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By | July 18, 2016

Take time to have fun with your familyWhat do amusement parks, snowy egrets,  alligators eating marshmallows, or trolley cars have to do with running your small business? Absolutely nothing for most of us. And that's the point. Taking time off from running the business and planning even a short vacation is something every business owner should do.

The thing is, vacations are as necessary for business owners as they are for employees. And when you add in the long hours most business owners work plus the stress of all the related responsibilities, taking time off to get away  and do things that are non-work-related is essential.

Tour guide feeding marshmallows to an alligator in LouisianaEssential, and yes, sometimes, difficult too.

After all, how will things run without you?  Who will make sure your employees come in on time? Who will be there to deal with unusual situations?  What is something breaks or your website crashes? And if you don't have employees, who is going to answer the phone and talk to customers?

If you are a worrywart  or a micromanager, you can find dozens of reasons not to take a vacation. But not taking a vacation isn't going to improve your business, your relationship with your family or your health.

Snowy egret on the banks of the Peconic RiverIf you haven't taken a vacation this year – even a stay-at-home vacation enjoying local attractions – plan one right now. Plan something fun – something you've always wanted to do, or to spend  time with family and friends. (The wildlife, amusement park and trolley cars were part of my vacation time and family time this year.)

You can do it. Read these suggestions for taking a vacation from your business and then make yourself go do it.

Author: Janet Attard

Janet Attard is a small business expert and the founder and CEO of BusinessKnowHow.com. She is the author of several books and has written for magazines and websites as well as BusinessKnowHow.com

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