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Holiday Marketing and Planning Tips for Small Businesses


holiday marketing6 Holiday Sales and Marketing Tips You Need to Start Using Now

When the majority of your annual sales are earned in November and December, there's no such thing as planning too soon. Here are sales and marketing tips you'll want to start working on now to ensure a profitable holiday season for your business.

marketing to last minute holiday shoppers5 Holiday Marketing Tips to Capture Last Minute Shoppers

Last minute holiday shoppers contribute to a significant portion of most retailers' holiday sales. And though you may be exhausted by December 22nd, you should keep plugging away at your holiday marketing so you get the attention of those late shoppers. Here are five marketing tips to help you with that.

Tips for a Low Cost Holiday Party Your Employees Will Love

You know throwing an office holiday party will be good for morale, but the expense isn't good for your bottom line. Try these ideas to keep costs low while keeping holiday spirits high.


holiday partyHave a Holiday Party that Won't Break the Bank

Hosting a holiday party for employees is traditional for most businesses at this time of year. But hosting one that shows your appreciation for a year of hard work without breaking the bank isn't easy. Here are a few hints that can help.

create loyal customers from holiday shoppersTurn Holiday Shoppers Into Year-Round Customers

Right now your store or website is probably flooded with customers ready to buy. In just a few short weeks, though, it'll all be over - but it doesn't have to be. These tips can help you cultivate those one-time holiday shoppers and turn them into loyal, year-round customers.

How Retailers Can Thrive after the Holiday Season is Over

Now that the holiday shopping season is over, what can you do to help your business thrive? Here are five areas you should evaluate and tips for keeping your business healthy during the slow season.

Holiday tipping guideHoliday Tipping Guide for Business Owners

How much should you tip your business's delivery driver? What about the postal carrier? The nanny? The building handyman? How about the guys that keep the lawn looking nice or the lady who comes in and cleans the office after hours? Here's a holiday tipping guide for business owners that will help you decide how much to give.

Keep Your Employees Focused this Holiday Season

Between shopping, decorating, and readying for visits with family, it's no surprise that many employees are less than focused on work during the holidays. So how can an employer keep distractions down and productivity up? Here are five tips that can help.

How to Sell More This Holiday Season

Want to make more sales to holiday shoppers? You can increase order size and also turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers by using these marketing tips in your business this holiday season.

How Small Business Owners Can Reduce Holiday Stress

Small business owners often find that family commitments, holiday shopping and the demands of their business combine to make the holiday season very stressful. You can relieve some of that stress by putting these tips to work.

video ads20 Ways to Creatively Market This Holiday Season

Want to stay ahead of the competition this holiday season? Make sure potential customers think of you first by applying these 20 creative holiday marketing strategies.  

Plan ahead to improve holiday retail salesPlan Ahead to Boost Small Business Holiday Sales

The holiday shopping season might seem like it's months away, but for small business retailers, it's just around the corner. Take the time now to get your shop, website and staff ready for holiday shoppers. 

Graph of holiday giftsHow to Maximize Holiday Sales and Profits

Are you ready for the holiday shopping season? Use this eight step guide to maximize holiday sales and profits. 

How to Keep Your Emotions in Check During Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year for many people, and that can lead to poor decisions. Here are five things to remember before you say or do something you'll regret at the company holiday party or family gathering. 

Top 10 Ways Retailers Can Sell More This Holiday Season

Even though Black Friday has come and gone, there is still time for retailers to increase their chances of having a good holiday shopping season. Here are ten things you can do to boost your holiday sales in the remaining days before Christmas.

5 Tips to Rev Up Your Holiday Revenues

From now until Christmas buyers are ready to make purchases at any time. Is your marketing geared towards getting maximum benefit from this unique mindset? Here are five top marketing strategies designed just for the holiday shopping season.


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