Financing, Money Management & Cash Flow

Look here for tips on money management. Additional articles can be found grouped in these sections of Business Loans, Finding Investors, Accepting Credit Cards (Merchant Accounts),and Pricing.

grants for small businessSmall Business Grants: What You Need to Know

Small business grants aren't sitting out there waiting to be claimed by every business owner in need, but they do exist. However, there are usually strings attached and hoops to jump through. Get the real story about small business grants here.


business expenses8 Ways to Manage Your Business Expenses Better

Real savings for your business won't come in the way of cutting out this cost or that cost. To see lasting results, follow these eight tips for managing your business's regular expenses.


inheritance tax mistakeHow to Avoid a Costly Inheritance Tax Mistake

If you inherited your parent's retirement account, the IRS could potentially take a huge portion of it. Here's what you need to know to avoid an expensive mistake.



negotiating with big companiesTips for Negotiating with Big Companies 

For small businesses, negotiating a contract with a large corporation or government agency can be harder than making the sale. Don't let contract negotiations (or the other company's negotiator) intimidate you! Here are negotiation tips for coming out with a fair deal.  

affiliate marketing problemsHow to Get Paid Sooner

Having steady work from a big customer is great, but more important is getting paid in a timely manner. Use these nine tips to get paid faster.


Tax deductions7 Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed

What tax deductions can the self-employed take? Here are 7 important types of tax deductions for home businesses and sole proprietors.


start a business with no moneyHow to Start a Business with No Money

Want to start your own business but don't have any money? Here are 10 creative strategies you can use to launch your business when you have little to no startup funds.


reduce legal feesHow to Reduce Attorney Fees for Your Business

At some point in the life of your business you will probably need an attorney's expertise. Here are ways to manage your legal expenses and keep attorney's fees under control.


startup capitalRaising Startup Money from Friends and Family

Will you be looking to friends and family to help fund your startup? Be sure you do these four things if you accept their investment in your business.



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reduce business expensesHaggle Your Way to Lower Business Expenses

Your business' recurring expenses add up to a significant chunk of your budget. You can permanently lower some of those costs by negotiating discounts and lower rates with the companies you buy from.


independent contracting pros and consAdvantages and Disadvantages of Being an Independent Contractor

Working for yourself as an independent contractor gives you the freedom you always wanted when you were an employee, and possibly even the chance to earn more money. However, being your own boss can have downsides, too. Here are the pros and cons of independent contracting. 

rapid business growthDangers of Rapid Business Growth and What to Do About Them

Once your business becomes profitable, your next goal is probably to see it grow. If that growth comes too fast, though, you could run into some unexpected problems. Here are the top five problems caused by rapid business growth and advice for how to handle them.


insurance for small businessesInsurance Needs for Independent Contractors

One of the most important things you'll deal with when striking out on your own as a freelancer is insurance coverage. Health insurance is the most obvious concern, but you'll need coverage for other areas, too. Here's an overview of those insurance types to get you started.

retirement planningRetirement Planning for Freelancers and Independent Contractors

When you're self-employed, the full responsibility for retirement savings falls on your shoulders. If you're already part of the gig economy, or are planning to become a freelancer and independent contractor, this guide to retirement plans describes the options available to you.


freelance income taxesIncome Tax Basics for the Gig Economy

More businesses are hiring people on a temporary basis as independent contractors or freelancers. Don't set yourself up for financial trouble. Learn how freelance income affects your income taxes.


multiple income streamsMultiple Streams of Income for Your Business

Having multiple streams of income from your small business can help boost your profits and cushion against losses during slow seasons. Here are several ways you may be able to add multiple streams of income to your business.


price quoteHow to Prepare a Price Quote

When a customer asks for a price quote, you might be tempted to just give them the total cost for their service or product. But a lot more should go into preparing a good price quote. Here's what you need to know.


save on postage14 Ways to Save on Postage and Shipping

The USPS just increased postage rates - again. Here are 14 good ways to cut your mailing and shipping costs and get more mileage out of the money you spend on postage.


increase small business profits8 Ways to Increase Your Small Business Profits This Year

Increasing your small business' profits doesn't require drastic measures like upping your prices or laying off employees. Even small changes in just a few areas of your business can give your income a big boost. Check out these eight tips for improving profits in your small business.

forms of paymentWhat Payment Types Should Your Business Accept?

Wondering what types of payment your business should accept? Should you accept credit cards? Take checks? Only take cash? What about ACH transfers, mobile payments, money orders, or even Bitcoin? Here are some factors to help you determine what's best for your business.

new crowdfunding rulesNeed Investors? Check Out the New Crowd Funding Rules

Want to use crowdfunding to get people to invest in your business? The rules are about to change, making it easier for smaller investors to purchase equity in your business. Get the details here.


sales tax nexusWhat is a Sales Tax Nexus?

Do you have a sales tax nexus with other states? What is a sales tax nexus anyway? It's confusing, but we've got help. Here's what you need to know to be sure your business is in compliance.


amazon and nexusAmazon and Nexus

If you sell on Amazon, you may have (perhaps unknowingly) established a sales tax nexus with the state in which your Amazon inventory resides. Sound confusing? It is, but this article will help you understand what you need to do in order to comply.


How to Keep Your Financial Data Safe on Your SmartphoneHow to Keep Your Financial Data Secure on Your Smartphone

Using your phone to make purchases? Whether you're placing an order with an online store or making an Apple Pay payment at a local merchant, you need to follow a few guidelines to make sure your data stays safe.


mobile payment systemsTop Mobile Payment Systems for Retailers

Whether you sell your goods away from the store where you don't have access to your merchant account system, or just want to offer your customers the ease of paying with their phone, mobile payment systems are the answer. Here's an overview of the top options available to you today.

accepting smartphone payments

How to Let Customers Pay with Their Smartphones

Accepting payments from your customers' smartphones is a smart move for your business. Here's what you need to know about the mobile phone payment options available today.


business expenses Avoid Overpaying for Everyday Business Expenses

Every penny counts to small businesses, so paying too much for the things your business needs just isn't an option. Here are eight ways you can save money on everyday business expenses.


Small Business Money Mistakes5 Common Small Business Money Mistakes

Staying on top of your business's finances is just as important as finding new customers and serving existing ones. But, if you're like most small business owners, bookkeeping and managing money is probably not your strong suit. You can stay ahead of the game if you avoid making these five common small business money mistakes.

How to Calculate Your Net WorthHow to Calculate Your Net Worth

How much are you worth? Not a clue? Knowing your own net worth helps you plan for your future - and your business's future. Here's how you calculate it.


Reduce business debt

How to Reduce Business Debt

Running a totally debt-free business is probably not possible, but reducing your debt is a wise move. Here are 13 things you can do to help lower the amount of debt your business carries.


Apple Pay Merchant’s Guide to Apple Pay

Apple Pay is becoming more and more accepted, and soon customers will expect your business to be able to process Apple Pay transactions, too. Learn how the technology works and find out what kind of equipment you'll need.


Things you should delegate EMV Chip Credit Card Processing Guide

Accepting credit cards in your local small business? Read these important facts about the new EMV Chip cards and why you need to accept them even though it means buying new equipment.


business credit cardsHow to Choose the Best Credit Card for Your Business

Need a credit card for your small business? Not all business credit cards are created equally so consider these 8 points when choosing one for your business.


haggle6 Ways to Haggle with Customers so Everybody Wins

Although it might come as a surprise when customers want to haggle, don't be offended. Instead, use these tips to negotiate the best deal for both of you.


startup business loanBusiness Loans for Start-Ups: How to Get Approved

Startup businesses have trouble securing financing at the best of times, and it can be even more difficult during economic slowdowns. To stand the best chance of securing those much needed funds, follow these four steps to cement getting approved.


bookkeeping tipsBookkeeping for Your Business

As a business owner you have to have a way to keep track of your income and expenses. This article explains why good records are important and how a good bookkeeping system can help you grow your business.

how to sell your business

5 Tips for Selling Your Business

With 5 millions baby boomers set to exit their businesses over the next 5 years, it’s critical for business owners to begin planning. Business exit strategy expert Tensie Homan provides five tips for increasing your odds for business sale success.


make more money20 Ways to Make More Money

Hidden sources of income are all around you, you just have to know where to look. Boost your income and shave expenses with these 20 tips to for making more money.


accounting tips9 Small Business Accounting Tips

Your business's accounting is probably the last thing you enjoy spending time on, so why not take a few steps to make it easier? These nine small business accounting tips can help.


crowdfundingHow to Choose a Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding is the newest way to raise money for startup capital. But not all crowdfunding is alike. Learn how to determine which crowdfunding platform is the best one for your business.


tHow to Know When It’s Time for Funding

There are two major types of business funding. Know what they are and when you should seek them out to help your small business grow.


selling through consignment shopsEstimated Taxes: A Primer for New Business Owners

Now that you're self employed, you're responsible for paying your own taxes. The IRS expects you to pay estimated taxes every quarter. Here's a rundown of what you need to know about calculating estimated taxes.


BarteringShould You Barter With Other Businesses?

Bartering can help you get the services or goods your business needs by trading them for the services or goods your business provides. But bartering isn't always a bargain. These guidelines can help you make sure you're not losing money when you barter.


business insuranceWhat Kinds of Insurance Does your SMB Need?

Does your small business have the insurance it needs to keep you protected? Find out what kinds of insurance are available for businesses and what they cover.


choosing a financial advisor 14 Things to Ask a Potential Financial Advisor

Choosing a financial advisor? Make sure you choose wisely. Here are 14 questions you should ask any financial advisor before signing a contract.


steal customersWhat to Charge for Your Product

How do you figure out what to charge? How much is too much and how much is too little? Setting prices for your products is one of the most important business decisions you'll make. Here's what you need to keep in mind when deciding what to charge.


how to fund a new business3 Simple Ways to Finance a Start-Up Business

Looking for money to fund a new business? It's not easy to get a traditional bank loan for a startup, but there are still options out there. Here are three simple places you can look for startup capital.


consultant feesHow Much to Charge as a Consultant

What's a fair rate to charge for your consulting services? How do you make sure all your expenses are covered with enough left over to pay yourself a decent salary? Use these tips to figure it out.


Cash Flow Tips 21 Cash Flow Tips for Seasonal Businesses

One issue that many business owners fall victim to at some point is cash flow problems. Because of the type of business they operate seasonal business owners need to be even more vigilant when it comes to managing cash. Get a handle on the financial outlook for your company with these 21 tips.

funding How to Know When It’s Time for Funding

There are two major types of business funding. Know what they are and when you should seek them out to help your small business grow.


Home office deduction Understanding the Home Office Deduction

Do you qualify for the home office deduction? Should you take it even if you do? Is it worth the effort? Here's what you need to know about recent changes to the home office deduction rules.


Crowdfunding tips 10 Tips For Running A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

How can you make your crowdfunding campaign a success? Use these 10 tips from successful funding campaigns to help you reach or exceed your goal.


IRS auditCommon Causes of Prevalent Tax Mistakes

Nearly half of us believe we pay too much taxes. Are you paying in more to the IRS than you have to? Here are five common tax mistakes that could be causing you to overpay.


IRS audit 5 Red Flags to Avoid Triggering an IRS Audit

Do you live in fear of an IRS audit? The IRS counts on you being afraid to keep you honest, but there are things you can do to lessen the chances of getting audited.


organize tax information 7 Tax Tips for Small Businesses

Keeping your tax records organized and being aware of the tax laws that apply to you can save you time and money. Here are 7 tips to help you focus now and get tax records organized for the future.


Delivering Bad News Organize Your Business Finances

Wish your business finances were more organized? There's no better time to get a handle on them than right now. Use this guide to get control.


choose the right bankHow to Choose the Right Bank for Your Small Business

The bank you choose for your business has a big impact on your daily operations. Use these tips to be sure you make the right choice.


small business budgetHow to Create a Budget for Your Small Business

How do you go about creating a budget for your small business? What needs to go into it and how do you figure out what your expenses will be? Find out here.


microloans How To Get A Business Loan When The Bank Says No

Microloans have become a popular and successful way of funding a small business. Get everything you need to know about microlending in this guide.


business credit cardsThe Complete Truth about Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards make it much easier to keep up with purchases, and the credit line can be a welcome option when you need to make a large purchase. Here's what you need to know about business credit cards.


businessman pushing dollar up stepsHow to Calculate the Value of a Small Business

It's a good idea to have a general idea of your business's worth, even if you don't have immediate plans to sell. Here are three ways you can calculate the value of your small business.


cash flowCreative Cash Flow Strategies for Small Business

Cash flow problems can cause your business to fail even if you have sales. Here are eleven creative cash flow strategies for getting paid faster.


Cash flow basics9 Ways To Fix Cash Flow Problems

Cash flow problems affect most small businesses at some point. Don't let a cash crunch ruin your business. Here are nine things you can do to keep your cash flow in the positive.


Small Business 401(k) Plan Options and Basic Rules

Thinking about starting a 401(k) retirement plan for your small business employees and for yourself? There are several types of plans to choose from. Here's an overview of options.


Money with lock and chainGet a Business Loan When the Bank Turned You Down

Looking for a loan for your business? You still have options even if the bank turned you down.


pricing 4 Factors that Influence the Price Your Customers Will Pay

Most customers follow a four-phase buying pattern when choosing where to make their purchase. Use your knowledge of these patterns to determine the best pricing for your products or services.


What is Due Diligence and How do You Perform it?

What does due diligence mean? It's a term that most people use in relation to buying a business. But that's not the only time it's important. Here's what you need to know about doing due diligence.

Are Your Running a Hobby or a Business?

The answer will determine how much of your expenses are deductible. Here's need-to-know information.


7 Cash Flow Secrets Your Accountant Never Told You

Need a cash flow boost? Here are seven secrets to improving cash flow that your accountant never told you.


Small business growthFour Ways to Keep Your Small Business Growing

Like it or not, your business's expenses go up a bit each year. To stay profitable, your business needs to grow so it can absorb those increases. Here are four things you can do to keep your small business growing.


Saving money to start a businessHow to Get Money to Start a Business

ere can you find money to start a business? That's a challenge most startups face. Here are 17 ways to get the startup funds you need.


10 Money Saving Tax Tips

Are you paying more taxes than you have to? Author and CPA John Vento provides some advice to help you maximize your post-tax return savings.


inventory managementManaging Inventory to Improve Retail Cash Flow

If your retail business's cash flow is not what you need it to be, chances are your inventory is to blame. Here's how to manage inventory so that cash flow doesn't suffer.


businessman pushing dollar up steps

Small Business Annual Sales

How much money do small businesses really make? Do most small businesses have sales of more than $250,000 a year? Check out these small business annual sales figures.


Man carrying dollar signCrowdfunding: How to Raise Money for a Product or Work of Art

Looking for a way to fund your next big idea? Crowdfunding could be the answer. Here's how you can use crowdfunding to raise money.


money on hookAvoid Being Ripped Off by Business Loan Scams

If you're trying to raise money to grow your business or fund a new business, make sure you don't get ripped off. Use these tips to avoid business loan scams.


Tax breaksBig Hidden Tax Benefits of Sole Proprietorships

When you start a business you're faced with the decision of what type of business to form: sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, and others. The most basic business entity, the sole proprietorship, may offer you more tax benefits than any other business type. Find out what they are here.

Business growth5 Steps to Grow Beyond the $5 Million Mark

It's not uncommon for small businesses to stop growing somewhere between the $1 and $5 million mark. Find out why it happens and follow these five steps to kick start your business back into growth mode.


Scissors38 Cost-Cutting Strategies for Small Companies

Think you've exhausted all the ways you can save money in your business? Don't be sure until you've taken a look at these 38 cost-cutting tips for small business.



Caution  TapeThe Dangers of Asset Based Loans

Asset based loans might seem like a necessary tool to keep your business running, especially if you run a seasonal retail business. Before you sign over your inventory as collateral, learn about some of the pitfalls of taking an asset based loan.


Copy MachineShould You Purchase or Lease Business Equipment?

Leasing an expensive piece of equipment makes it more affordable month to month, but it can cost you more in the end. Purchasing outright, however, is not always the best option either. Find out whether purchasing or leasing business equipment is right for you.


Man standing on coinsGet Paid What You're Worth

Are you getting paid what you're worth? Many consultants and freelancers make less than they should because they undervalue their own worth. Here's how to correct the problem.


crowdfundingStart-Up Business Financing - Look to Crowd Funding

Need money to start a business? Crowd funding could be just what you need to get your start-up off the ground.


Cash register6 Tips to Improve Cash Flow Now

Cash flow problems are a common problem for nearly any business these days, and independent retailers are no exception. Here are six things retail store owners can do to immediately increase cash flow.


Creative Cash Flow Strategies for Small Businesses

Are income fluctuations and slow paying customers causing you problems?  These 11 strategies to improve your cash flow can help solve the problem.


retail rental spaceDeclining Retail Rents

In the world of commercial real estate, it's a buyer's market -- and that applies to retail rental space too. If you're struggling to stay out of the red or just need to free up some cash, now's a good time to negotiate for a lower lease rate.


handshakeOwner Finance: The Best Way to Buy a Business Today

Owner financing--if you can get it--is one of the best ways to borrow money to buy a business, especially with how difficult it has become to get a start-up loan from a bank. Read this article to find out how owner financing works.


How accountants can help small business owners gain insight into their operations

Think an accountant is only valuable to your business at tax time? According to Jennifer Warawa of Sage North America, consulting with an accountant year-round could give your business the edge to thrive, even in a difficult economy.


Bank of America Hiring Small Business Bankers Throughout the US

Small business owners don't typically get a lot of attention from banks, but Bank of America has set out to change that. Recognizing that running a business is a time consuming job, they've hired hundreds of small business bankers whose job is to reach out directly to their small business customers.

Bank Loans vs. Private Lender Loans

When you're trying to get a loan to grow your business, is it better to borrow from a bank or a private lender? Here are some pros and cons of each to consider.

Why Do Lenders Require Collateral?

When you apply for a loan, the bank usually wants to know what you can put up as collateral. Yet not all forms of collateral are as appealing to banks as others. Find out why lenders need collateral and what qualities they look for in it.

A Tale of Two Retail Business Models

As an independent retailer, you've likely felt the squeeze on the market from big chains' "low prices" - lower than you can afford to offer. So how's a small retailer supposed to compete? First, you need to understand how very different your business model is from a major retail chain's.

How was your first quarter? 3 questions you need to ask NOW!

The first quarter of 2012 is officially behind us. How'd your business do? Here are three questions you'll want to ask yourself to prepare for the rest of the year.

Are Discounts Hurting Your Business's Profitability?

Running a sale to attract customers is a time-honored marketing strategy, but is it one you should be using in your business? Learn why discounting can erode your profits even as it stimulates sales and find out what you can do to avoid having to discount prices to compete.

Are you managing your cash flow, or is it managing you?

To keep cash flow in the positive, you've got to learn to make the most of the income you have available. Here are questions you can ask yourself to be sure you're effectively managing your cash flow rather than letting it manage you.

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Are Your Retail Customers Driven Only By Low Prices?

Before you determine a pricing strategy for your retail business, you need to consider what draws customers to your store to begin with as well as what brings them back. Only then can you create an effective retail pricing strategy that will help your business be profitable.

3 Tests to Qualify for a Small Business Loan

When you're trying to get a small business loan, banks and lenders are really only interested in one thing: your ability to repay the loan. If your business's finances can pass these three tests, then you'll probably qualify for the loan.

Should You Cut Prices To Create Cash Flow?

Here's what to consider before discounting prices. Before you give into the temptation, consider these repercussions.

Funding and Women-Owned Businesses

Is the way you fund your small business limiting the growth of your business? Read what Stephanie Hanbury-Brown, of Golden Seeds® angel investors says about  funding women-owned businesses.

Save Cash Instead of Saving Taxes

Spending money to save taxes is a time honored tradition for businesses at year end. But is it really saving you anything? Probably not, says Greg Crabtree, CPA, author of the new book Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits. Find out what he says you should do with your business profits instead.

Managing Cash Flow

Four forces constantly pull at your business's cash. Find out what they are and how to keep your cash flow healthy.

How to Find Investors For Women Businesses

Part 2 of our interview with Stephanie Hanbury-Brown discusses finding investors and valuing businesses

4 Keys to Sustaining Growth in a Shrinking Market

A full economic recovery isn't likely to come soon. So how can small business owners ride out the storm? Here are four things they must do to continue growing in spite of a shrinking market.

How to Avoid Online Shopping Pitfalls

Trying to do you holiday shopping at the same time you're running a business is tough! Here are a few quick tips to avoid online shopping pitfalls as the holiday season begins.

7 Tactics to Improve Cash Flow

Even successful businesses can have cash flow issues. Here are seven tactics to make sure you have enough money to run your business while you're waiting to get paid by customers.

Credit Card Fraud Risk

Beware of fraudulent credit card orders online. Minimize business credit fraud risk with these tips.

4 Unique Buying Phases of Your Customers

Most customers follow a four-phase buying pattern when choosing where to make their purchase. Use your knowledge of these patterns to determine the best pricing for your products or services.

Using A Business Loan

Business financing is hard to get. Here's how to use business loans wisely.

Why Don't Business Owners Retire Early?

Is money the reason small business owners don't retire early, or is it something else?

5 Clues That You Should Raise Your Rates

Under-charging is chronic among professional service business owners, particularly women. But how do you know for sure if you can raise your fees? Here are five ways to know when it's time to raise your rates.

Increase Your Profit Margin

Are your profit margins too low?  Have you used the wrong criteria for setting your prices? Find out how to do a simple margin analysis to determine the best pricing for your products.

Should You Raise Your Prices?

If you read Part 1 of this article series, you already understand how adjusting your prices up or down can dramatically affect your bottom line - and not always in ways you expect. But before you start changing your prices, you need to develop a pricing strategy. Here's how.

Need a Working Capital Line of Credit for Your Business?

Getting a line of credit for your business these days isn't easy. Here's one way to tap into funds to grow your business.

Why Discounting is Hazardous to Your Business

At some point in time, most business owners have been asked to offer a discount. And with paying customers so hard to come by these days, it may be more tempting than ever to give in to those requests. Here's why you should think twice before you do.

How to Determine The Selling Price of a Business

How much should you sell your business for? Here are several business valuation methods to help set a selling price for the business

How to Avoid Online Shopping Pitfalls

Trying to do you holiday shopping at the same time you're running a business is tough!  Here are a few quick tips to avoid online shopping pitfalls as the holiday season begins.

3 Simple Ways to Finance a Start-Up Business

Looking for money to fund a new business? Here are three simple places you can look for startup capital.

Watch Out For Uneven Income

Learn how to deal with fluctuating sales in income in your small business.

Business Disasters Hidden in the Fine Print

Whether it's your merchant account agreement, insurance policy, or bank loan, the fine print may contain more than you bargained for. Here's why you should read every last letter of the fine print in any document you sign for your business.

Cut Expenses to Increase Profits

Most business owners think that in order to improve their business or reach that next level, they have to raise revenue. And, while raising revenue is a great way to improve your business, it is not the only way. Here's how managing spending and cutting costs can have a big impact on your bottom line.

5 Simple Ways to Save Money and the Environment

Pulling ahead of the competition in today's economy requires a lean, focused organization that makes customers feel good about doing business with you. Here are five things you can do to reduce your costs while helping the environment at the same time.

3 New Rules for Getting Business Financing

If you were looking for money for your business last year, you probably didn't find many banks willing to give you a loan. This year things aren't much different, but if you know the rules the banks are playing by, your chances of getting financing will be much better.

9 Sources of Business Financing

Looking for funding for your business? There are a wide variety of sources available, depending on your needs. Here's an overview of the most common types of business financing.

Business Startup Cost Calculator

Do you know how much money you need to get your  business started and run it until it becomes profitable? Use our startup cost calculator to figure it out.

Choosing a Payroll Service Provider

When payday rolls around employees automatically assume they will not only be paid but be paid the correct amount. An easy way to ensure everyone is receiving payment and the IRS is not on your back is a payroll service. Use these tips to evaluate and choose a payroll service provider.

Choosing a Credit Card for Your Business

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a credit card for your small business. Ask yourself these questions to help select a small business credit card.

How to Estimate Sales

Accurately estimating sales as a new business is difficult. You have no history to review and it's easy to overlook expenses when you're just starting up. Here's where you can look for reliable data to build your initial estimates upon.

6 Steps for Surviving the Recession

How does a struggling business make it through, and not just survive but actually grow during this difficult time? It all comes down to the decisions you make right now, today. Here are six steps you should take now to come out of the recession stronger than when you entered it.

Doing Good Deals in a Bad Year

Want to sell your business, but nobody's interested in buying in this economy? There are ways to get a business sold even now, or at least be ready to have it sell as soon as the economy starts its trek out of the dumps. Here's what you need to be doing now.

Increase Your Buying Power with a Purchasing Co-Op

Small businesses that struggle with the costs of goods they need to do business, making it hard to compete with larger companies. Find out how purchasing co-ops can help small businesses save money and get tips on how to start a purchasing co-op.

3 Reasons to Love a Bad Economy

The recession is bad for a lot of reasons, but there are some really good things that can come out of it too - especially if you're in business. Here's how Jay Abraham, author of The Sticking Point Solution, says you can increase your success right now.

401(k) Strategies for Lean Times

While the financial crisis certainly proves that you can't rely on a 401(k) to make all your dreams come true, it is still a solid, flexible way to maximize the value of your savings. And a little rethinking can make it a more reliable foundation for retirement. Read these tips on how to invest your 401(k) in an excerpt from Where to Put Your Money NOW.

Ten Tips on Where to Put Your Money NOW

Now that the panic is over, and a nice chunk of your savings likely depleted by the economic woes of the past year, figuring out just where to invest what's left is the big question. Here are ten tips on how to handle your investments from this point forward.

Cost-Cutting Ways for Your Business to Survive and Thrive

Whether your business is facing challenges during this tough economy or is doing just fine, the more you can trim off your business expenses, the better off you’ll be. Here are some easy, simple ways to save money in today’s economic environment.

The Small Business Outlook for 2009

To gain better insight into the effects of the recession on small and home businesses, we ran a survey last month to find out how business owners think their businesses will do this year compared to last year. Here's what we learned about about how small businesses view the recession, how they are coping with it, and how they think the government should help.

Very Last Minute Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

The April 15th deadline for sole proprietors, as well as calendar-year partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs), to file their 2008 income tax returns is fast approaching. Use these tips to avoid penalties and save tax dollars.

Estimating Capital Needs for a New Start-Up

Planning to start a business? You're probably wondering just how much money you're going to need to get it off the ground. The simple answer is - well, it's not simple. You can, however, get an estimate of what you'll need. Here's how >>

10 Tips for Trimming Your Small Business IT Budget

Most small businesses spend a significant amount of money on technology covering everything from printers to phone lines and web site fees. Here are 10 ways you can reduce those expenses while actually improving the quality of your IT services and equipment.

9 Ways to Keep Cash Flowing in Your Business

Cash flow is a problem that plagues every small office from time to time. On paper you look like you're doing very well. But your creditors are breathing down your neck and you're always playing catch up. What can you do about it? Here are some tips help keep your cash flow in the positive.

Recession Pricing Do's and Don'ts

Pricing during an economic downturn or recession is tricky. Too often, companies simply cut prices to attract more sales. The right pricing, however, can help a company compete and even thrive during difficult economic times. Here are some pricing do's and don'ts for a recession.

4 Common Pricing Strategies and Why They Fail

Businesses set their prices based on a variety of criteria, but even the most carefully thought out pricing strategy may still leave money on the table. Here are four common pricing strategies and the reasons why they don't work. 

Why Aren't You Earning More?

Your business is profitable -- you get your bills paid on time and have enough cash to buy the supplies you need. But at the end of the month, you've barely got enough left to pay yourself. It's a common problem among independent professionals. Here are several things you can do to increase your income without putting even more hours into your business.

The Last Chance Millionaire Book Excerpt

As baby boomers begin to approach retirement, many are panicking that their nest egg just isn't going to see them through their golden years. But it's not too late to secure your future, says author of The Last Chance Millionaire. Read an excerpt from the book here.

The Best Investment Advice I Ever Received (Book Excerpt)

Have you ever wondered how Warren Buffett made so much money in the stock market? Find out in this excerpt from The Best Investment Advice I Ever Received, a collection of quick and practical tips and sound financial strategies from America’s most successful investors and business leaders.

Money Sense for the Home Business Owner

The first years as a business owner can be a struggle, particularly in the area of finance and cash flow. By gaining knowledge and mastery in the following five areas, you will position yourself to not only survive, but thrive as an entrepreneur.

Selling Your Business

You've built your business from a small operation to a thriving success. But now that you're nearing retirement age, you're ready to turn the reins over to someone else. What if you don't have a family member to transfer the business to? How are current and future economic conditions going to affect your ability to sell?

The Ten Tools of Profitable Revenue Growth

Make revenue growth everyone's business! Lead your company to profitable revenue growth with these tools, reprinted from Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business by Ram Charan.

How to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate

You want to start investing in commercial real estate. But how do you avoid the money pits and find the true gems? In this article from the author of Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur, get advice on what to do before you make your first purchase.

Selling Your Business?

Are you planning to sell your business? Business brokers can help you set the right selling price for your business and help you find a buyer. Read more about how business brokers can help you.

What's Your Business Model?

If you have enough clients to keep you busy, you must be making a good living, right? Well, not necessarily. Some of the busiest professionals around aren't earning enough to pay their bills. On the other hand, there are some who have plenty of time on their hands but also earn quite a bit of money. The difference in the two groups is their business models. 

7 Cash Flow Secrets Your Accountant Never Told You

Looking for ways to boost your cash flow? Here are seven recommendations for cash strapped small businesses.

How To Sell A Business For All Its Worth

Business owners work hard for many years building a successful business. To sell a business for all it's worth, business brokers commonly recommend these 10 steps.

In House Collections Strategies

Are you having trouble collecting from your customers? This list of best practices will help you collect money that's owed to you.

Should You Pass Down the Family Business?

Passing a business down to the next generation is more often than not, unsuccessful. In fact, statistics show that only one-third of all family businesses are successfully transferred to the next generation and only 13% are transferred onto the third generation. Consider these points before passing your family business down to your heirs.

Business Owners and Divorce: a Painful Combination

Business owners are often in for a double whammy when going through a divorce, finding both themselves, and their business, on the hook financially. Here's what  to do if you own a business and find yourself facing a divorce. 

10 Mistakes That Reduce Profitability

Are you finding it hard to keep your business in the black? Then you might be making one or more of these 10 bottom line mistakes that have a negative impact on your bottom line.

A Marine for Life

Robert T. Kiyosaki, best-selling author of the "Rich Dad" series, and former Marine gunship pilot during the Vietnam War, explained how his worldwide success as a financial leader stemmed from his Marine Corps experience in a recent interview.  

Watch Out for "Corporation Sole" Tax Scam

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a consumer alert advising taxpayers to be wary of promoters offering a tax evasion scheme that misuses "Corporation Sole" laws. Promoters of the scheme misrepresent state and federal laws intended only for bona-fide churches, religious institutions and church leaders. Read more >>

10 Ideas to Keep Cash Flowing

How do you keep the cash flowing on an even keel through your business? How can you get cash sooner and keep more of it longer? Here are 10 ways you can keep more cash available for a longer time.

IRS Warns of  Tax Scams

In an update of an annual consumer alert, the Internal Revenue Service urges taxpayers to avoid falling victim to one of the "Dirty Dozen" tax scams and a variety of other schemes. 

Facts About Tax Debt Schemes

The IRS has issued a consumer alert advising taxpayers to beware of promoters' claims that tax debts can be settled for "pennies on the dollar" through the Offer in Compromise Program.

Selling Your Business: Tax Impact

As the seller of a business, you are likely at a disadvantage. The buyer has probably bought several businesses before and knows a great deal about the process, while this may be the first time you've sold a business. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure you've considered these tax implications.

How To Get the Most Money When You Sell Your Business

If you are planning to sell your business you need to evaluate your company as a potential buyer might. Consider these 10 critical areas for increasing the sales value of your business.

What's Your Time Really Worth?

You know your time is valuable, but do you know what it's actually worth? Just how much does a 5 minute interruption or a 3 minute phone call cost you? Find out with this calculator.

Money Saving Tips for Print Managers

Many print managers neglect to do some of the easy things that can add up to significant cost savings annually. Below are a few tips for saving money on print jobs, which might be old hat to some, but vital to remember. Read more >>

Small Business Collection Strategies That Work

Coping with ever-increasing costs is one thing--making sure you get all the money that's due you from customers or clients is another. Here are a few tried and true collection strategies, straight from the businesses that use them.

Don't Wait for Tax Time

Business coach C.J. Hayden advises those with a small business have a financial plan that is checked on a monthly basis, problems corrected immediately. Entrepreneurs tend to take risks and be optimistic, keeping them from looking at their financials until tax time.  

Are You Profitable?

How do you determine on a regular basis whether or not you're showing a profit? Learn how to figure your break-even point and break-even margins so you know where you stand! 

Cash Flow Drought

Every business hits slow spells once in a while that take a toll on cash flow. Find out how to survive the drought without killing your credit! 

Minimize Law Suits and Legal Fees

Just because you're right doesn't mean you won't get sued. You can, however, minimize the financial impact.

Save on Travel Expenses

If cab fares are breaking your budget, a little advance planning could save you big money.

When the Customer Won't Pay

What can you do when a customer refuses to pay? First, learn what not to do, then read these tips on how to collect that bill legally and as quickly as possible.

Seller Beware

Learn how to avoid collection problems before they come up.

Tax-deductible Vacation?

Well, it's the next best thing. Find out how to get Uncle Sam to foot part of the bill for a mini-vacation.

Start-Up Cost Pitfall

Important tax tip: start the business before you spend a lot for equipment and supplies. Here's why.

Evaluating Credit Card Processing Companies

Third-party credit card processing providers will accept even homebased and mail order businesses. But their fees vary widely. Here's how to evaluate the third party providers.

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