Business Ideas

Look here for ideas for starting a business and for adding new products and services to an existing business. Learn to spot the real opportunities and avoid scams.

Starting a Consulting Business

Should you start a consulting business? Do you have a marketable expertise? Do you have the other skills necessary for running a successful business?

Best Businesses to Start in 2016

Consider starting a business in one of these six industries that are expected to grow during 2016.

Considering a Franchise?

(Advertisement)Get information from various franchise companies to help you find a good match for your interests and budget. 

Where to Find Business Ideas

Finding the right business idea can seem impossible, yet new businesses spring up everyday. Here's where people get their ideas.

Top 12 Ways to Find Legitimate Business Opportunities

Here's how to become your own boss without getting burned by business opportunities!


» 15 Businesses You Can Start in Your Spare Time

» 10 Low-Cost Services Businesses You Can Start from Home

» 5 Craft Businesses to Start

» 10 Legitimate Home Biz Ideas

» Businesses You Can Start for Less Than $500

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Finding and Choosing the Right Business


Start a Translating Business

Fluent in a foreign language? FInd out how to start a translating business here.

How to Start a Digital Forensics Business

Got computer skills? A digital forensics business might be right for you.

Start a Home-Based Daycare Service 

Love working with kids? Start an in-home daycare service.

How to Start a Bookkeeping Business

Good bookkeepers are always in demand. Find out what it takes to start a bookkeeping business.

Start a Pet Sitting Service

People value their pets but can't always care for them. That's where a pet sitting service can help. 

The 4 Cs of Business Idea Evaluation 

There are lots of business ideas out there. Here's how to figure out which is right for you.

Online Content Writing Business

Want to write for a living? Start a content writing business.

Start a Virtual Assistant Business

Here's what you need to know to start your own business as a virtual assistant.

Be a Consultant and Sell Your Knowledge

If you know a lot about a particular industry or field, a consulting business could be right for you.

7 Ways to Start a Business Without Going Broke

Use these tips to reduce the financial strain of starting a business.

How to Evaluate Business Ideas

Use these tips to evaluate business ideas and separate the good from the bad. 

300 Business Ideas to Consider

Plus tips on how to choose the best business for you.

Looking For a Perfect Business Idea? Here's How to Find It

Not sure what kind of business to start? Here's help deciding.

Will Your Hot Business Idea Succeed or Fail?

Can you turn your idea into a successful business? Here's what to know.

6 Ways to Find a $100 Million Idea

Here's where the founders of some of America's most successful businesses get their ideas. 


Spin Out New Profits From a Struggling Business

Did that business idea you thought would be great turn out to be a bust? Or, has your once-profitable business taken a nosedive? Use these tips to spin off new sales and profits.


Motivate Yourself to Succeed

Finding the right business idea and turning it into success is a challenging task. This brief video will inspire you to keep striving towards your goals.


How to Get Your Business Started

Once you know what kind of business you want to start, use these tips, hints, and worksheets to start your business off on the road to success.


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