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How to Get a Merchant Account
For Accepting Credit Cards

credit card processing machineYour ability to process credit cards can make or break a sale. Whether you sell online or offline, you'll lose business in most cases if you can't accept credit cards.

To get started processing credit cards, you'll need to get a special type of account called a merchant account. Small businesses usually wind up getting a merchant account through credit card processing companies, not their business bank. Your banker may be able to refer you to one, but you can find many reliable credit card processing companies online. The articles listed below will help you determine how to choose the right merchant account provider for your business.

evaluateEvaluating Credit Card Processing Companies

There are dozens of credit card processing companies that offer merchant accounts to small business owners. How do you know which one to choose?  Here's what you need to know to evaluate and choose the best credit card processing company for your business.

money sackAre You Paying Too Much for Credit Card Processing?

Accepting credit cards is essential for most businesses today, but the fees you pay for your merchant account can take a bite out of your profits. Learn how transaction fees are calculated and get tips on negotiating the best merchant account agreement for your business.

mobile credit card processingMobile Payment Solutions for Small Business

If you sell at craft shows, conventions, concerts, or anywhere you won't have access to your merchant account system, then cell phone based credit card processing could be just the solution you need. Here's an overview of the options available for cell phone credit card processing.

Credit card trapRisky Businesses for Merchant Account Providers

Merchant account providers turn down certain types of businesses or charge them more because they represent a higher rate of charge backs, or cause other problems. Here's information about the types of businesses credit card processing companies are wary of when granting merchant accounts.

Merchant Accounts: Compare and Save

If you don't accept credit cards in your online business, your sales will surely suffer. Here's how you can be sure you get the best deal possible on credit card processing.

Accept Credit Cards: Merchant Account Benefits for Your Business

Accepting credit cards in your business comes with many benefits, not the least of which is convenience for your customers. It can also save you time and money, and provide you with much improved cash flow. Here's why having a merchant account is good for business.

Protect Your Business Against Credit Card Fraud

If you sell online or over the telephone, most of your sales are probably credit card transactions. Don't let credit card fraud turn your holiday sales season into a nightmare. Use these tips to spot fraudulent orders before it's too late.

Avoid Credit Card Fraud and Charge Backs

Does your business accept credit cards over the internet? Find out how you can avoid fraud and charge backs. 

Don't Accidentally Lose Your Merchant Account! 

Are you sure your merchant account is sufficient for your current business operations? If you are selling something significantly different, or through a different avenue, than when you acquired your merchant account, you could be setting yourself up for big problems! Details >>


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