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company cultureHow to Create a Great Company Culture in Your Small Business

The one thing your competition can't steal or copy is your company culture. Make your small business' employees feel appreciated and valued by creating a great company culture using these tips from Piyush Patel, author of Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work.


interruptionsWhy People Interrupt and How to Manage It

Why do people interrupt you when you're speaking? What can you do about the interruptions? Here's practical advice for minimizing interruptions and using them to your benefit.


presentation tipsHow to Be More Confident During Presentations

If you're losing sleep worrying about how well you'll deliver your next presentation, you're not alone. Try some of these simple strategies to help you build confidence and credibility with your audiences.


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be more influential4 Ways to Immediately Change Behaviors and Be More Influential

Want to be a better leader? Want to be able to influence more people? Here are four things you need to do.


become a better leader3 Questions That Can Make You a Better Leader

Are your employees happy with their jobs? If they aren't, you could be the one to blame - at least in part. Take a look at the quality of your own leadership by asking yourself these three questions.


positive leadership7 Leadership Tips That Make People Feel Great and Achieve Incredible Results

Do you inspire your team or discourage them? Your leadership style—whether positive or negative—matters more than you realize. Use these seven tips to develop grit, overcome adversity, and lead your team with real positivity.


branding archetypes3 Skills That Will Make You Automation Proof

Automation is set to begin replacing many jobs in the near future. Here are three skills you should begin honing now to automation proof your career or business.


jet lagHow to Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag can make a business trip miserable or ruin a chunk of your vacation. Here are remedies that work best for combating jet lag so you can enjoy your trip.


assumptionsWhy You Shouldn't Act on Assumptions

If you want to avoid misunderstandings, confusion, and hurt feelings, you're better off not making assumptions. Here are a few examples of how easy assumptions are to make and how to avoid them.


productivityHow to Increase Your Productivity

The trick to getting things done isn't working more hours, it's being more productive in the hours you already work. Use these strategies to boost your productivity so you can enjoy your time off.


how to get things doneThe Secret to Getting Things Done

The secret to getting through your to-do list, as well as accomplishing those less than pleasant tasks in your business, can be found in this one adage.


audience attention3 Ways to Hold Your Audience's Attention

Want to keep your audience's attention beyond the first few minutes of your speech or presentation? These three suggestions can help you keep them engaged all the way to the end.


business goals7 Steps to Company Success in 2017

Working on your business goals for 2017? All too often resolutions don't pan out, but it doesn't have to be that way. Follow these seven steps to succeed in reaching your goals for the New Year.


decision steps6 Steps to Making Better Decisions

Being able to make better decisions is important for your business to succeed. Being able to make them quickly is important as well. These six steps can help you make better decisions.


overcoming obstaclesHow to Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

Don't limit your business' offerings to only tasks that are within your comfort zone. If you stretch yourself a little, you might find you've opened up a whole new market and revenue stream.


how to build self-confidence6 Simple Ways to Build Your Confidence

Confidence is vital in business. Henry Ford said it best, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t - you’re right.” This article explains 6 simple tips to boost your confidence and help you achieve your goals.


personal branding lessonsPersonal Branding Lessons You Can Learn from Trump and Clinton

Your personal brand - whether you realize you have one or not - has an effect on your success. Here are 6 personal branding lessons you can learn from the 2016 US presidential candidates.


stop procrastination8 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination robs you of time and money, but most people still struggle with it. Here are 8 things you can do to make it easier to stop procrastinating.


time management5 Smart Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Time management is critical for small business owners. You will get more done in less time when you implement these 5 time-saving strategies.


time management for business ownersTime Management Tips for the Self-Employed

Having to wear all the hats in your business can be overwhelming. From apps that can help you get organized and work more efficiently to time-saving hacks, these tips can help you manage your time better.


speaking tipsCaptivate Tough Audiences with Activist Dick Gregory’s Speaking Formula

Want to know how to capture your audience's attention? Here are 5 strategies you can learn from comedian and political activist Dick Gregory.


resolutionsMake New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep

New Year's resolutions are often lofty and hard to achieve, setting you up for failure before February rolls around. But meeting your goals is possible, if you take it one step at a time.


3 Things You Should Resolve to Do In 2016

Nearly everyone makes at least a couple of resolutions for themselves at the beginning of the year, and your business can benefit from them too. Here are three resolutions that can help your business be more successful in 2016.

Why You Should Quit Multitasking

Multitasking makes you feel like you're getting lots done, but are you really? Here are seven tips to help you stop the multitasking madness and embrace singletasking to become more productive and less stressed out.

Are You Sending the Wrong Message Before and After Your Speech?

The message you deliver to your audience isn't just dependent upon what you say while you're on stage. What you say and do before and after your speech is equally important.

The Secret to Reaching Your Goals

Want your business to succeed? The first step is to decide what your business goals are and work from there. Here's why goals are so important.

Fundamentals of Effective Mentoring

Helping employees under you reach their potential is an important part of your job as a manager. The best way to do that is by mentoring them. In this excerpt from 9 Powerful Practices of Really Great Mentors, learn about the basics of mentoring.

What Your Business Attire Says About You

What you wear says more about you than you might realize. Are the outfits you wear to work sending unwanted messages?

5 Keys to Creating Your Best Tomorrow, Today

Are you unhappy with your life the way it is? Do you want a better future but aren't sure how to make it happen? These five tips will help you begin creating that future right now.

12 Tips for Better Meetings 

Dreading your next business meeting already? If you want to make meetings more efficient, more enjoyable, and perhaps even less lengthy, follow these 12 tips.

How Small Business Owners Can Reduce Holiday Stress

Small business owners often find that family commitments, holiday shopping and the demands of their business combine to make the holiday season very stressful. You can relieve some of that stress by putting these tips to work.

11 Ways a Sense of Humor Can Improve Your Business 

Laughter is the best medicine, as the saying goes, and it's also a key ingredient in running a successful business. Here are eleven ways having a sense of humor can help you be more successful at business.

8 Steps to Making Decisions Easier

Do you hesitate before making business decisions? Sometimes it's important to be able to decide quickly. Here are eight steps that can help you become more decisive in your decision making.

How to Stop Interruptions and Be More Productive

Interruptions cost you and your employees valuable time and productivity. Here's how to get back all that lost time and end interruptions for good.

How to Find Work-Life Balance

When you run your own business, your work can quickly take over your life. Here are tips for keeping your work and life balanced, so you can have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

3 Ways to Keep Your Job from Ruining Your Life

Has your job taken over your life? Do you feel like you never actually clock out? Here are three suggestions for getting your life back.

Four Tips for Delivering Bad News

Delivering bad news isn’t pleasant, but at times it’s necessary. Here is a simple formula to help you conduct life’s difficult conversations.

Give Yourself a Business Owner Check-Up

Have you lost sight of your original business goals? Are you so busy running your business that you don't have time to keep it moving in the direction you planned? Here are some questions you should ask yourself to make sure you stay on track to achieving your goals.

The One Leadership Secret You Can’t Ignore

Setbacks and disappointments are inevitable in business. It's how you respond to them that makes a difference in how much they impact you. Here are five things you can do to see immediate improvement in how you deal with setbacks.

5 Steps to Overcome Smartphone Obsession

Smartphones are incredible productivity tools when they aren't being overused, but the soft ding of alerts from social media, emails and game updates can keep you from concentrating on the real world going on around you. Here are five things you can do to overcome smartphone obsession.

Impostor Syndrome: When Successful People Feel Like Frauds

Do you feel like a fake even though you're a successful business person? Afraid others will learn your secret? If you answered yes, you are suffering from impostor syndrome. Here are ten tips for overcoming it.

How to Influence People without Manipulating Them

Whether you manage employees, sell to customers, or just need to get your kids to do their homework, being able to get people to change their minds is a valuable skill. Here's how you can influence people without manipulating them.

Effective Communication Skills that Gets Results

Good communication skills are the key to success in everything you do. Follow these 7 steps to develop communication skills that'll help you get ahead.

The 10 Deadliest Words and Phrases in Business 

Want to make your business writing more effective? Here are ten phrases to avoid in your letters and e-mails.

How to Build Trust without Saying a Word

When your customers trust you, they will buy more from you and refer their friends and associates to you. Here's how you can get people to trust you by using the right body language.

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing Content and Public Speaking

Is your word choice distracting people from the message you're trying to deliver? Here are three words that business people love to use but often misuse.

The 11 Biggest Time Management Lies

Does it seem like no matter what you do, there's always something or someone who takes up a lot more of your time than you had planned? Maybe you've fallen victim to one of these 11 time management lies.

5 Ways to Work Smarter and Be More Productive

When you've got your own business, it's hard to clock out at the end of the day because there are just too many things that need to be done. However, to be more productive, you don't have to work even more hours than you already are. Use these 5 techniques to work smarter and improve your productivity. 

How to Keep Your Emotions in Check During Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year for many people, and that can lead to poor decisions. Here are five things to remember before you say or do something you'll regret at the company holiday party or family gathering. 

10 Steps to Reduce Stress

Stressed out? Feeling like you can't take it anymore? Don't let it ruin your life. Use these 10 tips to beat stress.

How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination robs you of your productivity and hurts your credibility. Stop putting off those unpleasant tasks and get them out of the way with these 10 tips for pushing past procrastination.

7 Tips for Thinking on Your Feet

To get ahead, you need to be able to speak confidently when you're put on the spot. Here are seven steps to follow so you keep your composure and respond well when you're under pressure.

The Lean In Alternative: Why Leaning Back Also Works for Women in Business

Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In has received both high praise and disapproval from women. Whether you agree with everything she writes or not, the core lesson that women should lean in and become leaders in the workplace is solid advice. But, in their rise to the top, women should also make an effort to lean back to help other women.

5 Strategies to Help You Stay Focused and Productive

No matter how much you spend on marketing, or how great your customer service is, if your productivity is suffering, so will your bottom line. Here are five things you can do to help yourself stay focused and productive.

What Does Success Mean to You?

Whether your idea of success is to be able to vacation whenever you like or to simply support your family, there are three basic things you can do to make sure your business is able to meet your goals.

Going Up! The Five Levels of Business Success

Businesses that are brand new and businesses that have been established for years all go through the same lifecycle. Knowing and recognizing the five stages of that lifecycle can help you run you business successfully, no matter which stage you're in.

Office Politics: A proactive approach

Don't let yourself become a victim of office politics. Learn the tell-tale signs and what to do about them in this excerpt from Savvy: Dealing with People, Power and Politics at Work.

7 Strategies That Boost Negotiation Success

Want to improve your negotiation skills and learn how to start from a winning position? Here are seven things you can do to give yourself a head start in any negotiation.

12 Ways to Create a Killer First Impression

You know how important good first impressions are, but it's all too easy to blow it. Follow these 12 tips to make a good first impression.

8 Ideas for Getting Things Done the Right Way

Are you busy all day but never seem to get ahead? Solve the problem by using these time management tips to focus your work and be more successful.

7 Habits That Harm Your Credibility

Worried about making a good first impression in business interactions? Here are seven bad habits that could undermine your credibility.

Manage Your Time Wisely by Breaking Out the Detail

A big project can quickly become overwhelming without proper planning. Here's  why breaking it down into smaller tasks can save time and money.

Become a Master of Change

Change - it's constantly happening to us but rarely does anyone look forward to it. These five steps can help you master change.

Create Greater Success with Effective Goal Setting

Whether your big dream is to start your own business, earn more money in your job, or simply have more time to spend with your family, it all starts out with setting a goal. You can improve the odds that you'll achieve your goals by following these steps.

5 Cell Phone Etiquette Rules

Cell phones are a nearly indispensable business tool. But are you offending your customers and those around you with bad habits? Here are five cell phone etiquette rules you'll want to follow.

How to Motivate Yourself for Difficult Projects

When you face a major project in your business, getting started can be the hardest part. Discover the four steps that will get you moving.

Kick Your Time Wasting Habits

The only way to get more time in your day is to work faster or work smarter. Most of us are already working as fast as we can without sacrificing quality. These tips for eliminating time-wasting habits can help you work smarter.

An Accountability Coach Can Help You Get Results

The challenges of running a business can take a toll on the strongest of individuals. That’s why it helps to have someone in your corner who cares about you and makes sure you get the important things done.

Is Your Ego Your Downfall?

Business and life are full of big and small negotiations. Whether you're trying to get a client's buy-in on an advertising campaign or trying to land a new client for your law firm, your ego could kill the deal. This excerpt from How to Win Any Argument shows you why.

Technical Presenters: From Nerd to Master in 6 Easy Steps

Whether it’s a speech or a webinar, technical presentations need the breath of life to capture an audience’s attention and motivate them to action. Don’t be that boring guy that you made fun of at the last conference. Follow these six steps for your technical presentation strategy and have them cheering instead of snoozing.

How Great Football Teams and Great Speakers Are Alike

Whether you realize it or not, speaking has a lot in common with football. Here are four things winning football teams and good speakers have in common.

How to Get Over Past Mistakes

When you make a bad decision, you can waste valuable time beating yourself up. Find out how to get over mistakes quickly so you can move on and regain your momentum.

The Do's and Don'ts of Audience Participation

Getting your audience to participate in your presentation will make your message more readily received and more memorable. Here are three DON'TS and seven DO'S for getting your audience involved.

Why You Need to Give Compliments

If you don’t take time to give genuine praise and positive feedback to the people who work with you, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. There are three reasons why leaders often overlook this important activity.

The Silent Killer of Business Success

It's not what you think. It seems innocent, but it will rob you of time, productivity, and ultimately profit... but only if you let it.

Are You a Slave to Your Small Business?

Running your own business can easily take over your life. But if you have no time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, just what are you working for? Here are seven time management tips for small business owners that will let you work less without putting your business at risk.

How to Remember People's Names

Do you have a hard time remembering people's names? Forgetting names can be embarrassing. Here are a few simple tips to help you remember people's names.

The 4 Steps of Encouragement

You may not be a cheerleader by nature, and that’s okay when you’re in a situation where another person is discouraged. There’s a much better approach for encouraging others that works like magic.

Discover Your Strengths and Talents

Knowing your personal strengths and talents can help you decide where to focus your efforts and when to hire outside help. There are lots of online assessments you can take to figure this out, but one of the best ways to discover your strengths is to ask those who know you best.


Responding to Complex Problems

Complicated problems may seem like they have no solution. The author of the new book, "The Five Percent: Finding Solutions to Seemingly Impossible Conflicts" explains in this excerpt how we're likely to react when faced with a complex problem.

CNN Anchor Offers Excellent Advice About Speaking

Next time you're giving a speech or presentation, don't worry about reciting what you've prepared word for word. Instead, use the knowledge you have about your topic to speak to your audience with passion and authority.

Why You Need to Ask for Feedback from Others 

In your role as a leader, you have blind spots about how your behavior impacts others. Even though it’s hard to ask for feedback, you’ll learn things you could not discover any other way.

Verbal Self-Defense Strategies

If there's one thing politicians have mastered, it is defending things they've said and done. Here are seven things you can learn from them about defensive communication.

Breaking a Bad Habit: From Dirt Road to Superhighway

When you want to change your behavior, it’s like trying to build a superhighway out of a dirt road. You can do it. Just know that breaking bad habits is a construction project in your brain that takes time.

Top 10 Communication Blunders of 2011

Whether it's a little slip up or a big ole foot-in-mouth moment, communication blunders happen to the best of us. What's important, beyond damage control, is that we learn from our mistakes. Even better, we can learn from others' mistakes. Here are 2011's top 10 communication blunders and lessons we can learn from them.

6 Practices for Redefining Prosperity

The economic downturn has made it more difficult than ever to achieve prosperity - or has it? According to the authors of the new book Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want, prosperity is still attainable, but you might need to adjust how you define it. Here are six practices for redefining what prosperity means to you.

Captivate Your Audience With Provocative Questions

If you want to engage your audience on a new level, try asking them powerful questions that really get them thinking about your topic.

Demonstrate Respect For Your Audience

The way to winning your audience's heart is by treating them respectfully. If you want to demonstrate respect for your audience, focus on these four key areas.

Every Speech Gives You Opportunities to Improve

With each speech you give, you have the chance to make small improvements that can make a big difference in how well your presentation is received. Here are four steps to help you identify those opportunities for improvement.

10 Ideas for Becoming More Productive

If you run a small business, multitasking is second nature to you. But even though you try to use your time efficiently, there still aren't enough hours in the day. Get back lost time and be more productive with these ten tips.

How to Communicate Better with Your Employees

Are you having trouble getting your message across to your employees? Here's what you need to know to communicate with your employees in a way that helps them improve their performance.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Role Model for Speaking

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was, undoubtedly, one of the most superb speakers of his day. Here's a look at what made his speeches so memorable and how you can use him as a role model in your own public speaking endeavors.

Why Is It So Hard to Apologize?

When you make a mistake or cause problems for someone else, you may be tempted to minimize the impact and avoid admitting you’re wrong. Find out why apologizing quickly is a far better approach.

6 Tips to Lighten Up Your Presentations

Are your speeches a bit dry? Having trouble connecting with your audiences? Maybe it's because you're trying too hard. Here are six ways you can lighten up so your speeches and presentations are more appealing and enjoyable.

How Audiences Can Help Speakers Succeed

The audience plays a big part in a speaker's success or failure at an event. If you're going to see someone speak or give a presentation, follow these ten tips to help your speaker out, and to be sure you get the most out of it, too.

Using Handouts to Reinforce Your Training Presentations

PowerPoint can be an excellent tool for keeping your presentation interesting, but it can't replace the good old standby of handouts. Here's why you should continue using handouts and a surprising tip about the best time to distribute them to your audience.

Learn from Superlative Speakers, but Don't Imitate Them

You might think that incorporating some of the styles and habits of your favorite speakers into your own speeches will improve your presentation. Unfortunately, the opposite is probably true. Here are three pitfalls of imitation in public speaking.

Great Speakers Keep It Simple

One thing that the best public speakers have in common is that they keep their speeches and presentations simple. Rather than trying to impress their audience, great speakers put their efforts into delivering a clear, compelling message. 

Little Action Steps That Help You Speak Big-Time

When you're preparing the checklist for the speech you're giving, you'll naturally include the big, important items. There are also several seemingly minor things that will make a big impact in how your message is received, and you shouldn't overlook any of them.

How to Speak Confidently, Without Cockiness

When you've been asked to speak in front of a large group, it's bound to give your ego a boost. And though speaking invitations do show the confidence others have in you, you'll fare much better with your audience if you check your ego backstage. Here's some advice on how to be a confident speaker without being cocky.

Boost Your Credibility as a Speaker

When you deliver a presentation, does your audience believe what you're saying? Follow these tips to build your credibility and deliver your message with authority.

How Professional Speakers Control Their Stage Fright

Whether you're standing in front of an audience for the very first time or have been giving public speeches for years, stage fright is something you'll have to deal with. Read what several professional speakers say about managing stage fright.

Do You Misuse These 3 Words?

Whether you're posting to your company's blog or giving a speech in front of thousands, using the wrong word can make you look foolish and harm your credibility. Watch out for these three frequently misused words.

Give Successful Civic Club Speeches

Speaking at a civic club meeting puts you face-to-face with businesspeople that you might otherwise never have the chance to meet. Next time you're invited to give a talk at one of these community groups, consider these five steps to make your appearance a success.

Save Yourself! How to Stop Being a Martyr-preneur

One of the pitfalls of being an entrepreneur is trying to run the business entirely on your own. While only you may be able to get the job done to your standards of perfection, you will eventually burn out if you keep trying to do it all yourself. Here's how you can save yourself from becoming a martyr-preneur.

Variety Gives Spice to Your Speaking

Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes, and it is also what keeps your presentations and speeches interesting to your audience. These suggestions can help you add variety to your public speaking engagements.

Rules for Better Business Reports

Don’t let the author of the next bad report in your company be you. Learn five simple rules to increase the impact of your business reports on the job, become better at business writing, and transition to writing for business success.

Small Audiences Deserve Your Biggest Effort

Having a low turnout for a speaking event can be disappointing. You might even feel like it's a waste of your time to give your full presentation. Here's why you should put your best effort into even the smallest audiences.

Why you need to focus on soft skills

In today's working environment, where customers and employees are demanding more, instilling the use of soft skills in your team members is something you simply can't survive without.

Feng Shui for Business Success

Would you like your business to be more prosperous? Would you also like a more harmonious work environment that both invigorates and supports you and the people you work with? If you answered yes, then consider the use of Feng Shui in your business.

People Skills Win Over Knowledge

What would you expect to be more important in the business world: your knowledge of an important topic or your people skills? A recent survey suggests that it's how you interact with others that has the biggest impact on your success.

5 Ways to Work Smarter and Be More Productive

Ever noticed how some entrepreneurs get way more done than others without working themselves to the bone? If you ever want to be able to have more time for things you enjoy, working smarter is critical. Here are five things you can start doing right now to become more productive without working longer hours.

Even The Bad Times Are Good

It's easy to get stuck in a negative mindset during tough times. But focusing on the bad doesn't help bring about things that are good. Here's why you should seek to keep a positive outlook in spite of your current circumstances.

Small Business Growth Quiz: 7 Market Focused Questions You Must Ask to Help You Grow

This year, as the economy is beginning to recover, is your small business poised for growth? If you're not sure, take this quiz. It has seven questions that'll help you prepare your business to grow.

9 Ways to Ignite Innovation Inside Your Company

If you're going to survive this season of turmoil, you must innovate your way out of it. Here are some tips that can have your whole company lighting up the economic darkness with one bright idea after another.

Grow Your Business in Any Economy

Has your business slowed because of the economy? If so, you’ve got two options. Keep doing what you’ve always done and hope it turns around on its own…Or, do something different. These three tips can help you get your business growing even in today's economy.

How Social Roles Can Determine Your Success

People take on roles for different reasons. Sometimes it's because it's what is expected of you. Other times it's because you think it will help you get ahead. If you're playing a role that doesn't suit your natural talents, you could be undermining your own success. 

How to Get Moving When You're Stuck

Having too much to do in not enough time can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Rather than tackling the mountain, it becomes easier to avoid it altogether, but that only makes the problem worse. Here's what you can do to get yourself unstuck.

10 Smart and Savvy Small Business Questions for 2011

Before you start the New Year, make a quick analysis of your current business condition so that you can make the appropriate adjustments. Here are 10 questions you can ask now so you'll know what direction your business should take in 2011.

Make Better Business Decisions

Making decisions for your business can lead to unintended consequences and frustration. Here's how you can walk through the decision making process to make the best decisions possible.

Throw Out The Creative Filters, and Get Buy In!

A great new idea is like striking gold for any leader and team. It can be collected, examined, enriched and sold. But the process of finding the gold can be difficult even for the best of leaders and managers.

Living and Working with Purpose

Do you like your job? Is it fulfilling? Or is it just a paycheck? In this excerpt from Luck by Design by Richard Goldman, find out how changing your beliefs can give you a totally new outlook.

How to Become a Fearless Small Business Owner

During uncertain times it's natural to be afraid. But making business decisions out of fear can be the very thing that dooms your business. Use these six steps to become a fearless small business owner.

5 Characteristics that Make Great Companies

What makes a company stand out among the rest? What makes it the place you'd really like to work or do business? Jim Champy, author of the new book OUTSMART!, outlines five things that all companies aspiring to greatness have in common.

Why Innovation Matters

Innovation is key to the success of both large companies and small. In this excerpt from The Game Changer by A.G. Lafley and Ram Charan, find out how innovation has helped companies like P&G develop new markets and stay ahead of the competition.

The Story Behind the Story

Are you trying to learn from the rainmakers in your company? Or from gurus outside your company? The stories they tell about how they achieved their successes can provide valuable insights, but usually leave out a lot of pertinent facts. Here's why you need to get the story behind the story.

Are You Making Unnecessary Mistakes?

There are "tried-and-true" sales techniques that are so simplistic that it seems they cannot be really effective. Many times, we try to re-evaluate, improve upon, and complicate them.Find out why we try to make things harder than they really are.

7 Traits of Greatness

We are all born with the potential for greatness. Yet most people realize less than 10% percent of their potential, while a few become legends in their own rights. What separates the average from the great?

Is Your Body Language Helping or Hurting Your Business?

Body language is undeniably your most potent form of communication. Here ar tips for using body language to get your message across.

Leadership is Not a Day Job

Leaders don't go to work each day waiting on five o'clock. They are both passionate and caring about their jobs and truly enjoy what they do for a living. But such dedication comes at a price. Find out what it is in this excerpt from The Taboos of Leadership.

Saying No to Demands

In today’s world of high stress and limitless choices, the pressure to give in and say Yes grows greater every day, producing overload and overwork, expanding e-mail and eroding ethics. Never has No been more needed. Find out how to say no to demands in this excerpt from The Power of a Positive No by William Ury.

Top 10 Distractions in the Office

Your workday is full of distractions, eating away at your productivity and time. Some are obvious, like email and the telephone, but others you probably don't even think of as being distractions. Find out what they are and what you can do about them.

20 Things That Will Ruin Your First Impression

You can have the best looking suit, a great smile, and a smooth and flawless presentation, but one small mistake can kill your credibility. Here are 20 things you should watch for when trying to make a good first impression.

Judgment and Strength of a Leader

When you're leading an organization you often have to make tough business decisions... decisions that affect egos and livelihoods. Take a look at how one of those situations would be handled by a strong leader in this article from Ram Charan, author of Know-How.

Avoiding Errors in Decision Making

Most of the time we do a pretty good job when choosing what to do. But the human mind is prone to certain errors in judgment. Read this article from the author of The Go Point to find out what they are and how you can avoid them.

Public Speaking: Use Visuals for Maximum Impact

PowerPoint and other visuals are tools to supplement your presentation. Many presenters, however, hide behind their visuals as a way to avoid interacting with the audience. Here are some ways your visuals can enhance your presentations, rather than put your audience to sleep.

10 Tips for Effectively Recruiting Your Team

Many times in your life you will make requests of others: to join a group, committee or team, to perform a task or to assist with a project. Often the key to getting to "Yes" involves how you make your request. Here are ten tips on how to make "the ask."

Unclutter Your Desk

How much time do you waste every week searching for things on your desk? Here are 5 simple tips to help you get your desk uncluttered once and for all.

Leadership Strategies for Today's Team Building Problems

Despite the best team building efforts, many organizations are still operating on low power when it comes to producing desired results. They've invested time and dollars in events that supposedly help team members bond and function coherently, yet results are short term at best. Here are three things that get in the way of building strong teams along with suggested solutions.

Know Your Audience

Preparation for your presentation is just as important as delivering the presentation itself. One thing you can do to prepare yourself is to learn about your audience and venue in advance. Use these three pointers to get to know your audience better.

Top 7 Ways to Transform Your Business from Mediocre to Great

In today's competitive business world, being "good" isn't good enough. To really succeed, you have to be great. But where do you start? Use these top seven principles to transform your business from mediocre to great.

How to Make a Great First Impression

Did you know that within seconds of meeting someone for the first time, your appearance, body language and non-verbal communication will create a lasting first impression, and that person will assume to know everything about you? Like it or not, it's true and the work world demands making a great first impression and keeping it. Learn how to make a great first impression in this article from a human resources expect and image consultant.

How to Remember People's Names

Do you have a hard time remembering people's names? Does it embarrass you and make you avoid people? It's a common problem, but also costly if it prevents you from approaching a business contact. Here are some of the reasons why we forget people's names and tips on how to remember them.

Five Leadership Myths That Could Be Holding You Back

Leadership is about getting things done and helping people reach their potential. Unfortunately, many organizations do a pitiful job helping people reach their potential. One reason for this is old-fashioned, out-dated leadership concepts. Here are five leadership myths that could be holding your company back.

Getting It Done

Getting things done sounds so simple, doesn't it? After all, don't we all do things every day? Then why is it that there is such a high failure rate when it comes to project execution?

Get on the Road to Real Results

How do you inspire people to work harder, reach higher, and achieve more? How do you get them to support you and go above and beyond in everything they do? How do you get them to care? Find out in this article from the authors of the new book, Revved!

Balancing Work and Home Life

If you're like most people you are probably working harder and longer than you used to. As a result, finding balance in today's fast-paced world is more difficult than ever before. Yet, a healthy balance has also never been more important. Here are a few strategies that can help.

Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Think your presentation needs to be perfect? Think again. Trying to be perfect will ruin your presentation.

How to Run an Effective Business Meeting

Business meetings are often considered to be one of the least productive business activities. But effective meetings can have a very positive impact on your bottom line. Use these tips to make your next business meeting a success.

Why Assumptions Are Bad for Business

We make assumptions when we don't fully understand a situation. It is a natural reaction to immediately fill in any missing information by making up our own story. The problem with this is that most of the time our story is incorrect which causes all kinds of complications.

Put Your Best Face Forward

The expression on your face when you are interacting with others has as much of an impact as what you are saying - if not more. With that in mind, do you know what unspoken message your face is giving others?

Problem Solving Made Easy

Faced with a big challenge? Not sure where to start? In this excerpt from How to Get Anyone to Do Anything, learn techniques to simplify problem solving.

6 Tricks to Remembering People's Names

Remembering a customer's name can improve your sales, but that is one of the most common difficulties salespeople have. Here are six simple things you can do to help you remember names.

Getting Over Defensiveness

Do you think most everyone is out to get you? Do you treat simple questions as accusations? Do you feel all that matters is being right? Don't let defensiveness ruin your career or relationships. Here are some tips to help you get it under control.

Achieving Your Personal Best

Is your business or career going ok?  See what others have done to achieve more in their businesses and careers.

3 Ways to Talk So Clients Listen

People talk to you everyday-sometimes effectively, often times not. Use these three strategies to be sure your message gets heard.

Keeping Your Cool When The Customer Gets Hot

Holding emotions in check and reacting professionally under fire are not always easy. So what do you do to keep your cool when the customer is chewing you out? 

Travel Safely

SOHO business owners often have to travel alone. Play it safe while you're on the road. Heed these travel safety tips!  

 How To Solve Unsolvable Problems

Is there something stopping you from reaching your business goals? Is there a problem you face that appears insurmountable? Here's a strategy that could help you deal with your problems and move ahead.

The Tradeshow Teamwork Alphabet

What differentiates a great trade show exhibit from a so-so one? The booth staff! So how do you transform your staff members into a strong team? Just remember your ABC's.

Meetings Can Be Toxic

Is the time spent in meetings causing you to be late in turning out your work? Are you going in at night and on weekends to make up for time spent at meetings? Find out why most meetings fall short, and heed these 7 tips for successful meetings.

10 Traits Successful People Share

Why do some people succeed, while others fail to reach their goals? Here's one business owner's observations about what successful people do that others don't.

How Business Owners Create Their Own Good Luck

Good luck isn't something that just happens to you; it’s up to you to create the conditions to bring yourself good luck. Learn the five principles that the creators of good luck have in common.

Top 10 Tips for Attending a Conference

When you attend a conference related to your area of expertise, you will get opportunities to communicate with nationally known leaders of your profession. Here are 10 ways to get the most out of the conference.

The Special Challenges Women Face in Business

Much as we’d like it otherwise, women are still facing obstacles that men are not. Yes, we’ve made progress, but there’s a lot more to be done before we can drop the phrase “special challenges”. Read about women's challenges here>>

Learn More in Meetings

Are all these meetings really a good use of time for you and your colleagues? Not necessarily, according to Marcia Conner, author of the new book Learn More Now. Before you plan your next meeting, find out how different learning styles impact the group dynamic, and the meeting's final outcome. Read more >>

Book Excerpt: Negotiate This!

Negotiating is the game of life. Every day, in countless ways, we communicate with others-boss or broker, landlord or customer, spouse or child-in attempts to influence their behavior. In this new book, Herb Cohen draws on several decades of unrivaled practical experience as he teaches you that negotiation is not a do-or-die gambit to bend others to your will-but a high-minded game to master, to enjoy, and to win. Read an excerpt here.

Solving Difficult Problems

From identifying the problem to implementing the solution, this simple five-step process can help you identify creative solutions to your most difficult problems. Read more >>

The Myths that Rule Our Projects

Are your projects high on frustration and low on fulfillment? How you think your projects should work may be the source of your misery. Consider these common myths, then start to debunk them on your projects. Read more >>

Secrets of Successful Project Management

What can you do to keep a projects from becoming beastly experience for you and your team? What does it really take to make a project a resounding success? David Schmaltz reveals the answers in his new book The Blind Men and the Elephant: Mastering Project Work. Read an excerpt here >>

Using Your Intuition

Intuition is an incredible resource and gift that we have been given to help us live our best life. Unfortunately, not many people know what it is or how to use it. Here are five ways to get in touch with your intuition.

Introduction Into Management

Becoming a manager for the first time can be an unnerving and sometimes stressful experience. Follow these ten steps to ease your transition.

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