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brandingBranding Strategies for Your New Business

Creating your business' brand is one of the most important steps in starting a business. It's how customers will remember you and how you'll stand out from the competition. Put these strategies to work when crafting your brand.


overtime exemption rulesIs Your Business Ready for the New Overtime Rules?

The new overtime rule is about to go into effect. Many small businesses that never had to worry about nonexempt employees will now be faced with the issue. Is your business prepared? Here's what you need to know about the new overtime exemption rules.


consulting prospects4 Ways to Get Consulting Prospects to Buy

Sometimes consulting prospects just need an extra push to get them to sign on for your services. Here are four things you can try to quickly turn prospects into paying customers.


meetupsHow to Use Meetups to Grow Your Business

There is tons of advice telling entrepreneurs to use in-person networking to build their businesses. But, in many cases, for one reason or another, owners make a hash of it. This article shares a surprising and effective networking technique used by 7-figure entrepreneur and co-founder of, Sol Orwell.

marketing problemsThe 2 Biggest Problems with Your Marketing

Small business owners who struggle with marketing can improve their results by learning the top two reasons marketing efforts fail--and developing a plan to address both.


getting clients to commitConsulting 101: Pushing the Project Forward

What causes consulting clients to fail to commit - and more importantly, what can you do about it? Some clients will always be wishy washy, but take these five steps and they will be more likely to move forward with their project.


business attorney14 Questions to ask Before Signing a Business Lease

Choosing a business location and signing the lease is a big decision that has a huge impact on your business' success. Here are 14 questions you should ask to be sure you choose the best location and lease terms you can get.


how to build self-confidence6 Simple Ways to Build Your Confidence

Confidence is vital in business. Henry Ford said it best, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t - you’re right.” This article explains 6 simple tips to boost your confidence and help you achieve your goals.


freelance jobs to avoid7 Reasons to Turn Down Freelance Work

As a freelancer, you want work. But not all freelance gigs are good. Here are 7 situations when you should turn down freelance work to avoid unprofitable or time-wasting assignments.


unique selling locations6 Unique Places to Sell Your Products or Services

When you find new avenues to reach customers, you gain exposure to a whole new market you might have otherwise missed. Here are six places you can sell your products or services that you may not have thought of before.


integrityHow to Handle Unethical Client Requests

What should you do when your client or boss asks you to do something that's illegal or unethical? Here's what to do and why.


business attorney8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business Attorney

You may not need a business attorney often, but at some point you will and it will likely be over a very important issue. Here are eight questions you should ask when trying to choose the right attorney to help your business.


freelancing problemsTop 6 Problems Freelancers Face (and What to Do About Them)

Frustrated by clients who try to tell you how to do the job they hired you for? Or worse, are slow to pay when the job's done? Freelancing comes with new challenges you didn't face as an employee. Here are the top 6 and tips for handling them.


facebook retargetingHow to Retarget Customers on Facebook

Wondering how to get lost customers to come back to your website? Retargeting is the solution, and using it on Facebook is especially effective. Here's a step-by-step guide for how to set up a Facebook retargeting campaign.


reduce legal feesHow to Reduce Attorney Fees for Your Business

At some point in the life of your business you will probably need an attorney's expertise. Here are ways to manage your legal expenses and keep attorney's fees under control.


call to actionHow to Write a Call to Action

Why do you need a call to action and how do you write one that gets more of your customers to click, call or buy? Here's how to get customers to act now.


mailing list contentWhat to Send to Your Email List

You know you need to email to your subscribers regularly, but coming up with new things to send them can be difficult. So just what should you send to your email list that will keep your subscribers interested? Here are five ideas.


self-publishing pros and consAdvantages and Disadvantages of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing is a way for authors to get their work published without using a traditional book publisher. In some ways it is even better than traditional publishing, but it has downsides, too. Learn the pros and cons of self-publishing here.


how to sell yourselfHow to Sell Yourself

In very small businesses the owner and business are one and the same. So, when you're marketing your business, you're really marketing yourself - but that isn't easy for everyone. Here's advice for getting better at selling yourself and your business.


holiday marketing6 Holiday Sales and Marketing Tips You Need to Start Using Now

When the majority of your annual sales are earned in November and December, there's no such thing as planning too soon. Here are sales and marketing tips you'll want to start working on now to ensure a profitable holiday season for your business.


startup capitalRaising Startup Money from Friends and Family

Will you be looking to friends and family to help fund your startup? Be sure you do these four things if you accept their investment in your business.


improve selling skillsHow to Be a Better Salesperson

Owning a business doesn't make you a natural salesperson, yet selling is the most important thing you'll do in your business. Here are tips to improve your selling skills.


personal branding lessons6 Personal Branding Lessons You Can Learn from Trump and Clinton

Your personal brand - whether you realize you have one or not - has an effect on your success. Here are 6 personal branding lessons you can learn from the 2016 US presidential candidates.


watch the competitionHow to Keep Tabs on Your Competitors

Want to keep tabs on your competitors? Wish you could spy on them legally to find out what they're planning? You can. Learn what your competition is up to with these tips.


avoid discounting by adding valueAdd Value to Your Products Instead of Discounting

Price is often the primary consideration when customers make a purchase, but cutting prices isn't the best way to compete. Here's how you can add value to your products so you can avoid discounting.


dont work for freeConsulting 101: How to avoid working for free

As a consultant, what you sell is your knowledge, but clients don't always fully value your expertise. Follow these three tips to be sure you don't end up working for free.


ebay sales tips6 Ways to Boost Your eBay Sales

Do you sell on eBay? Whether you're just selling a few things you no longer need or are running a full-time eBay store, these tips can help you be more successful and sell more.


challenges to women businesses4 Challenges (Still) Faced by Women Entrepreneurs — And How to Overcome Them

While it's true that women have made great strides in business ownership equality, they still face challenges not as common among their male counterparts. Here are four of those challenges and the solutions for overcoming them.

repurpose content5 Ways to Repurpose Content and Extend Its Reach

Creating content to attract customers is expensive and time consuming - but it works. Here are five different ways you can repurpose and reuse content to get the biggest bang for your buck.


lose customer7 Signs You're About to Lose a Customer

Getting customers is expensive, so once you've won them, you want to be sure you keep them for the long haul. Keep an eye out for these seven tell-tale signs that a customer is about to leave so you can resolve their problem before it's too late.


reduce business expensesHaggle Your Way to Lower Business Expenses

Your business' recurring expenses add up to a significant chunk of your budget. You can permanently lower some of those costs by negotiating discounts and lower rates with the companies you buy from.


how to use hashtagsBoost Your Social Media Results with Hashtags

Hashtags can help more people find your content on social media. Learn when to use hashtags and how to know which ones are most likely to give your posts a boost.


event marketingHow to Promote Your Business at Community Events and Festivals

Festivals, business expos, health fairs, and other community events are all good opportunities to promote your business locally. These tips will help you make the most of your booth or table.


family businessKeeping the Peace in a Family Business

Don't let the inevitable conflicts between family members get in the way of your family-run business' success. Follow these tips to keep the peace and avoid problems caused by working with relatives.


decision makersHow to Reach Decision Makers and Purchasing Agents

Selling is difficult enough, but you can't even start selling until you're talking to the right person. So how do you connect to decision makers? How can you get in touch with people who have the authority to make purchases? These ideas can help.


consulting businessStarting a Consulting Business

Should you start a consulting business? Do you have a marketable expertise? Do you have the other skills necessary for running a successful business? Consider these questions before launching your consultancy.


customer testimonialsHow to Use Testimonials to Boost Business

Once you get good testimonials from satisfied customers, you need to put them to work. Here are the best places to use testimonials so potential customers will be assured that your business is one they can trust.


customer testimonialsHow to Get Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Testimonials from happy customers can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. Testimonials give prospects reassurance that your company is the one they should buy from. This article shows you how to get those testimonials so you can put them to work.


independent contracting pros and consAdvantages and Disadvantages of Being an Independent Contractor

Working for yourself as an independent contractor gives you the freedom you always wanted when you were an employee, and possibly even the chance to earn more money. However, being your own boss can have downsides, too. Here are the pros and cons of independent contracting.

office layoutShould the Boss Have a Separate Office from Employees?

As the boss, should you have your desk out in the open with your employees or should you have your own private office? Both have benefits and disadvantages. Get help deciding which office setup is right for your business here.


should you start a businessIs Starting a Business Right for You?

Do you dream of starting your own business? Before you take the plunge, be sure business ownership is right for you by analyzing these five key areas.


product descriptions that sellHow to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Online shoppers can't look at your product in person, so they depend on your product descriptions to help them decide if they want to make a purchase. This advice will help you write product descriptions that inform customers of your product's benefits and persuade them to buy.

Dangers of Rapid Business Growth and What to Do About Them

Once your business becomes profitable, your next goal is probably to see it grow. If that growth comes too fast, though, you could run into some unexpected problems. Here are the top five problems caused by rapid business growth and advice for how to handle them.

5 Steps for Launching a New Business or Product

Your business or product launch is the first impression people will remember. These five steps can help you make your launch a success.

Remarketing Site Visitors with Your Ads

Retargeting is a way to remind prospects about your products after they leave your site. Here's how and why it works for small businesses.

Overcoming Major Startup Obstacles

Starting a small business under normal circumstances is challenging, but starting a business when you're dealing with chronic illness and are of retirement age adds a whole new level to the challenges. Here's how one Long Island man is overcoming those obstacles while starting and running a retail store.

How to Perform Reference Checks on Job Applicants

You learn a lot about potential employees during job interviews, but performing a reference check can ensure that applicant is being honest and is a good fit for your business. Here's how you should go about checking references and a list of questions you should ask.

Boost Sales During Summer Slowdowns with These Tips

A disorganized office makes you less productive and can contribute to stress. Even if you don't consider yourself a "neat freak," getting organized can really pay off. These 10 tips can help you organize your home office.

How to Write an Employee Handbook for Your Small Business

How do you write an employee handbook? What do you need to put in it? Whether you're writing your first employee manual or you're updating one you've had for a while, this article explains the topics you should cover.

Insurance Needs for Independent Contractors

One of the most important things you'll deal with when striking out on your own as a freelancer is insurance coverage. Health insurance is the most obvious concern, but you'll need coverage for other areas, too. Here's an overview of those insurance types to get you started.

Retirement Planning for Freelancers and Independent Contractors

When you're self-employed, the full responsibility for retirement savings falls on your shoulders. If you're already part of the gig economy, or are planning to become a freelancer and independent contractor, this guide to retirement plans describes the options available to you.

Income Tax Basics for the Gig Economy

More businesses are hiring people on a temporary basis as independent contractors or freelancers. Don't set yourself up for financial trouble. Learn how freelance income affects your income taxes.



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