you is real? What does counterfeit money even look like? When you accept fake bills, you bear the entire burden of the loss. Here's how you can learn to recognize them.


change web hostsHow to Move Your Website to a New Host

Moving to a new web host seems scarier than it really is. Here's everything you need to know about transferring your website to a new hosting company.


online reputationWhere to Meet Clients When You Work From Home

It's not always convenient or safe to meet clients in your home office when you work from home. Here are a few ideas for professional locations for your next client meeting.


online reputation6 Tips for Managing Your Company’s Online Reputation

What are people saying about your business online? What should you do if you find out someone has posted negative comments or a bad review? Use these 6 tips for managing your online reputation.


self employment mistakes5 Common Self-Employment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Making business mistakes when you're self-employed can have serious consequences. Here are 5 common mistakes people who work for themselves make - and tips for avoiding them.


business sloganHow to Write the Perfect Slogan

A slogan makes your brand more recognizable and memorable, but writing a catchy slogan isn't easy. Follow these steps for help creating a slogan for your business.


Android business appsSeven Android Apps for Entrepreneurs

Not all the good business apps are for iOS only. Here are seven apps made just for Android devices that can help entrepreneurs run their businesses better.


become an expertHow to Become an Expert

How can you become an expert? Will reading about a topic or industry make you an expert? Here's the low down on what it really takes to become an authority in your field.


better email results7 Tips to Succeed as a Freelancer

Freelancing is a great way to be self-employed when you've got a skill that other businesses need. Here are 7 tips to follow that can make your freelance venture a success.


better email results8 Tricks to Make Your Email Marketing Results a Treat

Email marketing is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to reach customers. Get the most from it by using these eight tips.


Project FiIs Google’s Project Fi a Viable Phone Option?

Google's Project Fi is poised to make big waves in the world of cell phone providers, but is it worth switching to right now? Find out what makes Project Fi so unique and get the pros and cons here.


apps7 Lesser Known iOS Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2015

Smartphone (and tablet) apps help business owners be more productive and run their businesses on the go. You probably know about the most popular business apps, but don't overlook these seven lesser known apps.


online product salesShould I Sell Products at My Own Website or a Third Party Marketplace?

Where should you sell your products online? Will they do better if you sell them on your own website, or should you sell them somewhere else, like Amazon, Etsy or Ebay? Here's what you need to know about selling through third party marketplaces versus a product specific website.

marketing terms definedWhat's the Difference Between Marketing, Advertising, Publicity, and Branding?

Whether you're new to running a business or have had one for years, understanding the difference in types of marketing and how you use them can help you be more successful.


woman making a purchaseWhy People Buy

There are many reasons customers decide to spend their hard earned money to make a purchase, but do you know why they decided to spend it with you?


spend less time on social mediaHow to Save Time on Social Media

Social media can quickly become a time suck that takes away from valuable business activities. Here are a few tips for managing the amount of time you spend working your social media sites while still maintaining a social presence for your customers.


workplace transparency5 Ways to Increase Transparency in the Workplace

Transparency - being open about and accountable for for your business operations - is important to today's employees and customers. Here are 5 ways you can increase transparency in your workplace.


speaking tipsHow to Measure Social Media ROI

Social media takes up a lot of time. How do you know if that time is well spent or if you should be focusing your efforts somewhere else or at least outsourcing it? Here's how you can figure out your social media return on investment.


speaking tipsCaptivate Tough Audiences with Activist Dick Gregory’s Speaking Formula

Want to know how to capture your audience's attention? Here are 5 strategies you can learn from comedian and political activist Dick Gregory.


discount for volumeShould You Discount to Get More Sales?

When customers ask you for a discount in exchange for their promise of a large purchase, or multiple future purchases, it's hard not to give in. After all, you'll make up for the lower price by selling more of your product and gaining a good customer, right?


cyber crime4 Ways Cyber Crime Can Hurt Your Small Business

Cyber crime isn't reserved just for big businesses. In fact, being a small business might make you more likely to be targeted. Here are four ways cyber crime can damage your business.


trustHow to Get Your Customers' Attention

Why should customers notice your business? What makes you different from your competition? Here's how you can make your business stand out and get your customers' attention.


attract customersThe Secret Formula for Attracting Customers & Clients

Businesses that are thriving and growing have a steady flow of repeat and referred customers. And they get those customers by attracting them rather than pursuing them. Learn their secret for attracting clients here.


Periscope tips10 Ways to Use Periscope for Your Business

Periscope is the newest social media platform to become popular. What is it and what good is it to your business? Find out here.


trustTrust is the Secret to Successful Sales

Price, features, quality - these are all things that are a part of your customer's buying decision. Their first consideration, however, is trust. Here's how you can establish trust with your customers.


employee happiness5 Simple Things That Will Make Your Employees Happier

Unhappy employees are unproductive employees, and that costs you money. Here are five things you can do to make your employees happier.


Socio-Economic CertificationsSocio-Economic Certifications Can Bring Big Benefits to Small Businesses

Certification as a small business, socio-economic disadvantaged business, woman-owned business, veteran-owned business, or some combination of those can give you an edge in bidding on contracts with the government and with prime contractors who sell to the government. Here's the scoop.


differentiate your customer service10 Ways to Differentiate Your Customer Service and Make Your Clients Actually Feel Valued

Just telling your customers they are valued isn't enough. You have to prove it to them. Use these 10 tips to make your customer service stand out.


sales tax nexusWhat is a Sales Tax Nexus?

Do you have a sales tax nexus with other states? What is a sales tax nexus anyway? It's confusing, but we've got help. Here's what you need to know to be sure your business is in compliance.


amazon and nexusAmazon and Nexus

If you sell on Amazon, you may have (perhaps unknowingly) established a sales tax nexus with the state in which your Amazon inventory resides. Sound confusing? It is, but this article will help you understand what you need to do in order to comply.


tips for people who don't like to network11 Tips to Help Reluctant Networkers Make Connections

Does your idea of “networking” involve nursing a drink in the corner while your more gregarious colleagues mix, mingle, wheel, and deal? Whether you consider yourself an introvert, socially awkward, or just a networking newbie, fear not. Here are 11 tips to help you connect more confidently and take your business to the next level.

web marketing mistakes5 Internet Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Money

You spend a lot on marketing your business online. Don't let that money and effort go to waste by making these 5 common internet marketing mistakes.


sales cocktailMixing the Perfect Sales Cocktail

What's the trick to finding the right mix of sales techniques and skills? Which ones, when combined, will win the most sales and customers? Here are the top five sales techniques you should use.


advertising objective

How to Outsmart the Competition

What is the objective of your advertising? Getting someone to call you? Building name recognition? Promoting a particular product - or your entire business? Here's why defining your advertising goals is important to its success.


customer recovery3 Ways to Win Back Unhappy Customers

How can you win back customers after they've been disappointed by your product or customer service? Here are 3 solutions that work to regain customer loyalty and confidence.


networking adviceWhen Networking, Skip the Acclaimed Six Degrees of Separation

You’ve heard that the best way to gain access to someone in a high position is to know somebody who knows somebody. But, if you’re relying on this to technique to network with the people you’d most like to meet, you’re holding yourself back. Try this strategy instead.


marketing mistakes5 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

Is your marketing not bringing in all the customers you think it should? Maybe one of these five common marketing mistakes is to blame.


customer loyalty8 Keys to Building Customer Loyalty

Customers don't have to keep buying from you, and they don't have to tell their friends how great your business is. But if you put in the effort to earn their loyalty, that's exactly what they'll do.


cyber security importanceWhat to Do When a Valuable Employee Quits

Your top employees are integral to your business's success. So what happens when one of them resigns? Here's a guide to making the transition as smooth as possible.


How to Keep Your Financial Data Safe on Your SmartphoneHow to Keep Your Financial Data Secure on Your Smartphone

Using your phone to make purchases? Whether you're placing an order with an online store or making an Apple Pay payment at a local merchant, you need to follow a few guidelines to make sure your data stays safe.


website virusDoes Your Website Have a Computer Virus?

How do you clean a virus off of your own website? Here are the steps to take to remove malware from your web server and to prevent it from getting reinfected.


cyber security importanceWhy Cyber Security Should Matter to Your Business

Cyber criminals wouldn't bother with trying to hack your little business, right? Wrong - and if you do become the victim of a cyber attack, so will your customers. Here's why you should be concerned about cyber security no matter how small your business is.


mobile payment systemsTop Mobile Payment Systems for Retailers

Whether you sell your goods away from the store where you don't have access to your merchant account system, or just want to offer your customers the ease of paying with their phone, mobile payment systems are the answer. Here's an overview of the top options available to you today.

accepting smartphone paymentsHow to Let Customers Pay with Their Smartphones

Accepting payments from your customers' smartphones is a smart move for your business. Here's what you need to know about the mobile phone payment options available today.


content marketing

How to Get More Customers and Sales with Content Marketing

Content marketing is the one weapon in your marketing arsenal that can help customers find your business to begin with, and establish the value of your product or service at the same time. Here's how you can put content marketing to work for your business.


speech messages

Are You Sending the Wrong Message Before and After Your Speech?

The message you deliver to your audience isn't just dependent upon what you say while you're on stage. What you say and do before and after your speech is equally important.


planning for difficulties

Plan for the End at the Beginning

Planning a new business? Nobody wants to think about business difficulties or failures, but planning for them in advance can help you avoid much expense and drama should the worst happen. This advice will help you plan for the end at the beginning of your new venture.


Caring More in Business

Caring More in Business

What makes entrepreneurial geniuses like Steve Jobs different from other people who start businesses? It's not what they know, says best-selling author Michael E. Gerber. Read why.


make money onlineHow to Make Money from Your Website or Blog

Looking for ways to make money online? Trying to figure out how to make your blog pay a few bills? Here are 14 things you can do to monetize the content on your blog or website.


sales presentation

7 Steps for Creating a Powerful Sales Presentation

Whether your customer buys from you or from the competition depends on how good your presentation is. Here are 7 steps you can take to make sure your sales presentation does what it needs to do to win the sale.


influence people

6 Keys to Influencing People

Whether you manage employees, sell to customers, or just need to get your kids to do their homework, being able to get people to change their minds is a valuable skill. Here's how you can influence people without resorting to manipulation.


self promotion 7 Ways to Promote Yourself Without Bragging

Do you find self-promotion embarrassing? Does it feel like you're bragging? Not all business people are comfortable telling others how fantastic their product or service is. Here are 7 methods you can use to market yourself and your business without bragging.


stand out from the competition How to Beat the Competition

Want more customers choose you instead of your competition? Here are three things you can do to make your business stand out from your competitors.


business expenses How to Avoid Overpaying for Everyday Business Expenses

Every penny counts to small businesses, so paying too much for the things your business needs just isn't an option. Here are eight ways you can save money on everyday business expenses.


vacation How to Take a Vacation When You Run a Small Business

For small business owners, taking a vacation - at least one where you don't spend the whole time tethered to your smart phone or computer - may seem nearly impossible. Here's what you need to do so you can relax and enjoy the time away from your business.


employee performance 4 Steps to Getting Superstar Performance From Your Players

Are your employees giving you 100%? If they aren't, you're losing money on them. Here are 4 steps for getting all of your employees to work to their fullest potential.


Cold Leads Turn Cold Leads Into Hot New Sales

What's the difference between businesses that grow and those that never get much beyond the startup stage? In a word, persistence. Here's how you can take inactive former prospects and turn them into buying customers.


Independent employees How to Help Employees Think for Themselves

You have to be a good problem-solver when you run a business. But it’s also important to help the people around you learn this skill so you don’t have to do the thinking for them. Help employees solve problems on their own and get the monkey off your back with this solution.


Starting a Business After 50 Starting a Business After 50

Think you're too old to start a business? Your midlife years could be the perfect time to start that business you've always dreamed of. Here are some points unique to your situation that you'll want to consider.


Surveys10 Ways to Use Surveys and Polls to Grow Your Business

Want to know what your customers really want and make your marketing more relevant to them? Here are ten ways that polls and surveys can help you reach customers more effectively.


Running in High Heels coverHow Women May Be the Difference Makers in Business Leadership

Businesses struggle finding and keeping good managers, leading to employee turnover and lost productivity. Hiring more women managers could be the answer to the problem. Find out why in this excerpt from the new book Running in High Heels.


best marketing techniquesHow to Discover the Best Marketing Methods for Your Business

Today's technology provides small businesses with dozens of marketing options that weren't available in the not-too-distant past. Staying on top of them all, let alone learning to use any of them effectively can be a full-time job. Here's how you can figure out which methods are best for your business.

SingletaskingSingletasking: 7 Secrets to Success and Sanity at Work and in Life

Multitasking makes you feel like you're getting lots done, but are you really? Here are seven tips to help you stop the multitasking madness and embrace singletasking to become more productive and less stressed out.


Twitter tipsTips for Optimizing Your Twitter Feed

Trying to build your Twitter following? Use these five tips to get more followers and become a Twitter influencer.


Small Business Money Mistakes5 Common Small Business Money Mistakes

Staying on top of your business's finances is just as important as finding new customers and serving existing ones. But, if you're like most small business owners, bookkeeping and managing money is probably not your strong suit. You can stay ahead of the game if you avoid making these five common small business money mistakes.

Content CurationContent Curation Rules

You need content to get found on the web. But how do you get content if you don't have the resources to create it? Content curation is touted as a way to solve the problem, but the concept is often poorly understood. Here's what curating content is all about.


Networking Success5 Ways to Make Networking a Success

Networking is an inexpensive and highly effective way to market. Use these five tips to make networking a success for your business.


How to Calculate Your Net WorthHow to Calculate Your Net Worth

How much are you worth? Not a clue? Knowing your own net worth helps you plan for your future - and your business's future. Here's how you calculate it.


Show Your Customers You CareWays to Let Your Customers Know You Care

Showing customers that you care doesn't have to be costly. Here are five ways you can thank your customers and earn their loyalty without breaking the bank.


Reduce business debtHow to Reduce Business Debt

Running a totally debt-free business is probably not possible, but reducing your debt is a wise move. Here are 13 things you can do to help lower the amount of debt your business carries.


How to Negotiate Contracts with Big CompaniesHow to Negotiate Contracts with Big Companies

For small businesses, negotiating a contract with a large corporation or government agency can be harder than making the sale. Don't let contract negotiations (or the other company's negotiator) intimidate you! Here are negotiation tips for coming out with a fair deal.


Content Marketing MistakesContent Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing is important whether you sell products online, advertise your brick and mortar store on the Internet, or make money from advertisers who pay to be on your website. Don't sabotage profits by making these content marketing mistakes.


Twitter profile tipsTop 10 Tips for Creating a Perfect Twitter Profile

What should you put in your Twitter profile to make the best impression and get more followers? These 10 tips can help you make the most of those 160 characters.


Better email results8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

Email marketing is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to reach customers. Get the most from it by using these eight tips.


Price ObjectionsHow to Handle Price Objections

Price objections can take you off guard, especially when you thought the sale was closed. Find out the real reason customers sometimes think your prices are too high.


How to motivate employees The Shifting Sands of Employee Motivation

The hope of a bonus check is no longer enough to keep employees motivated. Here's the trick to getting engaged employees to do their best and unengaged employees to start caring.


business name recognition 8 Ways to Get Your Business Name Known

Can customers find you when they are looking for what your business sells? These 8 publicity and promotional ideas for small and home businesses can help keep your name at the top of the list when customers go looking for you.


why employees quit Things That Make Employees Want to Quit

You spend a lot of money recruiting and training employees. Are you unknowingly making them want to quit with small, seemingly insignificant slights? Find out how to identify and stop these microinequities before they harm your business.


email permission Smart Marketing Starts with Permission

If you're sending promotions to people who aren't interested in your offers, you're wasting your efforts and making yourself look like a spammer. Here's how and why you should get permission from your subscribers.


Internet Marketing Mistakes 7 Internet Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Sales

Are you satisfied with the amount of traffic you're getting to your website? What about the number of sales or leads? If your website is not helping you bring in business on a regular basis, you could be making one or more of these seven surprisingly common website mistakes.

Are You a THIRTEENER? Why Only 13% of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategies

Some 87 percent of businesses fail to execute their strategy each year. Here, author Dan Prosser explains why—and offers eight startling insights into human interaction, the hidden forces that drive leaders, and the astonishing power of the conversations we enable and nurture.

Apple Pay Merchant’s Guide to Apple Pay

Apple Pay is becoming more and more accepted, and soon customers will expect your business to be able to process Apple Pay transactions, too. Learn how the technology works and find out what kind of equipment you'll need.


Things you should delegate EMV Chip Credit Card Processing Guide

Accepting credit cards in your local small business? Read these important facts about the new EMV Chip cards and why you need to accept them even though it means buying new equipment.


Things you should delegate Stick to What You Do Best, then Delegate

When you started your business, you had to do everything. But as your business grows, you need to give up the tasks better performed by employees or outside professionals. Here are three areas of your business you should consider delegating.


Create Your Own Good Luck 5 Ways Business Owners Can Create Their Own Good Luck

Lucky business owners usually don't sit around waiting for luck to happen to them. They put themselves in a position to be lucky. Here are five ways successful businesses get lucky.


How to Generate Content Ideas How to Generate Content Ideas

To keep your website fresh and visitors coming back, you need a constant stream of new content. But coming up with more things to write about isn't easy. Here are 10 tips that can help you generate new content ideas on an ongoing basis.


Content Marketing Myths 16 Content Marketing Myths

Using content marketing to attract visitors to your website? Be sure you don't buy into these 16 myths.


Small Business Grants The Truth About Small Business Grants

Contrary to what you may have read on the internet or seen on TV, free grant money isn't sitting out there waiting to be claimed by small businesses in need. Get the real story about business grants here.


Coupon Pros and Cons Should Your Business Offer Coupons?

Coupons are often used to attract new customers and entice old customers to come back. At first glance, offering coupons might seem like a great idea. Before you begin discounting, consider these pros and cons.


Work-at-Home Myths 12 Work-at-Home Myths Debunked

If you work from home, or are thinking about it, you've probably come across one or more of these myths. Get the real story about working from home here.


email marketing 7 Must-Ask Questions in Any Negotiation

No matter what you're negotiating for, the techniques you use are the same. If you want to come out on the winning end, be sure you ask these seven questions during negotiations.


email marketing Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Confused about how to best use email to reach your customers? Get the most out of email marketing for your business with this back-to-basics guide.


Hiring Tips 5 No-Fail Hiring Tips for Small Businesses

Hiring employees can be tricky, and hiring the wrong employee is expensive. Use these five tips to minimize hiring mistakes and get the best employee you can afford.


Business Traps 6 Start-up Business Traps to Avoid

All the time and money in the world won't make your new business succeed if you fall into one of these six small business startup traps. Find out what they are and how you can avoid them.


signs you should move out of your home office When Should You Move Out of Your Home Office?

Have you outgrown your home office? Here are five signs that you might need to move your business out of your house and into its own space.


business credit cards How to Choose the Best Credit Card for Your Business

Need a credit card for your small business? Not all business credit cards are created equally so consider these 8 points when choosing one for your business.


should you quit your job Should You Quit Your Job Before Starting a Business?

When you've decided to start your own business, it's tempting to quit your job so you can give your new business all of your attention. But at first, you might need the income of your job to make ends meet. Here are five things to consider before turning in your resignation.


LinkedIn Mistakes 15 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn is different from other social networks, and you can't use the same techniques there that you do elsewhere. Here are 15 things you want to avoid doing on LinkedIn.


Shark Tank 6 Lessons "Shark Tank" Can Teach You about Business

Shark Tank isn't just good entertainment - there are business lessons you can learn from it too. Even if you aren't seeking investors, these six lessons are worth studying.


Fundamentals of Effective Mentoring

Fundamentals of Effective Mentoring

Helping employees under you reach their potential is an important part of your job as a manager. The best way to do that is by mentoring them. In this excerpt from 9 Powerful Practices of Really Great Mentors, learn about the basics of mentoring.


Craft Businesses 5 Craft Businesses to Consider

Are you a creative person? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Selling handmade crafts is a great way to earn a living. Here are five craft businesses that have good potential for success.


Breezeworks Run Your Service Business on Your Smart Phone

If you've got a business where you perform services at a client's site, you know how hard it is to keep track of customers, schedule appointments, be on time, do the billing, get paid and maintain good relationships with your customers. A new app, Breezeworks, helps you and your team organize all of that and more right from your smart phone.

free web apps Free Resources for Increasing Your Productivity

Meeting deadlines, billing clients, keeping up with your to do list - all of these things take time and a certain amount of organization to be done properly. These free web apps help you keep up with the demands of your business so you are more productive and profitable.


Employee Excuses What’s the real story behind employee excuses?

Employees are quick with an excuse when they've missed a deadline, and they might even believe it's a good excuse. Many times, though, the delay could have been avoided. Here's what you can do about three of the most common excuses you'll hear.


SMB Logistics Logistics for Small Business

Whether your SMB manufactures guitars, heavy equipment, or foodstuff, the logistics of moving your products safely and on time through your distribution network can be a costly nightmare. Here are tips for better managing the process.


Digital Forensics Business Start a Digital Forensics Business

High profile computer break-ins and data breaches have brought to light the need for digital forensics experts - professionals who can track down weaknesses in a computer system's security before criminals discover them. Here are tips for starting a digital forensics business.

Translation BusinessHow to Start a Translation Business

If you are fluent in a foreign language, you can earn a living as a translator. Although some translation services are now handled by technology, human translators are still needed for good quality, accurate translation. Find out how to start a translation business here.


Daycare Business Home-Based Daycare Service Start-Up Tips

Starting an in-home daycare business doesn't require a lot of start up cash or other resources, but to be successful you need to do some research and planning. Find out how to start a home based child care service here.


Smart Watch5 Ways a Smart Watch Can Help Your Business

As indespensible as your cell phone is to your business, just think how much more convenient it would be to have that technology right on your wrist, all the time. Smart watches will make keeping up and staying in touch easier than ever before.


Bookkeeping BusinessHow to Start a Bookkeeping Business

Thinking about starting a bookkeeping business? Bookkeepers are always in demand, and if you are good at organizing financial information, it might be the right business idea for you. Follow these steps to start your own bookkeeping service.


Work clothesWhat Your Business Attire Says About You

What you wear says more about you than you might realize. Are the outfits you wear to work sending unwanted messages?


sales projectionsHow to Make Accurate Sales Projections in a New Business

Being able to accurately predict what your sales will be is important for determining when your business will be profitable and if it will need startup funding. But projecting sales without any historical data to go on is difficult. Here's what you need to do to figure it out.


Facebook MarketingTips for Overcoming Facebook's Marketing Obstacles

Facebook is making it even harder for you to reach your page's fans without paying to advertise. Before you open up your wallet, make sure you're doing all you can to get your Facebook page's content seen.


Identify your target marketHow to Identify Your Target Market

Knowing your target market is the best way to be sure your advertising dollars are spent wisely and that the products and services you sell are actually what your customers want or need. Here are six things to help you identify your target market.


public relations planHow to Develop a PR Plan

Do you have a public relations plan in place for your business? If not, you're missing a huge opportunity to win name recognition and customers. Here's what your PR plan should look like.


Where to Get Free Help for Your Business

Starting a business requires many skills and talents you may not have realized you'd need. Thankfully, there is lots of free help available for your business - everything from business courses, mentoring, and free training. Here's where you can find that help.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Business

Planning to start a business? You're probably wondering just how much money you're going to need to get it off the ground. The simple answer is - well, it's not simple. You can, however, get an estimate of what you'll need. Here's how.

12 Ways to Get Leads

Small business owners who feel stuck when it comes to lead generation can use these 12 ideas to find new ways to get more clients.

10 Legitimate Home Based Business Ideas

Want to work from home but aren't sure what you should do? This list of 10 home business ideas is a great place to start.

How to Make a Video Ad that Converts

If you aren't using videos to advertise your business, you're missing out. Besides looking at pictures of cats, most people spend a significant portion of their internet time watching videos. Learn how videos can be an effective way to market your business.

Alignable-Social Networking Made Practical for Local Businesses

Small local businesses can bring in more business and improve sales by communicating and working with each other. Here's how the Alignable social network makes it easier and less time consuming for local businesses both to work together and to manage their social media outreach.

6 Ways to Haggle with Customers so Everybody Wins

Although it might come as a surprise when customers want to haggle, don't be offended. Instead, use these tips to negotiate the best deal for both of you.

13 Ways to Find Customers

What's the hardest thing about starting a business? For many new business owners, it's finding clients or getting customers. This is particularly true if your marketing budget is limited. If you're having trouble finding clients, consider using some these time-tested strategies.

How to Spot a Liar

How can you tell when a job applicant or employee is lying? Workplace body language expert and author of “The Truth About Lies in the Workplace,” Carol Kinsey Goman offers these tips for spotting liars at work.

4 Tips for Better Email Subject Lines

A good email subject line is the key to getting your prospect's attention. The more subscribers that open your emails, the more exposure you'll get for your products, services, or website. Here are four things that you should keep in mind when creating email subject lines.

How to Turn a Hot Prospect Into a Lost Sale

Are you missing your sales goals? Find out if you or your employees are making any of these sales-killing mistakes.

Why Hiring a Military Veteran Could Be Your Best Business Decision

Many military veterans are looking for civilian jobs, yet employers are hesitant to hire them for a number of reasons. Here's why military veterans are having trouble getting hired, while at the same time can make some of the best employees for your business.

10 Businesses You Can Start for $500 or Less

Do you want to start a business but don't have much money to spend? It can be done. Starting a service business is often the answer. Here are ten business ideas that can be launched for $500 or less in startup funds.

6 Common Resume Lies (and How to Spot Them)

How truthful is the resume you're reviewing? How can you tell when a job candidate is doing more than a little exaggerating about his or her past experience? Here are six tell tale signs to watch for when an applicant has lied on his resume.

9 Ways to Steal Your Competitor's Customers

Want a bigger piece of the pie? One sure way to grow your business and increase your market share is by coaxing away your competition's customers.

Learn How New Customers Find Your Business

How are new customers actually finding your business? Which of your marketing methods is working best? Here's how you can track down that information.

13 Ways to Find Customers for a New Business

What's the hardest thing about starting a business? For many new business owners, the answer is finding clients or getting customers. This is particularly if your marketing budget is limited. If you're having trouble finding clients, consider using some these time-tested strategies.

300+ Ideas for Starting a Business 

Do you want to start your own business but don't know what kind of business to start? Here's a mega list of over 300 business ideas plus suggestions for what it takes to succeed.

7 Steps for Thinking on Your Feet

To get ahead, you need to be able to speak confidently when you're put on the spot. Here are seven steps to follow so you keep your composure and respond well when you're under pressure.

12 Ideas for Starting a Business

Are you thinking about starting your own business but don't want to be the victim of a get-rich scam? Discover real opportunities right under your nose with these 12 ways to find the right business idea.

How to Choose a Credit Card Processing Company

There are dozens of credit card processing companies that offer merchant accounts to small business owners. How do you know which one to choose?  Here's what you need to know to evaluate and choose the best credit card processing company for your business.


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