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business startup obstaclesOvercoming Major Startup Obstacles

Starting a small business under normal circumstances is challenging, but starting a business when you're dealing with chronic illness and are of retirement age adds a whole new level to the challenges. Here's how one Long Island man is overcoming those obstacles while starting and running a retail store.

checking referencesHow to Perform Reference Checks on Job Applicants

You learn a lot about potential employees during job interviews, but performing a reference check can ensure that applicant is being honest and is a good fit for your business. Here's how you should go about checking references and a list of questions you should ask.


employee handbookHow to Write an Employee Handbook for Your Small Business

How do you write an employee handbook? What do you need to put in it? Whether you're writing your first employee manual or you're updating one you've had for a while, this article explains the topics you should cover.


insurance for small businessesInsurance Needs for Independent Contractors

One of the most important things you'll deal with when striking out on your own as a freelancer is insurance coverage. Health insurance is the most obvious concern, but you'll need coverage for other areas, too. Here's an overview of those insurance types to get you started.

retirement planningRetirement Planning for Freelancers and Independent Contractors

When you're self-employed, the full responsibility for retirement savings falls on your shoulders. If you're already part of the gig economy, or are planning to become a freelancer and independent contractor, this guide to retirement plans describes the options available to you.


health insurance premiumsCan Small Businesses Charge Smokers More for Health Insurance?

Health insurance costs are a huge portion of many small business's budgets. One way they might seek to recoup some of those costs is by charging smokers more for their insurance. But is that actually legal? Find out here.


freelance income taxesIncome Tax Basics for the Gig Economy

More businesses are hiring people on a temporary basis as independent contractors or freelancers. Don't set yourself up for financial trouble. Learn how freelance income affects your income taxes.


wasted timeHow to Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Sales Prospects

Nothing is worse than wasting a ton of time and effort on a client who ends up not doing business with you. Here's how you can tell in advance which prospects aren't going to pan out before you've invested too much time with them.


social media mistakes7 Social Media Mistakes That Kill ROI - And How to Fix Them

To get the best possible results from your social media accounts, you need to make sure you aren't making one of these 7 mistakes. Find out what they are and how to fix them here.


online reviewsWhy Online Reviews Are Important for Your Business

Today's shoppers depend on online reviews the way your parents depended on a friend's recommendation. Here's what you can do to be sure your business gets the good reviews it deserves and tips for handling negative reviews.


increase sales with marketing5 Marketing Campaigns to Make Your Cash Register Ring

Looking for ways to increase sales? Here are five different types of marketing campaigns you can run that will bring in customers and generate new sales.


competitors for your businessYour 3 Sources of Competition (And How to Beat 'Em)

Your competition isn't just the business across town that sells similar items as your business. There are other types of competitors your business faces that aren't quite so obvious. Find out what they are, and how to beat all of them, here.


employee productivity16 Tips for Improving Employee Productivity

Employees are expensive, so when they aren't productive it costs your business money. These 16 tips can help you get them to be more productive and to work harder.


organize home officeWhat Should I Post on Social Media?

Writing posts for your social media accounts - posts that people actually like and share - can seem like a crap shoot. So what should you put on social media? Here are seven ideas.


organize home office10 Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

A disorganized office makes you less productive and can contribute to stress. Even if you don't consider yourself a "neat freak," getting organized can really pay off. These 10 tips can help you organize your home office.


summer sales slumpBoost Sales During Summer Slowdowns with These Tips

A disorganized office makes you less productive and can contribute to stress. Even if you don't consider yourself a "neat freak," getting organized can really pay off. These 10 tips can help you organize your home office.


blogging tips7 Tips for Blogging Success

Blogging helps you connect with existing customers and attract new ones, no matter what you're selling. Here are 7 tips to help you create an effective blog that your customers and prospects will love.


business networking6 Ways to Maximize Your Productivity

Working for yourself gives you a freedom you can't get when you're working for someone else. It also means that if you don't work (or spend too much time on non-work tasks), you don't get paid. Here are six ways you can be more productive so your income doesn't suffer.


business networkingHow to Build a Business by Networking, Online and In-Person

A lot of different things go into building a successful business, but one tactic that will serve you throughout the life of your business is networking. Here's how one entrepreneur has used networking to build his business from the very beginning.


multiple income streamsMultiple Streams of Income for Your Business

Having multiple streams of income from your small business can help boost your profits and cushion against losses during slow seasons. Here are several ways you may be able to add multiple streams of income to your business.


managing late and absent employeesHow to Handle Employees Who Are Chronically Late or Absent

It can be very frustrating when you have an employee who is frequently late or absent, but employee attendance problems aren't always due to irresponsibility. Here's help for dealing with the situation.


starting a business when you got laid offStarting a Business After You've Been Laid Off

Lost your job and considering starting a business instead of looking for a new job? This guide will help you get started.


good business writing tipsGood Writing is Good for Your Business

Bad writing makes your business look unprofessional and your employees look uneducated. It also tells customers you don't care enough to bother with good communication. Although the occasional typo is inevitable in this day of email and social media, writing well is important. Here are a few tips to help you improve your business writing.

camera drones sell real estateDrones Will Change the Way You Sell Real Estate

With camera drones becoming affordable, they are being used in more and more industries, and real estate is no exception. Here's how drones will soon improve the way real estate is sold.


customer contractHow to Write a Customer Contract - and When to Use It

Having a written contract or agreement between you and your customer can help your customers know what to expect when buying from you and, in the event of problems, protect you from unnecessary losses. Here's what you need to know to write the customer contract and advice on when you need to use it.

storytellingHow to Use Storytelling to Market Your Small Business

If you want to get your prospects’ attention, make an emotional connection and be remembered, harnessing the power of storytelling is your best bet. Learn how to use storytelling to grow your small business.


teamwork tipsThe 5 Biggest Teamwork Problems

Having employees that work together efficiently as a team helps your business run smoothly. But, teamwork doesn't always happen like it should. Here are five of the biggest teamwork problems and what you can do to fix them.


why you should not hire friends and family3 Reasons Why Hiring Friends and Family Is a Bad Idea

It's tempting to hire a friend or family member when you have an opening in your business. You'd be helping them out and would get to work with someone you already know well, so it's win-win, right? Well, not usually. Here are three not-so-great things that often happen when you employ friends or family.

Google Hangouts business usesHow to Use Google Hangouts for Your Business

Need a way to talk to members of your team, customers or potential customers via video? See what Google Hangouts can do for your business - for free!


test marketHow to Know if a Product or Service Will Sell Before Launching It

You're naturally excited about your new product or service idea -- but how do you know if anyone will actually buy it? You don't have to sink a lot of money into it to test it out. Here's how you can figure out before launch whether there's a market for your product or service.


stop procrastination8 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination robs you of time and money, but most people still struggle with it. Here are 8 things you can do to make it easier to stop procrastinating.


how to get new customers for your business10 Ways to Get New Customers

Getting new customers for your business is hard work, but it's necessary if you want to be successful. Here are 10 ways you can get the attention of new prospects and turn them into loyal customers.


invoicing appsTop 5 Invoicing Programs to Help You Get Paid Faster

To get paid on time you've got to stay on top of billing your customers. These invoicing programs and apps will help you manage your billing better so you get paid sooner.


challenge employeesThe Untapped Resource

Does the work you give to employees challenge them sufficiently? If not, you may be wasting their hidden talents and potential to solve problems for your business.


how to succeed at self-employment6 Keys to Self-Employment Success

Starting a new business is exciting and scary all at the same time. While you hope you will succeed, you worry things might not go as planned. Increase your chances of business startup success by following these six tips.


7 Inexpensive Ways to Retain Employees in Your Small Business

Keeping employees happy and satisfied with their jobs is important for small businesses, but you might not have the budget to pay the same salary big companies can pay. Here are seven things you can do to prevent them from jumping ship when another job offer comes along.

How to Use Twitter to Increase Brand Awareness

Twitter can be a very effective tool for increasing your business's brand awareness. Find out how to get the attention of followers and start seeing real results.

10 Proven Tactics to Boost Your Facebook Reach and Engagement

Getting people to see and share your Facebook posts - without shelling out ad money to Facebook - is no easy feat. Here's a 10-point guide to improving the reach and engagement of your Facebook posts (without paying).

8 Easy Ways to Show Customers You Care

You want your hard won customers to be happy and to come back again and again. Get repeat sales by letting them know you value them with these 8 simple tips.

How Do You Know Which Social Network Is Best for You?

You could have a presence on every social media site out there if you had unlimited time - but you don't. Here's how you can figure out which social media platforms are the best for your business.

10 Questions to Ask to Grow Your Business

Are you ready to grow your business? Even if you have clear-cut objectives, use your answers to these 10 questions to help you fine-tune your efforts and grow your business successfully.

10 Simple Hacks to Increase Employee Productivity

Are your employees not getting as much done as you think they should? Here are ten simple things you can do to help them want to work harder and be more productive.

4 Reasons Your Business Isn't Growing Faster

How's your business growing? Not as fast as you'd like? Here are four things that can cause your business to slow or stop its growth along with advice on correcting the problems.

Attract More Customers with Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing? How can it help a small business like yours? Simply put, inbound marketing is a tactic that focuses on making customers identify themselves to you. Here's how to use it in your business.

Top Small Business Management Mistakes to Avoid

Are you making management mistakes that could damage your business? Whether it's unhappy employees, lack of customers, or poor cash flow, there are many things that can threaten your business' success. Here are the top critical small business management errors you should watch out for.

Don't Let Fear of Failure Slow Your Business Growth

Is your fear of failure causing you to turn down opportunities that could help your business grow? Of course you want to be smart about your business, but for it to grow, sometimes you have to take risks. Get past your fear of failure so you don't hold your business back.

When to Know It’s Time to Start a Second Business

Should you start a second business? Is opportunity a good reason to risk starting another business? Here's how to figure out if the time is right.



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