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using promotional products How to Use Promotional Products in Your Business
Giving out promotional products is a great way to keep your name in front of past and potential customers. Use this advice to choose the best way to use promotional items for marketing your business.


bad reviews 6 Tips for Dealing with Negative Reviews on Social Media
No one likes to find negative reviews about their business on Facebook or customer review websites, but unless you're perfect, it will probably happen. Use these tips to handle negative comments and reviews the best way possible.


how customers find you How to Stop Interruptions and Be More Productive
Interruptions cost you and your employees valuable time and productivity. Get back all that lost time and end interruptions for good with these tips.


lay off Should You Lay Off Workers During Slow Periods?
Laying off employees during slow periods, whether it's due to seasonal fluctuations or an economic downturn, is an easy way for businesses to cut expenses. But are you costing yourself more in morale, productivity, and loyalty by laying off workers?


feng shui for business Feng Shui for Business Success
Feng shui is about the placement of objects to balance the flow of energy so that you can be your most productive and prosperous. Here's what you need to know about using feng shui in your business.


business name Choosing a Business Name? Avoid These 6 Mistakes
Choosing a good name for your business isn't easy. You want it to reflect your business' personality and be catchy without being silly. Before you make your final decision, be sure you avoid these business naming mistakes.


how customers find you Learn How New Customers Find Your Business
How are new customers actually finding your business? Which of your marketing methods is working best? Here's how you can track down that information.


IRS audit Common Causes of Prevalent Tax Mistakes
Nearly half of us believe we pay too much taxes. Are you paying in more to the IRS than you have to? These five common tax mistakes could be causing you to overpay.


business cleanup Spring Cleaning for Your Business
Whether it's piles of old files that need to be thrown out or relationships that are no longer serving you, sometimes it's good to take stock on what's working and not working in your business. Here are three areas of your business you'll want to declutter.


hire intern Should You Hire an Intern This Summer?
Internships can be a win-win for both employer and student, but they may not be a good fit for every employer. There are a number of considerations to be made to help determine if hiring an intern would suit your place of business.


IRS audit 5 Red Flags to Avoid Triggering an IRS Audit
Do you live in fear of an IRS audit? The IRS counts on you being afraid to keep you honest, but there are things you can do to lessen the chances of getting audited.


sales team Essential Sales Team Management Strategies
Your total sales may be on target, but are all the members of your sales team meeting their goals? Here’s why it’s important and what you need to do if some sales people are under performing.

Cash Flow Tips 21 Cash Flow Tips for Seasonal Businesses
One issue that many business owners fall victim to at some point is cash flow problems. Because of the type of business they operate seasonal business owners need to be even more vigilant when it comes to managing cash. Get a handle on the financial outlook for your company with these 21 tips.

job interview questions Questions You Should and Shouldn't Ask Job Candidates
What questions should you ask job applicants during an interview? What questions shouldn't you ask? Use this guide to help you ask the right questions and select the best candidate for the job. 

funding How to Know When It’s Time for Funding
There are two major types of business funding. Know what they are and when you should seek them out to help your small business grow.


facebook Do I Need to Pay Facebook to Get More Traffic?
Gone are the days of all your fans seeing everything you post on your Facebook page. Now, Facebook expects you to pay if you want more than a few people to see what you post. Here's how to determine whether it's worth paying for that visibility.


work-life balance How to Find Work-Life Balance
When you run your own business, your work can quickly take over your life. Here are tips for keeping your work and life balanced, so you can have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


employee motivation Low Cost Employee Motivation Tips
Retaining employees and motivating them to perform their best is a constant challenge for small businesses. These simple, low-cost motivation techniques can reduce turnover and energize your staff.


surveys How to Use Surveys and Polls to Grow Your Business
Want to know what your customers really want and make your marketing more relevant to them? Here are ten ways that polls and surveys can help you reach customers more effectively.


finding customers 13 Ways to Find Customers for a New Business
What's the hardest thing about starting a business? For many new business owners, the answer is finding clients or getting customers. This is particularly if your marketing budget is limited. If you're having trouble finding clients, consider using some these time-tested strategies.

organize tax information 7 Tax Tips for Small Businesses
Keeping your tax records organized and being aware of the tax laws that apply to you can save you time and money. Here are 7 tips to help you focus now and get tax records organized for the future.


improve life 5 Keys to Creating Your Best Tomorrow, Today
Are you unhappy with your life the way it is? Do you want a better future but aren't sure how to make it happen? These five tips will help you begin creating that future right now.


tax deductions 7 Important Tax Deductions
Tax Day is almost here. Do you know what deductions you can take? Here are 7 important types of tax deductions for home businesses and sole proprietors.


elevator speech How to Create an Elevator Pitch
A good elevator pitch is easy to understand and gets straight to the point without a lot of fluff. Here's how you can create a clear and concise elevator pitch that will let customers know what you do and why they need your product or service.


social media Social Media Best Practices
In social media marketing, how you use punctuation, when you post, how long your message is, and who your audience is all have an impact on its effectivness. Here are guidelines to punctuating your social media marketing, as well as four best practices to help you make the biggest impact.

SaaS 10 Cloud-Based Tools for Small Business
Cloud based software has made running a business easier and more affordable. Here are ten cloud tools that you might find useful in your small business.


get your life back 3 Ways to Keep Your Job from Ruining Your Life
Has your job taken over your life? Do you feel like you never actually clock out? Here are three suggestions for getting your life back.


annoying networker How to Not Be the Annoying Networker
Spreading the word about your business necessitates a bit of self-promotion, a smidge of bragging, and a lot of rubbing elbows with different people. Here's how to work your network without alienating everyone around you.


marketing with instagram Using Instagram for Business Marketing
Instagram is a popular photo sharing service you might have seen your teenager using. Companies are using Instagram successfully, too. Here's how you can use Instagram to market your business and engage your customers.


pinterest small business How to Use Pinterest for Your Small Business
Pinterest is still a little confusing for some business people. Here are six tips that will help you use Pinterest to promote your business and connect with customers.


internal theft Are Employees Stealing from You?
Employee theft is not uncommon in today's workplaces, and it's often the employee you least suspect that is the culprit. Here are tips on spotting and eliminating employee theft in your small business.


awkward employee issues How to Handle Awkward Employee Issues
Employees can present you with some awkward situations, but as the boss, you have to be prepared to deal with them. Here's how to handle three of the most common difficult conversations you'll face.


Lies Job Seekers Tell Top 5 Lies Job Applicants Tell
You want to be sure you hire the best candidate for the job when you have an opening. But how can you tell if the applicants are being honest with you? Here are the top five most common lies job seekers may tell in an interview or on their resume.


Home office deduction Understanding the Home Office Deduction
Do you qualify for the home office deduction? Should you take it even if you do? Is it worth the effort? Here's what you need to know about recent changes to the home office deduction rules.


body language Is Your Body Language Hurting Your Business?
Body language is an important part of how you communicate. These 11 body language pointers can help you communicate with customers more effectively.


why employees quit Little Things That Make Employees Want to Quit
You spend a lot of money recruiting and training employees. Are you unknowingly making them want to quit with small, seemingly insignificant slights? Find out how to identify and stop these "microinequities" before they harm your business.

Business owner checkup Give Yourself a Business Owner Check-Up
Have you lost sight of your original business goals? Are you so busy running your business that you don't have time to keep it moving in the direction you planned? Here are some questions you should ask yourself to make sure you stay on track to achieving your goals.

follow up Customer Aftercare: 8 Tips to Spend Less and Sell More
Everyone knows it costs much more to find a new customer than to keep an existing one. With a customer aftercare plan in place, you can keep those customers coming back again and again.


business lawyer How to Build a Relationship with a Business Lawyer (Before You Need One)
Choosing a lawyer for your business isn't as simple as opening up the yellow pages and picking the one with the best looking ad. And asking for free legal advice when you're in a pinch isn't likely to gain you any popularity points with attorney friends. Here's how to go about finding the best lawyer for your business situation.

password How to Pick the Perfect Password
Creating a good password that's hard to hack but easy to remember is no simple task, yet it's vitally important for protecting your personal and financial information. Here are a few ideas for creating secure passwords.


Email marketing mistakes Don’t Make These Common Email Marketing Mistakes
Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. Be sure you aren't making one of these common mistakes.


Business love lessons How to Steal Your Customer's Heart Away!
Love, just like business, is all about building relationships, working on communication skills and fanning the flame when it starts to die, and remembering the little things that maybe no one else does. Follow these three business love lessons and you'll steal your customers' hearts away.

business finances How to Organize Your Business Finances
Wish your business finances were more organized? There's no better time to get a handle on them than right now. Use this guide to get control.


Get back lost customers 6 Ways to Get Lost Customers to Start Buying Again
You work hard to attract customers, but sometimes they just quit coming back. Lost and inactive clients still have potential, even when you haven't heard from them in months or years. Here are six things you can do to get those lost customers buying again.


Startup Success Six Principles to Improve Your Odds of Startup Success
Thinking of starting a business? Your passion can work as a driving force or it can work against you. Here's how you can channel your enthusiasm towards making your new business a success.


Delivering Bad News Four Tips for Delivering Bad News
Delivering bad news isn’t pleasant, but at times it’s necessary. Here is a simple formula to help you conduct life’s difficult conversations.


get found How to Get Your Business Name Known
Can customers find you when they are looking for what your business sells? These publicity and promotional ideas for small and home businesses can help keep your name at the top of the list when customers go looking for you.


government contracting Government Contracting: A Beginner's Guide
Government contracting seem too complicated for your small business to try? It's a huge potential source of income, so don't be too quick to disqualify yourself. Here's what you need to know to get started in government contracting.


negotiations12 Tips for Successful Negotiations
Do sales negotiations make you nervous? Put yourself at ease and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome with this negotiation checklist.


sick employee at workThe Hidden Costs of Presenteeism: Causes and Solutions
Absent employees cost you money for sure, but what about sick employees that come to work anyway? Find out how presenteeism could be costing you money and get tips for handling it.


postage stamp14 Ways to Lower Postage and Shipping Costs
Postage and shipping costs are a significant expense for many small businesses - especially after the latest postal rate increase. Here are good ways to cut your mailing and shipping costs.


meet sales goals 10 Strategies to Reach Your Sales Goals This Year
2014 is in full swing, and by now you should know what your sales goals are. Make this your best year ever by using these 10 sales strategies to reach your goals.


choose the right bank How to Choose the Right Bank for Your Small Business
The bank you choose for your business has a big impact on your daily operations. Use these tips to be sure you make the right choice.


small business budgetHow to Create a Budget for Your Small Business
How do you go about creating a budget for your small business? What needs to go into it and how do you figure out what your expenses will be? Find out here.


marketing trends 3 Marketing Trends That Will Matter In 2014
How should you market your business in the coming year? What's the best way to reach new customers? Here are the top three marketing trends to watch (and use) in the new year.


facebook visibility How to Get Your Content Seen on Facebook
Wondering why more people don't see your business's Facebook posts? Facebook only displays what you post to a small percentage of your page's fans. Here's how you can increase the number of people that see your content in their news feeds.


facebook mistakes Facebook Mistakes Business Owners Make
Promoting your business with Facebook isn't as easy as creating a page and posting your sales. If you want to use Facebook to the fullest, be sure you aren't making one of these five common mistakes.


unique selling proposition How to Identify and Develop Your Business’ USP
Remaining one step ahead of your competitors is essential to the success of any business, regardless of size or niche, due to the fierce competition evident in today’s crowded marketplaces. Defining your USP or Unique Selling Proposition is a major part of this process.

how to get word of mouth 20 Ways to Get Word of Mouth Marketing
Word of mouth marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to bring in business. Getting a recommendation about your business from a friend or acquaintance can be the confidence booster potential customers need. Here are 20 ways to generate great word of mouth for your small business.

big box competition How Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Box Stores
It may seem like small businesses trying to compete with big box stores are fighting an uphill battle, but in reality there are many things that can make smaller businesses more appealing to customers than their big corporate competition.


handling setbacks The One Leadership Secret You Can’t Ignore
Setbacks and disappointments are inevitable in business. It's how you respond to them that makes a difference in how much they impact you. Here are five things you can do to see immediate improvement in how you deal with setbacks.


make your small business look larger How to Make Your Small Business Look Larger
Don't let your small business look small and unprofessional to your customers and prospects. Use these 6 tips to enhance your image and make a big impression.


marketing challenges Biggest Small Business Marketing Challenges
What are the biggest marketing challenges small businesses face? Finding customers is always a tough task, but what about other things like fighting the competition and just having enough money in the budget for marketing?


manipulation 6 Keys to Influencing People without Manipulating Them
Whether you manage employees, sell to customers, or just need to get your kids to do their homework, being able to get people to change their minds is a valuable skill. Here's how you can influence people without manipulating them.


smartphone obsession How to Overcome Smartphone Obsession
Smartphones are incredible productivity tools when they aren't being overused, but the soft ding of alerts from social media, emails and game updates can keep you from concentrating on the real world going on around you. Here are five things you can do to overcome smartphone obsession.

Batchbook How to Start a Technology Business and Family at the Same Time
Starting a technology company is a demanding task for any entrepreneur. But launching that business when you have two young children and a third on the way is a particularly challenging undertaking. Here's how one enterprising woman did it.


from field Make Your Emails Stand Out
You know the subject line on the emails you send out is important, but equally important is the “from” or “sender” line. The from line is the very first field most email software displays, and the first thing your readers are likely to see. Here are three tips to help you stand out in your subscribers' inboxes.

twitter influencers 3½ Ways to Kiss-up Influencers on Twitter
Getting the attention of influencers on Twitter can help your own Twitter profile gain recognition and followers. Here are 3 (and a half) tips for getting noticed by Twitter's influencers.


4 Ways to Grab Your Audience’s Attention Using Video
No matter what you're marketing, videos can help you get your message across better. Here are four tips for making videos that your customers will love.

8 Ideas for the Perfect Facebook Cover Photo
Wondering what kind of picture should you use for your Facebook cover photo? Here are eight ideas that will help your business stand out on Facebook.

How to Write a Reference for a Former Employee
Writing a reference letter for a former employee and don't know what you should say? Here's how to make sure your letter of recommendation doesn't get you sued.

Are You Spending Too Much Time on Social Media?
Managing your social media pages can quickly take up a significant portion of your day. Think you've got it under control? Here's how to know if you're spending too much time on social media.

The Complete Truth about Business Credit Cards
Business credit cards make it much easier to keep up with purchases, and the credit line can be a welcome option when you need to make a large purchase. Here's what you need to know about business credit cards.

Your Customers Are Smarter Than You!
Sometimes the truth is hard to hear. The way B2B companies approach innovation is deeply flawed (dare we say “downright dumb”?). Find out what so many are doing wrong-and get insights on how to engage your customer in a way that gets buy-in on those bright ideas right from the start.

How to Retain Unhappy Restaurant Customers
How you handle unhappy customers in your restaurant will determine whether they leave satisfied or angry enough to tell all their friends and family. Use these tips to turn dissatisfied customers into happy ones.

6 Tips to Write Mobile-Friendly Subject Lines
Writing a subject line for your email campaign is hard enough, but what if much of your audience reads your emails on a mobile device? Use these tips to create mobile-friendly subject lines that will get your subscribers to open your emails.

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing Content and Public Speaking
Is your word choice distracting people from the message you're trying to deliver? Here are three words that business people love to use but often misuse.

How to Spot a Liar
How can you tell when a job applicant or employee is lying? Workplace body language expert and author of “The Truth About Lies in the Workplace,” Carol Kinsey Goman offers these tips for spotting liars at work.

Identify and Prevent Content Theft
Content theft is a very real threat for online businesses and one that can be tricky to identify and prevent. Despite the sophistication of our search engines and their countless algorithms to find and punish content thieves, in an expanding world with billions of websites, it’s becoming even easier to lift copy, images and other content.

How to Craft a Guest Posting Strategy that Still Works
Writing guest posts for other websites can still be an effective way to get traffic back to your own site, but the strategy you need to use has changed. Learn today's rules of guest posting here.

Set Goals That You Can Achieve
Did you achieve all the goals you set for yourself last New Year? Wondering what you can do to increase the odds that you meet this year's? Follow these steps and you'll be more likely to achieve your goals.

How to Get Your Business Found Online
How do customers find your business when they're looking for the kind of product or service you sell? More often than not, they look to online search engines. Here's how you can be sure your business shows up in their search results.

15 Customer Service Tips to Create Loyal Customers
The experience your customer has with your business far outweighs the sales ability of your staff. Here are 15 customer service tips that will get customers to want to buy from you.

Spot Bad Job Applicants Before Hiring Them
Poor interpersonal skills and lack of motivation are among the top reasons why new hires fail. Asking the right questions during the interview can help you find out whether your applicants possess interpersonal skills and attitude that the job requires.

How to Increase Your Business Income
Your business is profitable -- you get your bills paid on time and have enough cash to buy the supplies you need. But at the end of the month, you've barely got enough left to pay yourself. Here are several things you can do to increase your income.

What is Social SEO and Why Should You Care?
You are probably already doing SEO for your web site, but what about social SEO? And for that matter, just what is social SEO? Get the answers to those questions plus some easy to use social SEO tips here.

Customers Are Lost Most Often Due to Neglect
Good customer service doesn't end when the product is delivered. If you don't want to risk losing your customers to the competition, you have to be proactive about regularly following up and addressing their needs.

What is Due Diligence and How do You Perform it?
What does due diligence mean? It's a term that most people use in relation to buying a business. But that's not the only time it's important. Here's what you need to know about doing due diligence.

Why Being Selfless is Good for Business
You don't have to be greedy and selfish to run a successful business. In this article from August Turak, author of Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks, find out why selflessness can actually help your business succeed.

Combine Social Media and Email to Maximize Results
Want to give your online marketing a boost? Try combining your social media marketing with your email marketing. Here's how to do it.

Control Smart Phone Use to Increase Productivity
Checking your smart phone and constantly texting kills productivity. Here’s why and how to be smarter about the way you use phones and other digital devices.

Impostor Syndrome: When Successful People Feel Like Frauds
Do you feel like a fake even though you're a successful business person? Afraid others will learn your secret? If you answered yes, you are suffering from impostor syndrome. Here are ten tips for overcoming it.

What You Can Learn from Your Email List Unsubscribes
When someone unsubscribes from your email list, it's hard not to take it personally. Opt-outs are inevitable, though, and the more you learn from them the fewer subscribers you're likely to lose in the future.

Marketing Tactics Every Small Business Needs
When marketing your business, you need to do more than just attract customers. To be effective, you also need to focus on conversion and retention.

How to Use Click-Through Rates to Create More Successful Emails
Trying to figure out what works and what doesn't in your email marketing campaigns isn't always easy. Learn about how you can analyze your email's click-through rate to determine how well your message is getting through.

300+ Ideas for Starting a Business 
Do you want to start your own business but don't know what kind of business to start? Here's a mega list of over 300 business ideas plus suggestions for what it takes to succeed.

10 Tips to Stop Procrastinating
Procrastination robs you of your productivity and hurts your credibility. Stop putting off the inevitable and get it out of the way with these 10 tips for pushing past procrastination.

7 Steps for Thinking on Your Feet
To get ahead, you need to be able to speak confidently when you're put on the spot. Here are seven steps to follow so you keep your composure and respond well when you're under pressure.

12 Ideas for Starting a Business
Are you thinking about starting your own business but don't want to be the victim of a get-rich scam? Discover real opportunities right under your nose with these 12 ways to find the right business idea.

How to Choose a Credit Card Processing Company
There are dozens of credit card processing companies that offer merchant accounts to small business owners. How do you know which one to choose?  Here's what you need to know to evaluate and choose the best credit card processing company for your business.

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