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The Art of Meetings

There's more to a meeting than watching people squirm; we hold meetings for more purpose than because we're lonely, so why do our meetings fail?

Handling Controversial Media Questions

Have you found yourself in the middle of a controversy? The way you deal with the media will have a big effect on how your business weathers the storm. Here are some tips on handling  questions from reporters and interviewers.

Building a $1,000,000+ Enterprise

Do you know what your single most important business asset is? Money? Employees? Credentials or knowledge? You might be surprised to find that it is none of these! Your mind is your biggest asset! If you want to build a $1,000,000+ business, you must employee these seven mindset principles.

Five Essential Strategies for Managing Up

Your career path, like it or not, is dependent on your boss. So it's in your best interest to create and maintain a productive relationship with him (or her). Here are five strategies that are a necessity for your career to flourish.

Being a Well-Loved Boss

If you're a manager, supervisor, department head, senior executive, or business owner, it's more important to be respected than to be loved. But here's a secret: You can be both.

4 Steps to Disarming Your Biggest Legal Risk

Disgruntled employees are the biggest legal risk there is for most small businesses. But a few simple, consistent practices can keep your employees happy, productive, and keep you out of court.

A Legal Pitfall For New Tech Businesses

Do you know the law as it pertains to defective software? If you are the last known person to possess the faulty merchandise and over time you have lost track of the "evidence," you could lose your case if the client or insurer asks to see it. 

Create the Learning Organization

Work can be fun and fulfilling. To make that happen, you must first create a learning organization

What Small Business Owners Can Learn from Franchising

Do you ever feel like your business will implode if you aren’t there to watch over it? Are your days off interrupted with phone calls from employees or customers? Afraid to expand because you don't have competent management? Find out how the concepts of franchising may hold the answers to these problems.

Coping with Change in the Workplace

The only constant in today's workplace is change, and often it happens quickly, before employees and management can mentally prepare. Keeping your workplace running effectively means helping employees cope with those changes. Here are five tips that can help.

Never, Ever Laying Off

Companies have been laying off employees since time immemorial. It’s never pleasant, but firms often believe that they have no option but to furlough some workers to curtail expenses. But do they, in fact, have a choice?

7 Strategies for Planning Last Minute Meetings

Have you ever found yourself having to scramble to organize a meeting at the last minute? Use these seven survival strategies the next time you've got to plan a meeting with little notice.

Is Your Management Causing Employee Issues and Slow Business Growth?

Low morale, poor productivity, bad customer service, and high employee turnover can often times be related to the way in which your employees are managed. Here are questions you can ask to find out if your management is causing these problems and steps you can take to address the issue.

Employee Involvement Programs

Getting employees' ideas and getting their involvement is critical in our rapidly changing world. If your company is going to be competitive, it's mandatory to involve not just hands, but the ideas from everyone in your organization.

God, Car Batteries, and Concern for the Family

The modern workforce is a stressful place. What has traditionally been considered "work" and what is considered "living" is becoming difficult to distinguish. Here's how one company built a more family-like work environment. 

How to Recruit, Screen, and Hire with Confidence

The words "I quit" may signify the end for an employee, but for an employer, the words can mean the beginning of a long, often painful process. Learn about the three things that make up an efficient and effective hiring process.

The Life and Death of Workers' Ideas

While most companies are shamelessly squandering workers’ ideas, a small but growing number are actually listening to employees and getting extraordinary results. Learn the surprising secrets to their success.

SBA Urges Hurricane Preparedness

With the six-month Atlantic Hurricane Season beginning June 1, the U.S. Small Business Administration is urging homeowners, renters and businesses to take steps to protect their lives and property before the storms hit.

The Human Costs of Downsizing

Downsizing is never an easy decision. There is an inherent conflict between protecting the company’s interests and that of employees. This balancing act can be a real dilemma for an organization as it tries to insure its long-term survival, and its desire to protect the welfare of its employees.

Don't Forget Money!

Building an environment where employees feel appreciated and are loyal to your company involves many different components. How much you pay your people may not be the main factor that determines their job satisfaction, but your business will surely suffer if you don't adequately compensate them. Read more in this excerpt from Hug Your People by Jack Mitchell.

Stress Survival Guide for HR Professionals

In today's unstable, 24/7, "do more with less" corporate world, the role of Human Resources is more critical than ever. How does the HR Pro bridge the gaps between employees, supervisors and managers not to mention whirlwind technology without falling into the black hole of burnout? Have no fear; the Stress Doc is here with your stress survival guide.

How to Hire the Best

Your organization’s continued growth and success depend on making smart choices and hiring the best. Today’s economy is exploding with talent, allowing you to be selective about the staff you hire. Learn how to hire the best by developing effective hiring and selection skills.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow: What's Different About the Workplace Today

Every industry in the nation wants answers on how to improve workforce retention and make their employees more productive. Find out about some of the most important issues related to employee retention.

Here Today, Here Tomorrow

Finding, hiring, and training new employees is costly and time consuming for businesses, yet many do little to stem the tide of high turnover.

7 Reasons Great Companies Rise To The Top, Even During Recessions

How you perceive and respond to a recession will determine whether your business grows profitably or fights for survival. Here are the top 7 reasons why great companies thrive during a recession and how you can do the same.

Become a Great Boss

Did you ever have a great boss? Everyone should have one, but not enough people do. If you're a boss, or hope to become one, or have a less-than-great boss, then this is the book that could change your career-and your life. Read an excerpt here. 

Details, Details

If you own or manage a customer service business, the recipe for exceptional service boils down to the small

What Good Managers Must Do

Do your employees like and respect you? Do they look forward coming to work each day? Or do they secretly wish you'd get promoted out of their department while using the company internet connection to look for a new job? Find out why soft skills are more important to retention and productivity than most any other trait.

Help Wanted! Good Attitudes Only Need To Apply

The hiring pool for small businesses in the future may be faced with a growing "good attitude" shortage. How can this be dealt with? Learn more about how to elicit proper behavior out of whatever personnel are available.

Baby Boomer Versus Generation X

Many organizations are experiencing a retention problem. Could that be because the older workforce does not understand and manage Generation X workers properly? Management may have to take steps to change the status quo and build morale, encourage initiative and welcome new ideas.

Avoid Hiring Fruits, Nuts and Flakes

The interview process should determine if there is a match between the individual and the job. It also allows you to understand the applicant's behavior, values, motivations, and qualifications. Here are several reasons why traditional interviewing techniques may fail.

Creating a Friendly Work Environment

Which type of place do you want to work at: One that is cold and gives you a sense no one cares, or one that makes you feel good and appreciated? Money and benefits are important, but studies show in the long run the work environment--the feeling they get when they come to work--is more important in retaining and motivating people.

Free Agents in the Workplace

Free agents are those employees who will quietly pack up their desks and go to work elsewhere rather than stay somewhere they are unhappy. So how do you manage a free agent in the workplace?

Ben Franklin: America's Original Entrepreneur

Ben Franklin is the story of America’s first entrepreneur, taken from his own words, adapted for today’s business reader. It deciphers the colonial context of Franklin’s autobiography and clearly presents his observations and experiences in the business world in ways that modern readers can appreciate and apply. Read a review and an excerpt here.

Keep It Simple Feedback

When was the last time you gave a member of your team some feedback? Not the kind you give in a formal review, but the kind you give on the spot? That's the kind of feedback that results in real growth in your team members - if you keep it simple.

Exporting Not Easy for Small Businesses

Small business owners may not have the time and money to invest in overcoming barriers to exporting, suggests a study released at the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Business Summit.

Book Excerpt: Exporting America

For the first time in history, corporations are laying off Americans from well-paying jobs and replacing them with low-paid foreign workers. A recent study revealed that 14 million American jobs are now at risk of being outsourced overseas. Read more in this excerpt from Chapter 1 of Exporting America by world renowned journalist Lou Dobbs.

When and How to Expand

You’ve seen it a hundred times. A local store begins to catch fire. For years, it had one location and was high on word-of-mouth buzz for its quality goods. Suddenly the owners open two new outlets, then two more. A year later, all the stores, even the original one, are closed down. What went wrong?

The #1 Mistake Senior Executives Make

Most executives approach the corner office with good intentions: they want to lead effectively, be fair, articulate goals, and motivate their employees to follow them up any hill. But too many get blindsided along the way because they lose perspective. Here are five important tips for maintaining your perspective.

How E-Verify Affects Businesses with Federal Contracts

Starting May 21, 2009, most Federal contractors and subcontractors will be required to start using the E-Verify system to verify that their employees are legally allowed to work in the US. Find out how this new requirement will affect your business.

17 Tips to Bring Your Event to Life

Your job as an event planner doesn't stop with the meeting in the company boardroom. Use these 17 tips to make your special event a success that won't soon be forgotten.

11 Simple Secrets for Building an Entrepreneurial Culture

In his new book Beat the System, Robert MacDonald shows professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs how to smash the bureaucracy that smothers the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit essential to long-term business success. He reveals the 11 secrets to building an entrepreneurial culture in this excerpt from Chapter 2 of the book.

When Employees Lose, You Win

Want to build employee goodwill, boost productivity, and save money on health care costs? Of course you do! Here's how helping your people achieve a dearly held dream--weight loss--can change everything.

The Truth About Turnover

Are you about to lose one of your best employees to the competition? It's a good question to consider. Superstar employees are restless, ambitious achievers with big dreams. Find out what really motivates them to leave.

Prevent Employee Theft

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, employee dishonesty costs American business in excess of $50 billion annually. Learn some valuable pointers for preventing this type of activity.

Discover What Your Employees Really Want

Why is managing people so difficult for many managers? Why is it that they hate that part of their jobs? It's largely because they have no idea what employees really want from a boss. Read on to find out what it is your employees want and learn how you can give it to them.

Improve Your Bottom Line by Keeping Employees Happy

Studies have shown that there is a direct link between satisfied employees and happy customers, so it makes good business sense to invest in discovering what your employees need to stay loyal and satisfied. Read more to find out how you can keep your employees, and customers, happy.

Are Your Employees as Loyal as You Think?

It seems that for years we have assumed that we know what makes our employees loyal to the organization. All of the polls taken over the last twenty years point to the same thing. But a recent study points to other factors. Find out what they are, and how you can know what your own employees think.

5 Ways for Small HR Departments to Focus on Employee Development

Employee development is a vital part of any organization. But how do small HR departments handle the workload? Get five tips here.

Keep Your Employees Focused this Holiday Season

Between shopping, decorating, and readying for visits with family, it's no surprise that many employees are less than focused on work during the holidays. So how can an employer keep distractions down and productivity up? Here are five tips that can help.

How to Survive Email Overload

Employees now spend over 40 percent of their workday on e-mail -- and consider more than a third of that time a waste, according to a new survey from Cohesive Knowledge Solutions (CKS). What's more, companies are bleeding big bucks -- some $300 billion a year -- in lost productivity and profits. This excerpt from The Hamster Revolution presents four simple, high-impact strategies to get fewer e-mails, write better messages, coach frequent senders, and file and find information faster.

10 Strategies for Selecting the Perfect Speaker

Today, more than ever, the success of meetings relies heavily on the strength of program content and presentation. Nothing can spoil a meeting more than hiring the wrong speaker. Use these 10 guidelines to avoid picking a dud.

Technical Support

Do you find your customers frequently calling you for support instead of referring to the documentation? Here's why.

10 Ways to Maximize Your Insurance Coverage

In the wake of a natural disaster you may feel secure that your assets are covered by the insurance policies you've diligently paid for over the years. But all too often the amount policy holders believe they are owed differs significantly from the amount the insurance company offers to pay. Here are ten things you should do to ensure you get the most from your claim.

Dialing and Driving

Whether you agree or not, laws regulating cell phone usage are here to stay. Is your company policy adequate to protect you?

Book Excerpt: The New Law of Demand and Supply

Throw out those B school text books. Forget everything you ever learned about supply-side economics. Discover what the real "new economy" is and what you must know to succeed.

How and When to Delegate

As a manager, you're responsible for making sure your company or department gets its work done as efficiently and profitably as possible. So how do you decide which jobs to perform yourself and which ones to delegate?

Improve Collaboration and Cooperation in Your Workplace

Are you stymied by the collaboration void in your workplace? Wonder why, when you’ve struggled to hire the best and the brightest, tempers flare and productivity often grinds to a halt? Find out how put an end to defensiveness at work.

10 Tips for Creating an Ethical Culture

Want to create a positive culture in your workplace that will increase morale, productivity, and retention of your best employees? Start by implementing these ten small decencies.

Whose Job Is It?

Are all the divisions within your organization working toward a common goal? Or, are they each so focused on achieving their own compartmentalized goals that the organization has become unproductive and dysfunctional? Here's one organizational model and what to do about it.

Creating Customer Service Instructions

What do your associates do when a customer walks in five minutes before closing to browse around, or returns something the same day they purchased it? Rather than hoping for the best, provide your employees with written instructions on how to handle such situations. 

When It's Cruel to Be Kind

Do you prefer to play the nice guy rather than directly addressing an employee's problematic behavior? If you are a leader in business, that attitude can be deadly. Here's why.

The Secret to Business Survival

You know that your employees are the lifeblood of your business, and keeping them satisfied will help your business flourish. Here are the top ten tips for attracting, motivating, and retaining the right employees

First Steps to Counter a Crisis

Companies face crises all the time – product recalls, plant closings, a company leader making a poor personal decision. It's how you react once the crisis begins that affects whether your company will survive.

6 Ways to Succeed with Crankpots

The workplace harbors an abundance of crankpots--people who wouldn't know a smiley face if they saw one. Communication becomes difficult, and at times impossible. Consider these six ways to succeed with the disgruntled ones.

Top 5 Tips to Calm Cranky Customers

The holiday season may offer you your highest sales of the year, but you'll also have to deal with your most frazzled and frustrated customers of the year. Here are five tips you can use to keep them calm.

Creating a Courageous Workforce

Who wins in a courageous workforce? Everyone. With less fear and more courage, workers take on harder projects, deal better with change, and start speaking up on important issues.

Count on It!

Most business owners don't pay attention to the details that could help increase productivity. If you aren't paying attention to them, chances are your employees aren't either. Identify the key measurements and indicators that are most important for your business and then count on improvements in those areas!

Add Pizzazz to Your Company Picnic

Does your annual company picnic need a little pick-me-up? Here are some ideas to add pizzazz without necessarily increasing your budget.

Steps to Employee Conflict Resolution

When employees are stressed out, as many are in today's struggling economy, there are bound to be more conflicts and disagreements among them. Here are three steps you can take to resolve conflicts among your small business employees.

The Stress of Reaching for the Mouse

If you work at a computer all day, you've probably experienced pain of one sort or another from sitting at your desk and using your computer. In this article by licensed chiropractor Steven Jones, find out what you can do to prevent injuring your arms and hands while using a mouse.

The Great Computer Crash

What would you do if your computer crashed? You've got a backup, right? And you just made it last week, so those contacts you just entered are safe... right? Read the story of what happened when this entrepreneur's computer greeted him with a blank screen.

Are Your Employee Records in Compliance?

If the Department of Labor called and gave you three days' notice of an inspection, would you be ready? Would you even know what documents you were supposed to show them? Get prepared by finding out what the federal government requires in the way of employee recordkeeping.

Executive Coaching in Talent Management

Research indicates that as many as 70 percent of U.S. firms still do not have successful talent management or succession planning programs. And yet many authorities continue to warn that, despite the current economic downturn, a war for talent is looming. What should companies do? Find out why executive coaching may be the answer.

What Clients Love

Tired of learning from your own mistakes? Learn from this author's, and the companies he studied. Read about it in this excerpt from What Clients Love: A Field Guide to Growing Your Business.

In Memory of Circuit City Stores

Many things contribute to the success or failure of any organization. But usually there is one event or decision that marks the turning point, for good or bad. Find out what it was in Circuit City's case and why the results were so disastrous.

Business in China: A Wakeup Call

It doesn't matter what kind of business you are in -- whether you are a multi-national corporation, or a "mom and pop" business -- you will be affected by what is happening in China. China is like this huge vortex consuming both human and natural resources at an amazing rate. Read more about the booming Chinese economy and its effects on business in the US.

8 Steps to Selling Your Business and Cashing In

This year, some 700,000 American businesses will be sold. Most will be small and mid-sized businesses like yours. If you, too, are thinking of selling, consider these practical steps for making the process go smoothly.

Motivating a Workforce That Can't Be Motivated

You can't motivate someone who doesn't want to be motivated. BUT... you can create the right environment that will set the stage for motivation. Give employees the tools to feel competent in their jobs. First, you must find out what will motivate, and what won't! 

Flexing Your Buying Muscles

Having the skills to be a great investor in your business inventory is what is needed to create "Buying Power." This knowledge of buying is what keeps retail business leaders in front of the competition.

Avoid Business Disasters by Breaking the Chain of Mistakes

Most business disasters are preceded by not just one but many mistakes. In this excerpt from Will Your Next Mistake be Fatal?, learn how to recognize warning signs and break the chain of mistakes.

The 10 Biggest Business Blunders (and How You Can Avoid Them)

Why do businesses fail? Is it a lack of money, poor planning, or a failure to market? It can be any of those things and others. In this excerpt from the new book by David Finkel and Diane Kennedy, learn about the 10 biggest blunders businesses make and get tips for avoiding them.

Motivating Staff in Times of Change

Keeping staff motivated in today's turbulent work environment is quite a challenge. Use this checklist from the new book Business: The Ultimate Resource to help your employees weather the storm. Click here.

Downsizing with Dignity

No one likes layoffs - not employees and not employers, but sometimes they're inevitable. Here's advice on the right way to handle a layoff so that the damage is minimized to both the company and its workers.

Is Outsourcing the Right Move?

Use this checklist to look at the pros and cons of outsourcing and decide if it's right for your organization.

Break it to Them Gently

When you need to give bad news to a customer, it's normal to brace yourself for the worst. These ten techniques can make it less painful for both parties.

What's Bothering Managers?

Being given the job of manager or supervisor may seem like a dream come true, but along with the new job title and raise comes a whole new set of problems. Here are a few of the difficult situations managers must face along with six tips to help.

Why Bosses Don't Get All the News

Middle managers are often blamed for the communication gap that exists between front line employees and a company's upper management. Instead of wasting time pointing fingers, discover where the heart of the problem lies.

Top 7 Reasons to Write a Business Plan

Lots of business owners skip a crucial step to ensure the success of their companies – writing a business plan. This detailed overview of your company and its future is commonly overlooked - often because it’s a lot of work. Here are the top 7 reasons you should write a business plan and some questions to get you started.

Business Email

Chances are, email takes up a big chunk of your day. Wouldn't it be nice if most of it was considerate and professional? Here's a checklist of what you should and shouldn't do in your business emails.

How Small Ideas Lead to Big Things

In their eagerness to strike gold, business leaders aim for the wrong thing and overlook what will help them most. The best source of big ideas is small ideas. Read this final excerpt from Ideas are Free  to learn how to turn workers' small ideas into big results.

Becoming the Best Place to Work

Demands on today's workforce are extremely different than they were even five or ten years ago. Businesses who want to make their workplace the best place to be can follow this five-step model.

Flexibility Equals Productivity

Many downsized businesses expect their remaining workforce to work the jobs of two to three people. If employers want to retain those employees, they need to provide a flexible work environment -- in spite of the economy.

Backup Your Data Today

How safe is your data? You may be covered for theft, but what about system failures?



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