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Business Know-How is an award-winning small business website and web publisher. Owned by Attard Communications, Inc., Business Know-How  ( BusinessKnowHow.com ) has a 29-year history of  publishing practical information to help small and home-based businesses succeed. Topics covered on the website include starting a business, marketing, internet marketing, finance, management, leadership and other issues of importance to business sucess.

The Business Know-How web site reaches millions of individuals each year.  The company is a woman-owned business and  has a proven track record for developing popular online sites. In business since 1988, the company has provided content and community management services to America Online (1990-2001), MSN (1995-1998) and General Electric's GEnie service (1988-1996). The company also provided web services to the US Air Force Small Business Office for many years.

Business Know-How is a registered trademark and DBA of Attard Communications, Inc., 80 Orville Dr. Suite 100, Bohemia, NY, 11716. Phone: 631-467-8883.

The Business Know-How Team

Many individuals and companies make up the team involved in producing the content and resources on that Business Know-How provides. Among them are the following:

Writing, Editing, Production

Janet Attard
Janet is the founder of Business Know-How and an award-winning writer. She is an expert on small business and self-employment issues and has authored several books. For additional information about Janet, click here.

Lisa Freeman
Lisa Freeman provides editorial, production and writing services to Business Know-How. Lisa has been self-employed since 1994 when she started a home-based resume and secretarial business, Advanced Office Services. The business evolved over the years and she now focuses on providing editorial and production services to websites.

Elizabeth Fels
Elizabeth Fels is a staff writer for Business Know-How. 

Tim Parker 
Tim Parker is a writer who specializes in small business and personal finance topics.

Kim Dushinski
Kim Dushinski is an editorial contributor and marketing expert with more than 25 years of experience. She is the author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook.

Patricia Schaefer 
Patricia Schaefer is a writer and former staff member for Business Know-How. 

Catherine Zimmermann 
Catherine Zimmermann  is a  writer and digital media producer  and a graduate student in the Stony Brook Southampton MFA program for writing and digital media.

Brad Egeland
Brad Egeland is an IT/Project Management consultant and writer with over 24 years of development and management experience. He writes about project management, home business and other small and home business subjects.

Barry Feig
Barry Feig is a product development expert,  copywriter, author of several marketing books and numerous articles about marketing.

Paul Davis
Paul Davis is a writer who covers crime & security for newspapers, magazines and the Internet.

Caitlin Moriarity
Caitlin Moriarity is a freelance writer specializing in business and technology.

John Riddle
John Riddle is a freelancer who writes about small business, home business and career topics.


Programming and IT Services

Infoquest Technologies, Inc

Software Solutions, Inc



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